Corrosion-resistant steel vs Galvanized Tubes – Everything you need to know

September 14, 2021

Galvanized pipes, also known as galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipes ensure the safety of the environment. Steel tubes, in general, are recognized for being durable materials as well as materials that can survive a wide range of temperatures and even weather exposure.

Corrosion-resistant steel

For example, PVC pipes, even though they have a certain strength, are not ideal for transporting products at high temperatures. For this, it is necessary to have galvanized steel tubes. These pipes act as a corrosion resistant steel in this regard.

Corrosion resistance steel and customer satisfaction 

We are specialized in pipes and galvanized corrosion-resistant steel. We are always delivering the best product so that our customers can take maximum of all the advantages. And all the resources that these solutions can offer.

With that in mind, we have designed this article so that you, readers, and customers, can learn much more about galvanized steel pipe and how important this material is in the places where it is common.

Galvanized Steel Tubes – Everything you need to know!

The first thing we need to understand about galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipes is how they develop; after all, their production makes all the difference in the structure. It is because of the manufacturing that it guarantees features that make it so useful in many areas.


The manufacture of galvanized corrosion resistant steel pipe

The manufacture of galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipe begins with the formation of the steel cylinder. It comes using a steel plate. Interestingly, there are different ways to make the tube, but the round one is the most popular and the most practical.

The galvanizing process consists of applying thin layers of zinc. These layers are responsible for making steel even more resistant, especially rust since it is widely common for different liquids, some with high corrosive capacity.

The integrity of Corrosion resistant steel pipes

Galvanizing is a complex process and must be carried out following fundamental standards of weight, measures, and safety so that the material has the necessary quality. This is an even more important concern given the end-use of galvanized pipe.

They are often common to transport hazardous or high-temperature materials. Therefore, the integrity of the pipe is essential to avoid accidents. That's why, when buying galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipe, it's always necessary to keep an eye on the part's certifications.

The types of galvanization Steel pipes

There are different types of galvanizing and each type, of course, alters different characteristics of the tubes. The most common techniques for corrosion-resistant steel pipe galvanizing are hot and cold modes.

Hot galvanizing corrosion resistance steel

Given ahead are two main aspects of resistant steel

  • Firstly, in this type of galvanizing, the part is immersed in hot zinc.
  • Secondly, this is utilized in the conduction of fluids, gases, oils, and water.

Cold galvanizing corrosion resistance steel

Following is an overview of cold galvanizing

  • Firstly, with this technique, the galvanizing is done without total immersion in the hot zinc
  • Secondly, an electrostatic shock through which the zinc fixes on the outside
  • Also, the piece is important for external and structural use
  • Such as the construction of scaffolding, fencing, plate supports, roof finishes, occasions
  • Finally, where fluids will not be conveyed, as the galvanization is only external

Top 3 Industries that benefit from galvanized steel pipes

Although it can have general use across different sectors and segments, galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipes are even more important in some specific industries. They are rust-free, have a long life, and have a low initial cost.

Galvanized corrosion resistance is common everywhere some drinking water pipes, nuts, bolts, tools, and wires come from galvanized steel. There are many industries that are using this steel, commercially. Following are the top 3, among all.

1-Sugar and Alcohol Plants

Alcohol and sugar mills are some of the main sectors that benefit from the use of galvanized corrosion-resistant steel tubes. Due to its high efficiency in thermal exchange, galvanized tubes are perfect for evaporation and cooking processes, even at high temperatures.

The resistance to corrosion, even by aggressive fluids, makes this type of material essential in the sugar and alcohol industry. Galvanized steel tubes allow granules and liquids to transport safely and without harming the tube structure and posing risks to the environment.


Corrosion-resistant steel 2021

2-Chemical and petrochemical industries

Various chemical materials with high abrasive power and which pose health risks. So, it is essential to use piping that provides adequate protection for these materials. Galvanized Corrosion-resistant steel tubes have a low roughness. This makes fluid transport much more efficient.

These materials are common for processing, transporting, and handling chemical substances without reducing their useful life. We also have a third use, such as posts and supports for fences and other types and uses where protection against external corrosion is needed.



3-Corrosion resistance steel tube common for decoration


Playing with this utensil for decorating your home can give it the look and feel you want, transforming it exactly the way your wishes apply. Thus, steel tubes can be common in:

  • Firstly, classic decorations
  • Secondly, rustic decorations
  • Finally, urban decorations

Making use of steel daily as well as in the medium and long term has been increasingly exercised. Therefore, optimize your projects with steel pipes as well.

The importance of using quality galvanized steel tubes

As you can understand, galvanized corrosion-resistant steel pipes are common in situations where the material undergoes great abrasive and corrosive stress. Furthermore, they are industries that rely heavily on safety and efficiency in the transportation of liquids and products.

Therefore, a galvanized steel pipe that does not meet all safety needs is sure to cause problems during its use. To ensure that the tube common will bring all the advantages of its use, it is essential to buy tubes that appear under all current regulations.

Steel versatility in corrosion resistance steel tubes

After industrialization entered the scene, the imagination took over and understood that it could make the use of steel versatile, so it fits into the decorative sphere. In this article here you find, for example, four forms of steel decorations for rustic environments.

Corrosion-resistant steel is also common in airlines; in mills it is common as machinery. The high-quality mufflers prepare by using stainless steel in automotive. And in heat and gas lines corrosion resistance steel tubes helps them withstand extremely high pressure.

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