What are the different types of Scaffolding BS 1139?

August 18, 2021

The production methods for Scaffolding BS 1139 determines by the type of structure. The variety of it is as follows: hot-deformed, cold-deformed, scaffolding, round or shaped. The material of a scaffold determines its plastic properties, strength qualities, and viscous properties. Hot rolled steel pipes come by hot rolling and pressing.

Types of pipes for Scaffolding BS 1139

There are several types of hot-deformed pipes in production for Scaffolding. They differ among themselves in stages, namely, rolling. As a result, steel products and their production come after the mill that rolled the products. If we compare the various methods of hot deformation, then a large number of pipes for Scaffolding BS 1139 of different grades come in a variety of ways.

Scaffolding BS 1139

Mills of the maximum diameter of rolled pipes

Some of the cold-worked pipes come by one pressure treatment on the mill or by the drawing method. The production of cold-worked steel pipes, especially corrosion-resistant, with thin walls or small diameters, is a multi-cycle pressure treatment using specialized Scaffolding BS 1139.

These come under mills, KPTR mills, reference or baseless mills, using intermediate thermal.

  • Mills for rolled tube range
  • Pipe-drawing mills with maximum traction gain
  • Drum mills, which are good for coiled drawing along the drum diameter

How scaffolding pipes can be come?

Scaffolding pipes are come by various methods of forming a pipe billet, as well as welding its edges. The choice of tube stock depends on the size, material and use of the tube. Small diameter steel pipes to be good for water and gas pipelines come of low carbon steel undergo continuous hot roll forming in the first stages, and in the second stages, furnace welding.

As for the forming of the preform for electro scaffolding pipes, this step takes place in a cold state. If the pipe is of small or medium diameter, the forming takes place in continuous forming mills. These pipes are good for Scaffolding BS 1139. If the pipe is of large diameter, then forming takes place in presses, bending rollers, as well as in spiral-forming structures.

What are the common welding methods?

Today, there are several common welding methods. It is HF welding, it is submerged arc welding, and it is DC welding, resistance method. This welding method is good to produce a wide range of low carbon and alloy steel pipes. Another welding method we call gas-electric. It is good to produce small and medium diameter steel pipes, which are come of high-alloy steel.

In addition, this welding method produces pipes from titanium alloy, nickel and other non-ferrous materials for Scaffolding BS 1139. Laser welding of pipes come of high-alloy steel is very popular.

Types of welding

This type of welding provides increased welding, which cannot be said about gas-electric welding. In addition to the above welding methods,

  • Atomic hydrogen welding;
  • Electron beam welding;
  • Ultrasonic welding;

Importance of steel pipes

But these types of welding are of limited use. Scaffolding pipes are gaining more and more popularity in the fields of industry every day. Modern welding can provide a decent weld strength that is no lower than that of the base material. This quality enables steel pipes to be good where previously only seamless steel structures were good.


Thus, some part of pipe production is also occupied by scaffolding structures, and these indicators are growing rapidly. In addition, if we talk about modern methods of manufacturing scaffolding pipes for Scaffolding BS 1139, then we can say that capital investments in these processes are decreasing and the cost of such a pipe is much lower than the cost of seamless products.

Use of scaffolding pipes

There are many uses of scaffolding pipes. Such as

  • Scaffolding pipes are widely good to create trunk pipelines
  • most often f or the transmission of gas, water or fuel over long distances
  • As for structural scaffolding pipes, they are most good in mechanical engineering
  • For agriculture, structural pipes are good in irrigation systems
  • The communication type of steel pipes is most often good in the construction of civil premises.
  • In this case, only scaffolding steel pipes are good. For example, as, water or gas pipes
  • Large volumes of scaffolding pipes are good in power engineering, especially in nuclear power

Purpose: For storage of steel pipes

  • small diameter (parameter value does not exceed 114 mm);
  • pipes of average diameter (the value is in the range of 114 ... 530 mm);
  • large diameter pipes (508 mm and above).

What can be stored besides Scaffolding BS 1139 and plastic pipes?

The Scaffolding BS 1139 structure of these products will allow you to store oversized items in different directions. It can be rails, pipes of various diameters, rolled metal products, channel bars, lumber and other oversized cargo.

Where are racks and racks good?

  • boiler rooms and heating plants; utility networks
  • for water supply units
  • for the energy and gas transportation industries
  • Moreover, for the oil and gas industry; chemical production
  • construction of bridges - as pillars; road creation
  • different areas of industry - in schemes that provide for the movement of a large volume of the working environment
  • heavy engineering; shipbuilding
  • creation of large heating plants; construction of sewerage and drainage systems;
  • arrangement of wells for drilling
  • in systems for the transfer of a large volume of water, including sewage
  • in the construction of tunnels for various purposes and running under the routes of river channels
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What are the methods for making scaffolding pipes good in Scaffolding BS 1139?

There are two main methods for making scaffolding pipes for Scaffolding BS 1139. The first method involves furnace welding. The second method involves electric welding. For electro scaffolding pipes, contact, induction and arc welding are good. In addition, two more additional pipe welding methods should be noted. This is a gas and gas-electric welding method.


They are good only for the production of pipes from high-alloy steel, alloys and other metals. These welding methods are of limited use. To create a scaffolding pipe, a material such as hot-rolled strip, cold-rolled strip in coils, as well as sheet hot-rolled strip or coil is good.

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