5 Functional Applications of Steel Strips in 2022

January 14, 2022

Steel Sheet Applications

When low maintenance and corrosion resistance is required, steel strips are a natural choice and is common in a diverse range of applications from modern architecture to cladding or fascia to the food hygiene industry due to its antibacterial qualities.

Different Grades of Steel Sheet

There are many options available – for example, adding carbon during the forming process will make the sheet steel more durable and stronger as well.
Applications of Steel Strips

Variety of Steel Strips

The variety focuses on the many usage options and the steel sheet can be common in coil, sheet, plate and others like the list below:

  • Perforated Steel Sheets
  • expanded Steel Sheets
  • Similarly, pressed Steel Sheets
  • Floor Grades
  • Industrial use of steel sheet
Examples of industrial uses of sheet steel
  • Petroleum chemicals and fuel
  • Furthermore, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Food processing and pharmaceutical industries where clean environments need
  • Modern architecture and construction

Modern industrial processes carry the mark of being simultaneously aligned with service delivery technologies for both individuals and companies. Of course, the weight of this production dedicates to heavy industry, precisely due to the gigantic machinery involved.

The Use of Suitable Hot Thin Plates

The use of suitable hot thin plates for these different processes is something fundamental to understand. The sectors that can be applied can range from the naval industry to boilers and pressure vessels. Here we will address a process more than the industry itself, stamping.

This process consists of sheet forming, commonly performed cold, and which encompasses a set of interventions through which steel strips manipulate in order to take another geometric, flat or hollow shape. It is the procedure common to make a flat sheet acquire the shape of a die, established by the action of a punch.

As a stamping product we have sheets for making thin-walled parts made of sheet metal or tape of various metals and alloys. Such an operation produces parts for everyday use such as car doors, bathtubs, wheels, among others.

Process and Construction Phases

Essentially, stamping involves the following operations: cutting, folding and drawing, deep drawing and pressing. The pressing can be full or compact, when the material goes to the fluency, which is pressing between molds, as a finishing of already pressed pieces; or concave pressing of steel strips parts.

Cutting involves separating a piece of material with a determined contour from a plate, by means of a press stroke, using the appropriate tool called the cutting stamp. Folding proceeds to obtain a piece made up of one or more folds of a flat plate. For this, a tool called a bend stamp is common.

 Finally, we have either inlay steel strips:

This intervention aims to obtain shaped pieces and containers, such as mugs, boxes and tubes; achieved by the deformation of the sheet, the press strokes and using special tooling called the swab stamp.

Are you a locksmith looking to deliver excellent products to your customers? So you should already know the advantages of using steel for metalwork and use the material in different projects on a daily basis, right? After all, quality and durability are essential to maintain a loyal clientele.

How about knowing a little more about the possibilities of using steel strips and sheets in your manufacturing? Discover how they can serve as raw material for products with a differentiated finish, valuing your creativity and the result of working with customers.

The versatility of steel for locksmiths

Steel is an extremely versatile material, being common as a basic raw material in the manufacture of different functional products, such as doors, windows, gates, railings and handrails, for example. But steel for locksmiths also makes it possible for locksmiths to escape the trivial in manufacturing.
Applications of Steel Strips 2022

With creativity and tools suitable for locksmithing, steel strips can serve as an additional element in project adaptations. Tubes and sheets, for example, can be cut, welded or reshaped in different contexts. The result is greater sophistication in pieces and furniture common inside homes and offices.

The functional use of steel tubes and sheets

Because of its flexibility, strength and durability, we can say that steel is the engineers' best friend. Thus, locksmiths can seek specialization to meet small, medium and large engineering projects. Some examples of custom-ordered items from locksmiths are:

  • handrails for indoor and outdoor areas;
  • steel reception desks;
  • welded grids in specific size and height;
  • solutions for stocking warehouses or stores.

Also among the possibilities of prefabricated products with steel strips and sheets, we have doors and gates, which can be of the sliding, tilting or pivoting type. A different alternative is to use plates and tubes interleaved, leaving some gaps for viewing. The result is a gate that combines aesthetics with privacy and security for those inside.

Using Steel Strips in Custom Furniture

Furniture made of steel has been widely common in corporate spaces for a long time. This is due to the durability, ease of cleaning and sophistication that it brings to the environment.

In homes, they are increasingly a strong trend, sought after by many families. Thus, locksmiths have the opportunity to innovate and diversify their manufacturing, meeting this growing demand.

The Composition Steel Tubes

The metalon tube is stamped in this context. There's no error. When purchasing, you will be able to work with practicality in the manufacture of tables, chairs, sofas, shelves, etc. A tip is to use the tube in the composition of the design of the piece and add wood to the structure. The result will be the so-called industrial style design.

Made of carbon steel alloy, the metalon tube has excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to clean. To diversify your productions, you can also find steel tubes, galvanized or not, in square, round or rectangular formats.

Steel Plates in Different Compositions

The steel strips are found in different compositions and thicknesses, depending on the purpose. They can be common as a surface on shelves or closure in closets or wardrobes. Below is an example of a complete kitchen made from steel tubes and sheets. You can perfectly manufacture in your locksmith shop.

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