6 Proven Benefits of Cold Rolled Tube and Pipe

July 24, 2021

What are the galvanized connections?

The Galvanized Connections are pieces that are present in a number of environments in which we circulate daily. With a unique and sophisticated finish, they stand out from other types of cold rolled tube and pipe due to their characteristics. The galvanization that these parts go through during their manufacturing process gives them high strength.

Cold Rolled Tube and Pipe

Cold rolled tube allows them to have a greater range of applications in different projects. And it increases the safety of the items. Galvanized Connections are the main option for those looking for high quality and performance parts. It performs their functions with excellence when comes in an environment, in the infrastructure of a location and in piping systems.

What are the cold rolled tube and pipe connections?

Thinking about it, the Galvanized carbon steel connections and cold rolled tube and pipe of metals fit like a glove. It comes in different forms of application in the desired projects. Moreover, it increases the presence of galvanized parts in environments. It makes possible to highlight the models of:

  • Adapters
  • Bushings
  • Plugs
  • Elbows
  • crossheads , bends, flanges, joints, nuts, caps and galvanized tubes available on the market.

What are the advantages of cold rolled tube and pipe?

See below our list with the main benefits that the use of Galvanized Connections can offer to your project:

 High strength

The galvanizing process that carbon steel fittings and the like go through during their manufacture allows them to exhibit high strength. It happens when we apply to designs, even if they involve contact with extreme environments and chemicals.

The cold rolled tube and pipe that have undergone galvanization do not wear out when comes in places that have high temperatures. It provides support the transport of corrosive and chemical materials without any problem.

 High performance

Investing in galvanized steel connections is to guarantee the acquisition of a high performance product. It is capable of adapting to different projects, always providing maximum performance.

The high performance of galvanized products makes them present both in residential infrastructures and in connection systems for establishments and industries, meeting the quality standard required in the projects.

 An excellent conductivity

The carbon steel cold rolled tube and pipe galvanized and other models provide excellent conductivity at piping and similar systems. Due to the high strength that these connections withstand, they are able to carry different types of items and materials in a continuous way.

 Ease of application

In addition to offering all the benefits mentioned above from its application, Galvanized Connections also adapt very easily to the projects in which they are common. The connections are easy to weld. And it can be present in many types of environments and conduction systems for corrosive and chemical fluids and materials. We can find them in systems involving hazardous connections.


The Galvanized connections are present in numerous infrastructure projects; cold rolled tube and pipe drive systems, hydraulic systems and sewage networks in residential, commercial, business, industrial and public works. Offering strength, versatility, durability, high cost-effectiveness and high safety in their applications, Galvanized Fittings have become the preference of consumers.

 Development of hydraulic systems and sewage networks

Galvanized items are suitable for the development of hydraulic systems with water distribution for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • industries and a number of other environments

They are good for use in sewage networks for disposing of materials. The great advantage involving the application of galvanized items in these systems is the resistance comes by conduits.

 Distribution of chemical and corrosive materials

In addition to being an ideal product for application in structures of hydraulic systems and sewage networks, galvanized cold rolled tube and pipe provide adequate strength to route and transport chemical and corrosive materials. The galvanizing of, for example, allows it to come into contact with substances that have chemical and corrosive properties.

 Conductivity with safety in projects

In all of its applications, galvanized products are an aid to safe conductivity in design. The coating with galvanized steel is a noble, durable and resistant material. It allows the conduits and pipes to be common in various projects without posing major risks to the site.

 Ease of the welding process

The Galvanized Connections offer ease of welding, which makes the process of union between cold rolled tube and pipe, more convenient and secure. It is much easier to weld Galvanized Conduit with other galvanized items and get excellent results in performance, durability and quality.

 Greater application versatility

In addition to use in infrastructure and material handling systems, galvanized products are extremely versatile. And you can benefit from them in various segments. Through galvanized items, it is possible to transport:

  • water and other liquids
  • corrosive materials and chemicals
  • waste, gases, alcohol
  • gasoline and other types of fuel.

We can also use them in machines, devices and systems, helping them to function.

Cold Rolled Tube and Pipe 2021

Responsible for constituting cold rolled tube and pipe in complete hydraulic systems and distribution networks for:

  • Fluids
  • chemical materials
  • waste and other types of products

There are several models of pipes that are perfectly good to these applications. We can also find applications involving tubes in parts, assembly lines and other spaces in which they will provide support, efficiency, durability and strength.

How to choose between a cold rolled tube and pipe or aluminum tube?

Both the carbon steel tube and the aluminum tube are popular products in the market, good for several applications when come in projects. However, understanding the characteristics and differences between them is what guarantees a good decision at the time of purchase. Each one of them is better suited to a certain type of situation.


Statistics show that over 90% of consumers choose cold rolled tube and pipe. To a greater extent, this is due to the fact that all elements of the system keep the temperature well and cope well with negative atmospheric phenomena. Due to the high design requirements, not all steel grades can be common for the production of cold rolled tubes. The most popular steel grades by manufacturers are not so numerous:

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