Application and Advantages of Color Coated Coil

February 25, 2021

Importance of  Color Coated Coil

Color coated coils or pre-coated sheets are made of metal coils. They can be made of hot-dipped galvanized sheets, high-strength aluminum sheets, aluminized sheets, stainless steel sheets, or cold rolled sheets. A color coated coil is the base material laminated or coated with many plastic films and organic coatings. Our today’s discussion will cover the advantages and application areas of these pre-coated sheets. We will also go through some possible downsides of it to help you make the right decision.

color coated coil

What is a Color Coated Coil or Sheet Used for?

These coils are widely used to produce curtain wall metal parts, furniture, and home appliances. A color-coated sheet is the handling of the process of spraying at the initial stage. In addition, the structure of the coated sheet consists of a topcoat, primer, chemical conversion layer, and substrate. The process of surface coating and basic structure is identical. When it comes to select substrate, you can choose from the following options:

  • Cold rolled steel coil
  • Galvanized coil
  • Hot dipped steel coil

Choosing one from the above-listed options depends on the environment in which you are going to use them. For a better understanding, take a look at the following table:

Substrate Type Characteristics Applications
Cold rolled steel coil Low cost and poor resistance to corrosion Used in lamps, electrical boxes, and metal furniture, etc.
Galvanized coil A thicker layer of zinc is ideal for preparing color-coated boards. It offers high resistance to corrosion and fewer decorative needs. Garage doors, roofing panels, and exterior sidings, etc.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheets The same production process as galvanized steel. It regulates the molten plating composition, categorized by aluminum content amount. They are ideal to use in more corrosive outdoor environments.

Production Process

The color coated coil production process has been developed from one coat one bake to two coat two bake method. Today, the most highly adapted methods are two-coat and two-bake. Another common process is three-coat and three-bake that need higher protection. A transfer or embossing process is included to the solid-color sheet to enhance the coil’s color. The color of the coil or sheet enhances so that it can create personalized products.

There are three different types of color-coated coils, such as printed sheets, embossed sheets, and coated sheets. Manufacturers choose these coils as per the specific product type. The process of production of the three sheets is identical. However, their coating paint process is different. In the sheet’s production process, the substrate gets into the equipment and connects with the preceding raw material roll via the initial stitching process.

Welding is the main process that is used during the process of stitching. After that, the plate goes into the looper for releasing the plate’s stress. It discharges the inner stress to adjust flatness, thereby getting ready for primer spraying.

Then, the material goes through surface pretreatment, baking, and primer coating. This is identical to the process of spraying. Afterward, there’s a fine coating. If achieving particle effects is a necessity, you can mix zinc powder or aluminum powder into the coating. An embossing plate includes a pattern roller for completing the process of embossing.

After spraying the plate, a protective film coating levels the material. For enhanced efficiency, you can prefer roller coating over pneumatic sprays.

Advantages and Application of Color Coated Coil

These coils have several advantages in both design and production. The pre-painted products also offer many environmental benefits over other coating processes and materials. Let’s go through the main advantages that come with a color coated coil:

1. Design Advantages

Products made from pre-painted metal offers a top-quality painted surface. There is a broad spectrum of textures and colors. You can also give special effects like woodgrain by considering printed films. The pre-painted metal surface can be extremely mat or smooth, embossed, orange-peel, or high gloss.

A pre-painted metal is available in the typical aluminum and steel alloys and grades, so you can ensure a balanced strength, appearance, and formability in your final product.

It is also a great choice for those looking for a sustainable design. Several pieces of research have concluded that it has less environmental impact as compared to the post-painted metals across an array of impact classifications. It is also very convenient to recycle pre-painted metals.

Coil coatings use organic coatings that are normally thinner as compared to the post-applied films and powders. However, they still offer improved in-service performance. Therefore, you will be using less paint, minimizing resource consumption. It allows you to eliminate or cut down re-painting and maintenance.

The continuous process of coil coating ensures the highest quality assurance standards via coil-to-coil consistency. Also, the environmental emissions are also lower than post-painting or batch processes.

The processes of coil coating are run according to the latest VOC emissions standards. Thus, this makes it the best choice for a broad spectrum of applications. Therefore, the pre-coated coils are great solutions in terms of design.

2. Production Advantages

Pre-painted metals have extensive use in the production of domestic appliances. Moreover, it saves a lot of money for domestic appliance manufacturers.

Pre-painted coils make the manufacturing process run more consistently and smoother that ultimately helps them save money. There are improvements in the yield and productivity alongside a reduction in the cost of manufacturing, inventory, financial, and energy.

Manufacturers also eliminate paint lines by using the pre-painted coils in the process. Paint lines are the main hurdles in the operation. They are also able to minimize capacity constraints that potentially improve the ROCE.

One production advantage of the pre-painted coil is that it reduces the costs linked with meeting environmental regulations. Eradicate, the Hazardous waste disposal cost that is usually a part of the painting process.

Processing costs of batch-type are also removed or minimized alongside the removal of the scheduling problems. Since there is a direct relation between the input material and output, there is a decrease in the processing time. Another important advantage is the minimized stocks.

A color coated coil has a consistent quality and it minimizes the re-work need. It also reduces the levels of non-conformance as well as the associated costs. The biggest benefit of using pre-painted sheets is that they allow you to pay focus on your core competencies while leaving the paint finishes production to experts.

Application Areas:

There are many areas where you use color-coated coils such as the construction, furniture, transportation, service centers, architects, HVAC, appliances, and other goods. There are endless end uses of the pre-coated sheets or coils.

What are the Possible Disadvantages?

There are also some shortcomings in using the pre-coated sheets. One drawback is its slightly worse forming performance. The color-coated coil’s raw material is galvanized sheets with characteristics that are harder as compared to the cold-rolled sheets.

Another possible drawback is the notch corrosion. Pre-coated sheet or coil comes with low welding performance and there are also plate thickness limitations. The dispersion process can result in product defects which is another possible downside.

color coated coil

Bottom Line

The elevator market is having immense competition. All the companies are taking product cost and product performance as their major weapon. The market is changing and about 443,200 composite and color coated coils have entered today’s elevator industry. Unlike many other sheets, pre-coated sheets significantly minimize costs, while partially enhancing the quality in specific situations.

To ensure the ultimate effects, manufacturers should have adequate technical capabilities and production capacity. Using pre-coated sheets has become a highly beneficial strategy for manufacturers. However, it does not assure that all manufacturers can accomplish equal results.

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