Advantages and Disadvantages of Galvanized Tube

December 30, 2020

What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Galvanized Tube

When you are working with the painted metal or stainless steel tubing, then you can cut your project costs by considering galvanized steel tubes. How? This is because galvanization is a great way for protecting steep piping or tubing. In this article, you will find out what is a galvanized tube and we will also discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

galvanized tube

Galvanized Tube: The Galvanization Process

To turn steel into more durable metal and corrosion-resistant, the steel tube is covered generously with zinc coating. This process is known as the galvanization process and it helps the metal become scratch-resistant and rust-resistant.

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It also helps the tube stay protected from other surface damage. After going through the galvanization process, the metal becomes stronger, valuable, and last for many years. This is why the galvanized tubes are given priority over many other types of metal pipes.

To make a simple steel or iron tube galvanized, the tube or pipe gets hot-dipped in the metal zinc. With this process, the metal surface binds tightly to the zinc. This is the most commonly used galvanization process across the world. Apart from that, there are also a few other galvanization processes available, such as:

  • Spraying
  • Painting
  • Electroplating
  • Sheet galvanizing

Among all, the hot-dipping process is considered the most reliable process as it offers complete coverage and thus offers more durability.

Advantages of Galvanized Tubing

Galvanized tubing is preferred across the world for both industrial and domestic uses for many reasons. Here are the top reasons why galvanized tubes are popular:

  1. Affordability

The low cost of galvanized tubing is one major reason why it is considered for large structural and application areas. When we compare galvanization to many other protective methods and coatings, it is remarkably affordable. Other coatings, like painting are labor-intensive, thus they require additional costs to pay the painters. On the other hand, the hot-dipping method significantly reduces the factory operations costs.

Galvanized steel tubing is also cheap when we compare it with stainless steel. Apart from that, also has more durability than the other coatings which makes it a cost-effective option in the long run. Less maintenance of galvanized tubing (piping) reduces extra expense. Another cost-saving fact about the GI tube is that the small damaged spots require no touch-ups that definitely eliminate the upkeep costs.

  1. Coverage

The hot-dipping galvanization method involves complete submersion so every bit of metal gets protected. Even those pockets and corners of the tube where it is very hard to reach, will also get a generous protective layer. So, the entire pipe or tube will be covered with a protective layer leaving not even an inch of it unprotected.

  1. Durability

You might be surprised to know that a good quality galvanized tube can last for decades without any damage. In many conditions, these tubes can last over 50 years, which is simply remarkable and cost-efficient in the long run. The coating of zinc is glued lastingly to metal which makes installation as well as transportation hassle-free for both metal and the owner.

Due to preferential corrosion, a phenomenon, the coating of zinc will corrode and rust before steel, even if the small zinc areas are damaged. As a result, the metal would not require touchups that many other organic coatings need.

  1. Environmentally Sound

Galvanized tubing is environment friendly, which is another great advantage of this type of tubing or piping. The protective coating of galvanization is what makes the tube environmentally sound. The galvanization process produces very small waste that can easily be recycled without sacrificing any useful properties of metal.

Disadvantages of Galvanized Tubing

On the other hand, galvanized tubing also has some potential drawbacks that a buyer must keep in mind before choosing this piping solution. Here are those drawbacks that you must know:

  1. Less Effective in the Extreme Conditions

One drawback of GI tubing is that it loses its effectiveness a little in extreme conditions. Although they are good enough to last 50+ years, but if you don’t pay attention to proper maintenance, then it may get rusty even before 25 years in extreme conditions. If metal is unprotected from elements, such as saltwater, harsh weather, or rain, then the zinc layer will corrode very quickly. However, even in the most stressful conditions, the GI steel components will still last at least 25 years.

  1. Physical Limitations

There are some physical limitations because of which some objects might not be hot-dipped because of their size. The tubes that are too small or large will be very hard to go through the galvanization process. So, you need to watch out your tube size and make sure that it can get through the process easily. If it can’t, then it is definitely a drawback.

  1. Manufacturing Faults

The process of galvanization requires attention to detail to make sure there is no manufacturing error. If an error happens during the manufacturing process, the zinc coating will chip or peel off the pipe (tube). Such errors can be cooling too hastily.

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In the end, you need to know is it really worth it to buy galvanized tubes for your domestic or industrial applications? Despite the possible drawbacks of a galvanized tube, a number of industries are still getting benefit from it due to its long life and low cost.

Galvanized tubing proves highly durable even in extremely tough conditions, like marine applications. If you need a cost-effective metal tube with a protective coating for your project, then galvanized steel tubing is a highly affordable and reliable option.

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