Cold Roller Round Tubes: 7 Most Important Facts

June 28, 2021

cold roller round tubes
The steel cold roller round tubes have different specifications, for the most varied applications. It is common for more complex installations in industries and plants, as in the most common hydraulic installations in buildings, homes, and businesses.

However, for each purpose of use, there is a regulatory standard that defines what its specifications will be, such as:

  • The quality of the raw material
  • The way this tube is manufacture
  • What quality tests need to be submitted for approval, among others?

In how many stages steel cold roller round tubes are common?

In general, steel tubes are widely common in various stages of civil construction, whether for hydraulic installations, electrical installations, or metallic structures.

It is very important to know about the differences between these materials, avoiding inconveniences due to the use of tubes that are incompatible with their purpose. Similarly,  they can cause enormous losses, putting your project and installation at risk.

What are the most popular cold roller round tubes?

The most common steel cold roller round tubes used in constructions and installations are;

Hydraulic Installations

In hydraulic installations, the most used steel tube is usually the5580 standard, which defines the specifications of tubes for conducting non-corrosive fluids and gases in general.

Briefly, this standard defines that these tubes is easy to supply with or without seam (longitudinal welding), with carbon steel (black) or galvanized (zinc protective coating), with smooth or threaded ends.

Are these cold rollers round tubes waterproof?

Due to their high strength and durability, and because they are naturally fireproof, they are the most common tubes in fire-fighting network installations (hydrant systems).

Basically, these materials are supplied in bars 6 meters in length. Moreover, they undergo a quality test that checks the "tightness" of the bars, called "Eddy Current". This test checks for possible failures or leaks and ensures that the materials meet a quality standard for application in fluid and gas conduction systems in general.

Electrical Installations -

For electrical installations, the steel cold roller round tubes used are called “galvanized conduits”.

They are tubes supplied 3 meters in length, used for the protection of electrical conductors, communication cables, data transmission, and the like.

Galvanized conduits correspond to the standards, and easy to supply with or without longitudinal welding (with or without “seam”). By default, each of these bars comes with a sleeve fitted to one end.

Metal structures cold rollers round tubes -

For structural purposes, we have a wider range of tubes. This standard defines the use of longitudinally welded (seamed) carbon steel tubes, and covers, in addition to round tubes, square and rectangular tubes.

Also called “structural tubes”. These cold roller round tubes are widely common in the construction of tubular scaffolding, guardrails, handrails, fences, fences, bars, and gates, and is easy to supply “black” (in carbon steel), or galvanized.

They are tubes exempt from testing and tightness tests. Similarly, they are exclusively intended for use in metallic structures and are not indicated for use as conductors of fluids and gases.

Discover the Difference between Carbon and Galvanized Steel

Regardless of the form of application (hydraulic, electrical, or structural), it is very important that when purchasing steel tubes, the buyer pays attention to the quality of the materials, checking if their supplier meets the standards.

cold roller round tubes 2021

Moreover, with source materials and guaranteed origin, thus avoiding inconveniences and losses due to the use of materials of low-quality or that do not comply with the specifications required by the corresponding regulatory standards.

The stainless-steel cold roller round tubes are common in different segments but are common  mostly in industry and shipbuilding, and construction.

Below find out 7 facts you didn't know about stainless steel pipes.

7 most important facts about stainless steel cold roller round tubes:

– Tubes made of stainless steel are an excellent alternative for industries that want to save money, as the material is extremely durable, impact-resistant, and does not require high maintenance costs.

[Fact #1]

– There is an infinite number of stainless-steel tubes. There are many common types of round tubes you can buy. All of them you can find at a good steel pipe manufacturer shop.

[Fact #2]

– As they are very versatile, stainless-steel tubes are common in the most varied segments. They are easy to find from the manufacture of metal furniture, such as tables, cabinets, and chairs, to the construction of large ships and aircraft.

[Fact #3]

– These cold roller round tubes are good for metallic finishing in architectural and design projects. Moreover, they are very resistant to oxidation.

[Fact #4]

– The tubes are also common in the manufacture of medical devices, as stainless steel meets the demanding Good Manufacturing Practices standards. It aims at the quality and hygiene of the material common in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

[Fact #5]

– The use of stainless-steel tubes is not only economical, durable, and resistant. The material is sustainably correct as the metal is easy to recycle.

[Fact #6]

– Many residential and industrial kitchen utensils employ stainless steel tubes in their structure. As in the hospital appliances, the use of this material ensures easy cleaning, in addition to being resistant to high temperatures.

[Fact #7]

– Stainless steel cold rollers round tubes are easy to weld. Therefore, it is possible to find a wide variety of products made with this material on the market. As an example of bars and gates that guarantee more security because they are resistant options.


Now that you are aware of this market, get in touch with the distributor, which sells square, rectangular, round, and mechanical stainless-steel tubes (bushing) in all sizes. His use is a guarantee of more quality and resistance for your project to be successful.

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