What is the Purpose of Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes?

October 20, 2021

The Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes are made of steel plates and have several applications that talk better in this article. This type of tube allows the passage of different fluids such as liquids, gases, vapors, oils, among others.

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1 Main features of Saw Seam Helical Tubes

2 What are the advantages of helical tubes over other tubes?

3 Also, Manufacturing Process of Helicoidal Tubes with Saw Seam

4 Where to use Saw Seam Helical Tubes

5 Buy Helicoidal Tubes with Saw Seam from those who understand the subject

However, it is an essential product for the full functioning of activities in an operation that resists high and low temperatures.


Main features of Saw Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes

Check out the main features of Saw Seam Helical Tubes, their advantages, manufacturing process, applications and which company has the best quality tubes. Saw Seam Helical Tubes are highly sought after due to their high mechanical strength and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, It is a piece that resembles a spiral and is easy to manufacture with diameters much larger than other types of tubes.

Features of Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes

The helical tube has a perfect and uniform circumference, in addition to having a fine finish. It has an excellent durability. Moreover, this gives the tube a long service life. One of the main characteristics of Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes is relevant to its round shape, as it does not have any longitudinal deviation. This means that it has very low risk of deformation.

Another feature and advantage offered by this type of tube is that it has an excellent cost-benefit ratio, as we have already mentioned, which makes it a product extremely sought after by an ever-increasing diversity of customers. Furthermore, The dimensions of the Helical Carbon Steel Tube, for example, are defined according to the customer's need and the required production standards.

What are the advantages of helical tubes over other tubes?

There are several advantages of acquiring Helical Tubes, mainly because they are very versatile, allowing different types of dimensions that adapt to various projects. They also stand out for

  • High durability;
  • Moreover, High versatility;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Also, do not present any type of deformation;
  • Do not create longitudinal offsets;
  • Have a perfect circumference;
  • Have high mechanical strength.

They are tubes that resist different types of fluids and that can receive processes to further increase their resistance, such as, for example, the galvanizing process.

Advantages of Helical Tubes

Manufacturing process of helical tubes with Saw Seam Galvanizing provides extra protection for the pipes, protecting them from corrosion, the dreaded rust. This makes the helical tubes last even longer and resist more chemicals. Saw Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes appeared in Sweden.

and their manufacturing system has been common for over 30 years in Europe and the United States. They are manufactured from steel coils, formed through a continuous operation in an automatic machine, which leaves them in the shape of a spiral. However, the helical tubes manufacturing process leaves the tubes perfectly round.

Materials common in manufacture Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes

without longitudinal deviation, with more mechanical resistance and without deformations, also following the ASTM A134, ASTM A139, AWWA C200 and NBR 9797 standards. The welding system common is the submerged-arc, applied at the same time in its interior and exterior.

  • Commercial carbon steel
  • Also, Structural carbon steel
  • Its dimensions, thicknesses and lengths are also varied, as shown below:
  • Diameters: from 102mm (4") to 914mm (36");
  • However, Thickness: from 2.00mm to 9.50mm;
  • Lengths: 6 or 12 meters (standard), 5.8 or 11.6 meters for export, etc.

Its ends receive specific finishes and undergo a hydrostatic test, with a pressure of up to 100 BAR.

How Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes borders can look?

  1. K10/K20 steel ring tube;
  2. Cut grooved tube;
  3. Roll grooved tube;
  4. Flanged tube;
  5. Flat end tube or beveled tube for welding.

There are also steps in the manufacturing process of this helical tube with saw seam,

Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes understand how it works?

  • Raw material inspection;
  • Also, Unwinding;
  • Performance;
  • Cutting the ends and splicing the coils;
  • Edge cut;
  • Internal soldering;
  • Also, External welding;
  • Dimensional control;

How to work Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes

  • Ultrasound inspection;
  • Tube cut;
  • Also, Cutting the ends and welding the seam;
  • Cutting of specimens: traction, bending, chemical analysis;
  • Visual inspection of the weld;
  • X-Ray Inspection;
  • Also, Facing and beveling;
  • Hydrostatic test;
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of the penetrating liquid;
  • Inspection weighing, measuring and marking.

In general, the technology common in the manufacture of the helical tube must result in perfectly rounded pieces, with seams without deviations or deformations, so that its application in the industrial environment is safe and effective.

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Where to use Saw Seam Helical Tubes

Saw Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes are common in many sectors of industry and for various applications. They are very present in installations such as water mains, oil pipelines and in constructions such as bridges, port terminals, piers, which need a very resistant support. In these places they are easy to install.

Mentioned above, helicoidal tubes with seams drive into the seabed and then concreted. These tubes can be common in the most varied types of companies and industries, such as fuel refineries, sugar and alcohol plants, basic sanitation, civil construction, ventilation networks, among others.

See below for other places where they are also applied:

  1. Construction;
  2. Sugar and Ethanol Plants;
  3. Fuel refiners;
  4. Sanitation;
  5. Hydroelectric Power Plants;
  6. Irrigation Systems;
  7. Liquid Pumping;
  8. Fire Fighting Networks;
  9. Compressed Air Networks;

Metallic Structures and Assemblies.

Pay attention to the type of supplier of the Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes with saw seam, as the helical tubes need testing before being sold. They must undergo hydrostatic tests, in-line ultrasound, the adhesion test, among others, so that they can be efficient and safe.

When purchasing helical tubes with saw seam, it is very important to have a team of highly qualified specialists who can offer the customer the necessary support and excellent service. Among the main places where these tubes are common are steel, mining, oil and gas industries, and the sugar and alcohol sector.

Conclusion Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes

Buy Helicoidal Tubes with Saw Seam from those who understand the subject. The tubes ABC specializes in the distribution of Black & Galvanized Rolled Grooved Tubes with seam saw, several other models and steel pipes formats seamed and seamless. The company has numerous options available in the parts catalog.

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