Difference Between Seamless and ERW Pipes and Properties of BS1387 ERW Pipe

April 27, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Seamless and ERW Pipes

Stainless steel products are used in several industries. That’s because of their excellent features and properties. For this reason, they are used to manufacture pipes as well. Some common types of pipes manufactured from stainless steel are seamless and ERW pipes. But, there are some basic differences between these two types of stainless steel pipes. In this article, we are going to discuss all the major differences between seamless and ERW pipes and the properties of a BS1387 ERW pipe as well. Stay tuned!

BS1387 ERW Steel Pipe

What is the Difference Between Seamless and ERW Pipes?

While both seamless and ERW pipes are manufactured from stainless steel, there are some basic differences between these two pipes. Want to know more about these differences? Keep reading then.

1.     Raw Material Difference

The main difference between seamless and ERW pipes is that of raw material. While seamless pipes are constructed from round steel billets, ERW pipes are manufactured from hot-rolled coils. These two materials are entirely different from each other.

But, one thing to note here is that the quality of the pipes depends upon two factors. These two factors are the manufacturing process and the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Although both seamless and ERW pipes are constructed using different grades of stainless steel, the most common are stainless steel 304 Pipes.

2.     Manufacturing Process

Just as we discussed above, the manufacturing process is an important step that differentiates seamless pipes from ERW pipes. The round steel billets used in the construction of seamless pipes are first heated. After they are heated properly, they are forced on the piercing rod.

The process goes on until the hollow shape of the pipe is successfully achieved. The thickness and the length of the pipe are monitored through extrusion techniques.

On the other hand, the manufacturing process of ERW pipes is entirely different. The coils used for the construction of these pipes are bent and the edges of the pipe are welded as well.

3.     Welding Process Difference

The majority of the seamless pipes are extruded. As a result, they do not have any joints in their radial or axial direction. But, ERW pipes require an extensive welding process.

That’s because these pipes are manufactured by bending the coils on their central axis. For this reason, ERW pipes need to be welded through their entire length.

4.     Size Difference

The difference in size is another huge difference between seamless and ERW pipes. While seamless pipes can be easily fabricated up to 26 inches of their outer diameter, this is not the case with ERW pipes. The size of the ERW pipes is a bit smaller than the seamless pipes.

Even the best manufacturing companies using the best manufacturing techniques can produce pipes that are only 24 inches in length of their outer diameter. So, if you are looking for a stainless steel pipe with a larger diameter, then you must go for seamless pipes.

BS1387 ERW Steel Pipe

5.     Application Difference

The application of both the seamless and ERW pipes is quite different from each other. While seamless pipes are utilized for applications that require high pressure, the application of ERW pipes is completely the opposite.

They are used where there is a need for low and medium pressure. In addition to this, seamless pipes are a lot safer than ERW pipes. For this reason, they are used in oil, gas, and chemical industries. Even though ERW pipes are not mostly used in these industries, you can use well-manufactured ERW pipes that are safe in oil, gas, chemical, and other sensitive industries.

6.     Finished Product Difference

There is no denying the fact that ERW pipes are superior in quality than the seamless pipes. That’s because these pipes are manufactured using quality control techniques.

For this reason, ERW pipes are a lot more popular than seamless pipes as well. So, if you are looking for a stainless steel pipe that is the best in quality, then you must go for ERW pipes. A significant example of a good quality ERW pipe is the BS1387 ERW pipe.

What Is a BS1387 ERW Pipe?

The BS1387 ERW pipe is a kind of a galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized steel pipes can be divided into two categories. One is hot-dip galvanizing and the other is electro galvanizing. The cost of electro-galvanizing is extremely low but it does not provide a smooth surface to the users. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of electro-galvanizing pipes is not much effective either.

On the other hand, hot-dip galvanizing steel pipes offer a much thick layer, uniform plating, long life, and strong adhesion. BS1387 ERW pipe belongs to the category of hot-dip galvanizing steel pipes. For this reason, they are known as one of the best stainless steel pipes out there.

What are the Properties of a BS1387 ERW Pipe?

The BS1387 ERW pipe is known as the best stainless steel pipe for a reason. That’s because of the excellent property that these pipes possess. We have listed some of their properties below for you to check out.

  • The surface of a BS1387 ERW pipe is extremely durable. That’s because of the anti-embroidery treatment that these pipes go through.
  • The BS1387 ERW Pipe will not oxidize too quickly. Moreover, it will not even form white rust on the pipes.
  • The BS138 ERW steel pipe goes through an extensive manufacturing process that makes it fully protected. Every part of the pipe is plated with zinc. Not only this but the concave and convex parts of the pipe are protected as well.
  • The life of Bs1387 ERW steel pipes is longer as well. That’s because of the anti-corrosion and anti-resistant features that they possess.
  • The construction process of these pipes is extremely convenient. What makes the construction process convenient is that it does not require any oiling or lacquering outside because of the zinc plating.
  • These pipes will not freeze or crack even when the weather is extremely cold. For this reason, they are extremely suitable for a cold environment.

Final Thoughts

So, before you choose between seamless and ERW pipes, you must go through their differences in detail. Both of these pipes are suitable for different applications. If an ERW pipe is what you need, make sure that you choose the best such as BS1387 ERW pipe.

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