What is the purpose of using Black Furniture Tubes in commercial areas?

August 17, 2021

Black Furniture Tubes: purpose, production features, restrictions on use


The range and classification of Black Furniture Tubes are so extensive that it is easy to get confused in them. At the same time, in order to correctly select rolled products for specific production tasks, it is necessary to understand the basics: to know production technologies, the purpose of products and restrictions in application. Otherwise, the budget may be spent ineffectively.

Black Furniture Tubes

Moreover, a seamless pipe is more expensive than analogues with seams due to its higher strength. We will talk about this and much more in the article. The production of seamless pipes is a complex process. But this is justified by their characteristics.

Black Furniture Tubes manufacturing technologies

Black Furniture Tubes are produced in two ways - hot rolling and cold rolling. Both technologies are complex and expensive. This is one of the reasons why seamless steel pipes are quite expensive. The product does not immediately enter the rolling mill. First, you need to create a blank. For cold and hot rolling, they are made in the same way. To do this, use the following methods:

  • Forging
  • Pressing
  • Drawing
  • Rolling

Stages of hot rolling:

Ø Preparations

The work piece is heated to a temperature of 1180–1200 ° C.

Ø Liner creation

Using a special mushroom drill, a large hole is made in the axial part of the Black Furniture Tubes. Now the product becomes more like a pipe. After that, the sleeve is sent to the rolling mill.

Ø Rolling proper

Here, the inner and outer walls of the product are clamped between two rotating rollers. This adjusts the diameter and wall thickness. To adjust these parameters to the desired values, a special limiter is installed on the rolling mill. To match the seamless pipe to the assortment, this cycle is repeated several times until a perfect result is achieved.

Stages of cold rolling

Cold-rolled Black Furniture Tubes have particularly smooth surface. In addition, deformation of the work piece here occurs without the use of high temperatures. Therefore, the technology consists of the following stages:

Ø Processing

For cold rolling, billets are selected with great care. Then they are fired, etched with acid. Next, you need to remove traces of these processes from the surface. For this, the work piece is treated with alkali. And only then it undergoes phosphate or copper plating. This is necessary to increase strength.

Ø Section formation

The pipe walls are clamped between two rotating rollers. This adjusts the wall thickness and diameter. The latter is changed by changing the angle of inclination of the rollers.

Ø Compression

This is how the achieved parameters of the Black Furniture Tubes are recorded. Moreover, this cycle is also completely repeated several times until the specified indicators are reached. If it is necessary to produce thin-walled products, the work piece is again etched and annealed.

Purpose of seamless steel pipes

Seamless pipes, due to their impressive strength and resistance to various loads, are common in almost all industries. For example, they are in demand in the extraction of minerals, in particular, oil and gas, for the transportation of these substances over long distances.

Furthermore, pipes are also common in the construction of drilling rigs. In the coal industry, they are common to remove excess steam under pressure.

Black Furniture Tubes 2021

In all these variants, hot-rolled pipes are common, which are characterized by high strength. Moreover, in all areas of mechanical engineering, you cannot do without them either.

Black Furniture Tubes are common in the construction of aircraft, cars, ships, machine tools, and in the military industry. The main reason for the widespread use of this type of rolled metal is its unprecedented resistance to internal pressure.

Depending on the purpose, seamless steel pipes are divided into 6 classes:

Generally, this division greatly facilitates the selection of a pipeline for a specific production. But still, in order to buy seamless pipes, it is better to seek professional advice. In addition, in most cases, this will save you time. These are as following.

Ø 1 class

Such pipes are designed for laying irrigation systems, electric lines, as well as transporting gaseous mixtures and various liquids. Also, fences, scaffolding and other similar structures can be assembled from such rolled products.

Ø Grade 2

This is a rental for main pipelines, through which water, oil, gas, solids, fuel and oil products can go.

Ø Grade 3

Such Black Furniture Tubes are common in environments with high pressure and temperature loads.

Ø 4th grade

Products are common in the oil industry as auxiliary elements, parts of drilling and casing structures.

Ø Grade 5

This is a pipe roll common as structural elements for masts, towers, cranes or supports. Also, pieces of furniture are made from such pipes.

Ø 6th grade

Pipes for various branches of mechanical engineering. They are common for the manufacture of cylinders, pistons, bearings. They are also common to make reservoirs for high pressure loads and shaft rings.

Restrictions on the use of black furniture tubes

Another condition for the competent purchase of a batch of Black Furniture Tubes is the knowledge of some limits in their use:

  • Cold water pipelines in apartment buildings. The admissible diameter is up to 150 mm.
  • Hot water supply and heating in industrial facilities and in residential buildings.
  • The outer diameter should be between 40 and 50 mm.
  • Moreover, trunk oil and gas pipelines. Pipes with a diameter of 1020 mm and more can be common.
  • Hydraulic systems of cars and road equipment. It all depends on the amount of liquid.
  • The Black Furniture Tubesdiameter can vary from 8 to 50 mm.
  • Similarly, chemical and oil and gas industry. For internal transfer of fluids, pipes up to 273 mm are suitable.
  • In construction, for driving the supporting structures of bridges, foundations, piles, rolled diameters from 650 mm are suitable.
  • In addition, the permissible diameter of the sewer pipes can vary from 530 to 1020 mm.
  • To supply water to city boiler houses or to supply heating to a house, products with a diameter of up to 325 mm are common.

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