What is Blue painted SHS & RHS? Best Steel pipes in 2021

October 16, 2021

Firstly, in the current construction market, Blue painted SHS & RHS steel pipe is an important and widely used material. Not only in the civil construction industry, but also in the construction industry or mechanical engineering. The main advantage of steel pipe is that it is tough, resistant to impact pressure, so it has a long life and high durability.

Blue painted SHS & RHS

In addition, it could adapt to many weather conditions, high wear resistance. Based on the characteristics and properties of each type of steel pipe, to classify. Similarly, steel pipe is divided into cast steel pipe and welded pipe steel. Furthermore, in this article, Construction Steel Warehouse will focus on cast steel pipes and the information surrounding cast steel pipes. Welcome customers to consult!

Types of steel pipes on the market today

1-Black pipe steel

Black pipe, painted SHS & RHS is the name used to distinguish it from cast steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe. Black pipe is produced through hot rolling process. So, it will have a dark blue color. Black pipe steel is divided into 2 types:

  • straight welded black pipe and
  • spiral welded black pipe.

2-Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is a type of steel coated with a layer of zinc, this zinc layer is plated with the appropriate thickness to create beautiful durability and increase the life of the product.  List of aspects involved.

  1. First, black steel pipe standard table and galvanized steel pipe standard
  2. Second, standard table of black round steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe
  3. In addition, standard table of black round steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe

3-Construction Steel, Blue painted SHS & RHS

In addition, for Blue painted SHS & RHS you can refer to some other articles about our construction steel right below. Generally, cast steel pipe can also be called cast steel pipe. Similarly, this is a product of pipe steel. This type of steel is made from round. Furthermore, solid steel bars that are heated then push and pull the billet out of the tube.

After extrusion, the embryo will be catheterized, hollowed out, straightened, and stretched until it becomes a finished product. Steel pipes are most commonly used to make drainage pipes, used in the construction of bicycles, motorcycles, cars or in construction and interior design.

4-Diameter of cast steel pipe; blue painted SHS & RHS

The diameter of this steel, Blue painted SHS & RHS ranges from: 21.3 to 610 and there are larger diameter pipes. The thickness depends on the diameter of the pipe, for small diameter pipes, the maximum thickness is 9.7ly. And for large diameter molded pipes, the maximum thickness is 59.5ly.

Length of Blue painted SHS & RHS

Common lengths are 6m and 12m. However, there are still special types of pipes with odd lengths such as:

  1. First, 9m
  2. Second, 11m
  3. Moreover, 12m

Classification of cast steel pipes

Cast steel pipes are produced with many different types to serve many projects in different fields. In addition, types of cast steel pipes on the market today with many types of sizes and lengths. Similarly, for example, some common types are as follows:

1-Structural cast steel pipe; blue painted SHS & RHS

This steel pipe of Blue painted SHS & RHS is mainly used in mechanical engineering and machine building.

2-Cast steel pipes used in pressure furnaces

The heat treatment industry, making pressure pipelines such as gas and oil will often use this type of pipe. Usually, the material used will be steel 10 or steel 20. Furthermore, this type of pipe will be used to make pipes for liquids such as water. Therefore, it is often used in water supply and drainage plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear furnaces, etc.

3-High-pressure cast steel pipes of grades I and II

For this type, the shipbuilding industry mainly uses them. Commonly used steel grades are 360, 410, 460.

4-Chemical pipe; blue painted SHS & RHS

The use of Blue painted SHS & RHS stated in its name, this type of pipe is used to conduct chemicals, industrial waste, etc.

5- Cast Steel Pipe; blue painted SHS & RHS

Like the above, this cast steel is used to make pipelines and oil reservoirs. Especially this type is used a lot by the International Petroleum Association in the US. Moreover, commonly used steel materials are J55, N80, P110.

Production process ; blue painted SHS & RHS

Casting steel pipe manufacturing technology is divided into hot-rolled steel pipe and cold-rolled steel pipe manufacturing. Application of cast steel pipe in life are mentioned ahead. With the advantage of high durability and many applications, cast steel pipe is used quite flexibly.

However, the most application of Blue painted SHS is still the transportation, barometric and oil pipelines. In addition, it is also used in civil engineering, shipbuilding, water supply and drainage, industrial pipelines and metallurgical plants, chemical, energy industry, etc.

Standard 5mm. cast steel pipe

5mm cast steel pipe is also quite popular on the market today, 5mm cast steel pipe is manufactured according to strict standards to meet the strict requirements in construction and life. The standard of 5mm cast steel pipe includes standards for size, label, pressure, temperature, coating, and design.
Blue painted SHS & RHS 2021

The standard: blue painted SHS & RHS is manufactured according to the standards of developed industries in the world to create prestigious product quality. Standards for 5mm steel pipes are certified by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Japanese standards (JIS), German standards (DIN), etc.

Galvanizing steel pipes for what?

It is not a coincidence that the HOA STEEL TUBE gives 6 times the durability of ordinary black steel pipes. The magic lies in the shiny zinc coating that surrounds the steel pipe. Similarly, experiencing the process of dipping zinc in an oxygen-free furnace (NOF) can be difficult.

The Blue painted SHS & RHS is covered with an excellent antioxidant layer, acting as a "forbidden city" separating the steel pipe from the "army" of corrosion. Even when placed in a salt-rich environment such as sea water, pipes still have a minimum durability of 50 years - a number that no competitor has yet surpassed.

Outstanding features of galvanized steel pipes

1-First, the strength of zinc pipe is 6 times that of ordinary black steel pipe

2- Secondly, shiny pipe surface, no need for protective coating

3-Moreover, it is suitable for construction space aesthetics, environmentally friendly

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