Hydraulic Piping for mechanical: The sinorise Company - Hydraulic Piping

‍ Hydraulic systems are widely used for industrial applications, especially in the manufacturing and mining industries. Hydraulic pipes are essential for transferring fluids and gasses from one place to another. Hydraulic piping is mainly composed of three components – pipe, fittings, and valves. The piping system is mostly made up of copper or plastic tubes […]

What is Aluminium zinc coated steel? Best Applications

There are many types of aluminium zinc coated steel on the market today. One of the products that have attracted the overwhelming support of consumers as well as units is galvanized steel. So why galvanizes steel so commonly use? What is Galvanized Steel? Concepts Galvanized steel is steel that has undergone a galvanizing process. The galvanized […]

What are top features of aluminum coated steel?

Large diameter aluminum coated steel plays an important role in conveying liquid, oil and gas. Has been uses a lot for long pipe system projects. Because. Large diameter steel pipe can convey more liquid and with high flow rate. Especially in recent years, the use of large diameter cast steel pipes is increasing. Large diameter steel […]

Prepainted Zinc Aluminium Coated Steel Advantages 2022

Prepainted zinc aluminium coated steel is the most common of the three current methods of galvanizing. However, there may still be many things you don't know about this method of galvanizing, such as the history of this method, the hot-dip galvanizing process or how to check the zinc coating is qualified. You will learn about these […]

Where to use Zinc Aluminized pipes in 2022? 

Zinc Aluminized Steel and steel products have long been an essential material of the construction industry. In which, galvanized steel pipe is the most widely uses material because of its outstanding advantages and high applicability in many projects. So what galvanizes steel pipe? What are the outstanding advantages of this steel pipe? What is the classification […]

Where to use Cold Rolled Steel? Top Applications in 2022

The production and subsequent processing of the Cold Rolled Steel represent two fundamental phases. Pipes are easy to make of many materials, with a preference for stainless steel. Let's find out more about stainless steel pipes. Quality Cold Rolled Steel Which Material to choose A careful choice of materials for the production of the tubes is essential. To […]

What are major applications of Gl steel coil?

Know the main types of steel coils Do you know what types of gl steel coil are and how important they are in the industry? In this article, you will learn more about this material and where it uses. In the industrial process, there are different materials and tools that allow the creation of products that we […]

Aluminized Steel: Advantages and Application in 2022

Firstly, aluminized steel round pipes use to transport various liquids, gaseous media, and to create structural components. These are hollow products with a circular cross section, which is much less than the total length of the structure. Further, to select models, it is necessary to study the characteristics, operational features, current GOSTs. Overview of manufacturing methods Secondly, […]

What is the production process of steel checkered plate?

It would seem that steel checkered plate with the advent of plastic will gradually give way to the latter in many areas of their application. But, as it turned out, steel plates have not lost their positions - they are still common for laying plate lines, they are common to construct sheds, protective structures and decorative structures. […]

4 Major Prepainted Steel Pipes to Buy in 2022

Seamless prepainted steel pipes come using a very interesting technology. To do this, a steel billet is taken, in which a through hole is made, after which it rolls on special equipment, making it thinner and longer. The principle is not very complicated, but it is only apparent simplicity. By the way, there is another technology that differs […]