7 benefits of Buying Screwed and Shocked Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel and its uses in industry Due to its versatility and benefits, stainless steel is a material extremely common by the industry, especially in the food industry and in the architecture and civil construction segments. It offers several application possibilities, from the manufacture of parts such as screws, sheets, screwed and shocked steel pipe, […]

Characteristics and Applications of scaffolding: Simple Guide

Scaffolding involves a series of aspects, important so that the execution of the project is as expected by those involved in its development. Calculating the amount of materials, planning the construction or and reinforcing safety measures at the site so that everything is easy to do without any setbacks are some of these aspects. But […]

5 Major Applications of Hot Rolled Steel Tube and Pipe

Hot rolled steel tube and pipe is high strength and high quality materials that offer multiple applications. It comes within civil, commercial, residential and industrial construction projects, offering versatility and excellent cost-effectiveness. With a galvanized coating, in which a very thin layer of zinc applies to the product. After its hot immersion, these steel tubes have […]

3 Best Ways to Save Money when Purchasing Drawn Steel Sections

What is aluminum tube? Aluminum tubes are manufactured from a noble metal with high resistance to oxidation. Although this characteristic is natural to the drawn steel sections common in its composition. This resistance can become even higher when the aluminum tubes coat with a layer of aluminum oxide. It provides a more aesthetic and sophisticated finish. […]

Main Types of Cold Rolled Tubes: Which is best to buy?

Widely common in industrial and construction projects, cold rolled tubes are indispensable products in the infrastructure of various environments in our society. How to choose between a Carbon steel or aluminum tube? Both the carbon steel tube and the aluminum tube are popular cold rolled tubes in the market. However, understanding the characteristics and differences between them […]

6 Proven Benefits of Cold Rolled Tube and Pipe

What are the galvanized connections? The Galvanized Connections are pieces that are present in a number of environments in which we circulate daily. With a unique and sophisticated finish, they stand out from other types of cold rolled tube and pipe due to their characteristics. The galvanization that these parts go through during their manufacturing process […]

What is the process of Cold Rolled Round Tubing (Hollow Section)?

Find out what are the applications of a hot-dip galvanized Cold Rolled Round Tubing (Hollow Section) and what advantages it offers! Round Tubing s, especially those that undergo hot-dip galvanizing, are items very popular on the market, especially for their versatility, since they is easy to use in different applications. With that in mind, in today's […]

6 Useful Tips for Cold-rolled Rectangular Tubing (hollow section)

Seamless stainless-steel cold rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) is manufactured without any welding process. Thus, the steel cylinders, in their solid form, are heated until they can be pierced. Seamless stainless-steel tubes have applications in plumbing and conducting materials that require higher pressure. Projects that require the conduction of oil, steam, and hydraulic projects have greater reliability […]

What is galvanized round tubing (hollow section)? Advantages

For projects in environments with unevenness and for areas that need to be closed to ensure more tranquility for the movement of people, the guardrail is an important element to generate more safety. And the stainless-steel galvanized round tubing (hollow section) is one of the most demanding on the market, for harmoniously composing the architecture of buildings […]

6 Advantages of Stainless-Steel Structural GALV RND Tubes

The discovery of certain materials definitely changed the routine of several industries. One of these materials was stainless steel, which brought several benefits and improved working conditions in these environments. In this context, equipment made from this metal, such as the stainless-steel structural GALV RND tubes, also added several improvements for those who deal with food, chemicals, or […]