How to understand the characteristics of Galvanised Corrugated Iron?

August 16, 2021

Manufacturers produce a wide variety of steel pipes and Galvanised Corrugated Iron. They differ in assortment, purpose, method and material of manufacture. Product information, allowing you to select it correctly, is included in the marking of steel pipes.

Galvanised Corrugated Iron

How markings are applied

Manufacturers can label pipes in several ways:

  • branding
  • knurled
  • indelible paint
  • ink
  • laser
  • electrograph

The height and width of the signs depends on the size of the pipes and can vary between 5–30 and 3–12 mm, respectively.

Pipe marking and Galvanized Corrugated Iron

This is how pipes are marked at one of our supplier enterprises - PJSC Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant, which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company and Galvanized Corrugated Iron.

Where are the markings applied?


With an outer diameter of 10 to 114 mm, pipes are classified as small-diameter products. In this case, the marking is not applied to the pipes themselves, but to the label.

With an outer diameter of more than 114 and up to 530 mm or an outer size of more than 160 mm, pipes we classify as products of medium diameter. In this case, markings are applied to each pipe or group of pipes.

What mandatory information must be in the label?

The designation of pipes and Galvanised Corrugated Iron must necessarily contain:

  • manufacturer's name or trademark;
  • geometric dimensions (outer diameter or outer dimensions for shaped pipes and wall thickness);
  • normative document in accordance with which the pipe we made;
  • steel grade and regulatory document for it

What additional information do manufacturers of Galvanised Corrugated Iron put in the labeling?

You can specify several additional parameters that are present in steel pipe symbols:

Ø Length

There are three options:

Ø Multiple dimensional

It means that each pipe is easy to cut into a certain number of pieces of the required size. An allowance of 5 mm gives on the cut. In this case, in the marking, after the outer size and wall thickness, indicate the length of these parts in mm, marked "cr".

Ø Unmeasured

It means that the pipes in the bundle differ in length within a certain range. In this case, the length does not indicate in the marking after the outer size and wall thickness.

The resistance of these tubes is mainly due to the properties of stainless steel. This comes of an alloy of iron.

Ø Length accuracy class

There are two options:

Ø Quality accuracy class

There are three options:

  • The first class of accuracy means that the ovality of pipes does not exceed 1% of their outer diameter. It comes by the alphanumeric designation "01kl".
  • The second class of accuracy means that the ovality of pipes does not exceed 1.5% of their outer diameter. It is designated "02kl".
  • The third class of accuracy means that the ovality of Galvanised Corrugated Irondoes not exceed 2% of their outer diameter. It is designated "03kl".

Pipe marking

  • In the first case, the letter "T" will be present in the marking, in the second - "L".
  • The pipes can have a protective zinc coating. In this case, the letter "C" is present in their marking.
  • Manufacturers can produce Galvanised Corrugated Ironwith threaded threads. In this case, the letter "P" is present in their marking.

Things to Consider When Selecting Steel Pipes

Steel pipes we can classify as universal materials, because they are in demand in almost all spheres of human life. But the existing variety of products can complicate their choice. Therefore, the question arises: how to choose the right pipes?

What are the parameters of the pipes?

There are four main parameters that distinguish steel pipes:

Ø Preparation method

According to this parameter, cold and hot-deformed pipes distinguish, as well as seamless and electric-welded pipes.

Ø Sectional shape

Tubes can be round, oval, square and rectangular.

Ø Appointment

The scope of application of pipes and Galvanised Corrugated Iron is very wide. In this case, the method of their manufacture and the shape of the section are of decisive importance.

Ø Steel grade

Low-alloy, alloy, carbon and structural steels are common for the manufacture of pipes.

In general, the galvanizing process takes place as follows: one metal comes with another.  Among the elements that we can use in this procedure are:

  • Chrome;
  • Tin;
  • Zinc;

So, when we talk about a galvanized pipe, for example, we are talking about an object that comes with another metal, making the steel inside it have a longer service life.
Galvanised Corrugated Iron 2021

What are Galvanised Corrugated Iron good for?

Galvanised Corrugated Iron is suitable for different areas and applications. They are widely common by manufacturers because they have many qualities. This includes the ability to keep water clean.

Round conduction tubes, for example, are good to transport water and other fluids, which are generally corrosive and abrasive.

In the transport of gases, they are present in construction structures and in machining in general.


Applications of galvanized Iron

Galvanised Corrugated Iron has several applications, mainly in civil construction and industry. As of the 21st century, companies began to invest more in this type of material so that their projects could be more durable, with more resistant and rigid structures.

As we mentioned, galvanized steel is widely common in piping. Galvanized pipes are ideal for conducting fluids, such as water, air and gases. They are also good for construction contractors and for the installation of public poles or construction companies in general. See below for some other applications of this product:


In the marking of pipes, there may be other designations indicating their specific characteristics. You can get more detailed information from our specialists. Similarly, there are a lot of options available in corrugated steel pipes.

In our company you can buy steel pipes for various projects in bulk at best price.  Our materials are of quality. And we have responsible professionals available to answer your questions and offer the most suitable product for your project.

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