What is the best type of hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section)?

June 28, 2021

Where are galvanized steel tubes most widely used?

hot rolled rectangular tubing

With a wide range of tube options available, no doubt knowing exactly which model is best for your job can be a little tricky. However, in today's article, we'll talk more about why you should choose hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section).

Why hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) is widely common these days?

Because of the all above and several other characteristics, galvanized steel tubes have become common in works of the most diverse types, such as residential, public, commercial and even industrial structures.

Why choose hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) for work and projects?

There are a number of reasons that explain the reasons behind the choice of galvanized steel tubes in various works and projects.

Such reasons make this type of tube a success in the market, being an increasingly popular, affordable and reliable option.

Check out now some of the reasons why you choose hot rolled galvanized steel pipes!

What is the best type of pipes for conducting liquids?

Check out their special features!

More strength and durability

One of the first advantages that comes to mind when thinking about hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) is associated with the strength and durability that this model offers.

This is because, when going through the galvanizing process, the tubes acquire much more resistance, especially to harmful processes, such as corrosion and oxidation.


As mentioned, due to its good strength, therefore, the galvanized steel tubes end up being more versatile and can be applied in different works and projects.

This characteristic is one of the reasons that most lead people to choose hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section).

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Which tube is most qualified to transport different types of liquids?

Conducting liquids is among the most common pipe applications on the market, whether in residential or industrial piping. Because residential pipes are more easily common, with cheap and affordable options (such as PVC pipes), in this article we will focus on industrial pipes.

Finding the ideal tube for conducting liquids in the industrial sector makes all the difference, since the systems where they are inserted depend on good tubes, in order to avoid problems such as leaks and excessive wear.

With this in mind, find the best type of pipe for conducting liquids!

What is the best tube for conducting liquid?

After all, what is the best tube for conducting liquid?

Keep in mind that the ideal tube for conducting liquid must, of course, be resistant to constant contact with this type of substance. For this reason, as a general rule, galvanized pipes such as hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) indicate.

Galvanized pipes, due to their characteristics, are the best models for applications where the conduction of liquids, chemicals and material for disposal are common in everyday life.

This is due to the fact that galvanized pipes, by going through the galvanizing process, acquire resistance to corrosion and oxidation, processes which are very common in pipes that come into contact with liquids.

Come with us to understand pipe galvanizing

Basically, galvanizing is a process of applying a protective layer of Zinc or Zinc alloys to the steel or iron surface of the pipe.

hot rolled rectangular tubing 2021

The objective is to prevent the corrosion process from appearing during the conduction of the liquid.

Among the most common methods of galvanizing is hot dip galvanizing, in which parts or structures are immersed in a bath of molten zinc.

What are the advantages of galvanized hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section)?

Galvanized pipes like hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) have the advantage of allowing the conduction of liquids without compromising the piping structure.

As benefits, the galvanized pipes acquire, therefore, resistance to corrosion, ensuring greater longevity and durability.

Galvanized pipes: the ideal choice for liquid conduction

Knowing more about galvanized pipes, it is easy to know what is the best type of pipe for conducting liquids, isn't it?

Today we can find on the market a wide and wide range of piping, such as hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section), each one developed for specific applications, meeting the respective needs and demands. In this article, however, we'll talk more about one type of tube in particular: carbon steel tubes.

Carbon steel tubes are very popular, being common in different environments, from civil construction to industrial applications. Despite being popular, this tube model still generates many questions and doubts.

The main reasons for using carbon steel tubes?

Do you know the main reason for using carbon steel tubes? What advantages does it offer?

Rest assured, these and other questions will be answered below. Check out!

Discover what carbon steel tubes are

First of all, it is important to know exactly what a carbon steel tube is, in order to understand its advantages.

use carbon steel tubes

Know, then, that carbon steel like hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section), is a metallic alloy that has 0.008% to 2.11% of carbon concentration in its composition.

In another definition, we can say that carbon steel is the composition of the alloy that gives the steel its level of mechanical resistance.

What characteristics define the strength of pipes?

It is always important to say that the amount of Carbon defines the classification of steel: low carbon has a maximum of 0.30% of the element; the medium carbon has from 0.30 to 0.60% and the high carbon has from 0.60 to 1.00%.

All of these characteristics define the strength of pipes, explaining why they are so popular in different areas and applications.

What are the reasons for you to use carbon steel tubes?

Learn now some of the main reasons for you to choose carbon steel tubes in your project.

Main reason to choose carbon steel tubes:

Keep in mind then that one of the reasons people buy hot rolled rectangular tubing (hollow section) relates to the fact that it is a highly resistant and durable product.

After all, this type of tube can is easy to use from applications aimed at conducting liquids to structural applications.

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