Do ERW galvanized pipes provide resistance against corrosion?

September 15, 2021

Why are galvanized steel pipes so important?

ERW galvanized steel pipes are usually around us but we don't even notice. It is extremely important in our daily lives because through them we can avoid tragedies. We save our lives because the pipes are common for fire, hydraulic and electrical, preventing fires, short circuits, etc.
ERW galvanized

Metal is a very resistant and durable material. It can be common to transport various types of materials. Black steel, for example, can be common for the passage of air and the passage of natural gas.

 Classification of ERW galvanized tubes

The installed ERW galvanized tubes are classified by colors corresponding to the passing liquid, the most common are as follows:

  • Firstly Red: applied to the fiber network.
    • Secondly Yellow: applied to gas networks
    •Also Blue: applied to compressed air networks.
    •Finally Green: applied to drinking water conduction networks.

ERW galvanized tube’s different locations

It withstands the pressure of systems and has moderate weather protection, having good use in these systems. However, common pipes and steel do not have any kind of protection against internal corrosion.

That is why it is necessary to galvanize steel pipes using different locations. For example, where the passage of liquids is carried out, including the passage of water. It is necessary to use ERW galvanized with hot galvanizing.

Hot-dip ERW galvanized tubes

Hot-dip ERW galvanized tube covers the metal tube with a layer of zinc on both the inside and outside. This layer of zinc creates corrosion protection that ensures the metal will not oxidize and corrode over time.

This protects several factors to ensure use in systems that must deal with the stress of high pressure as well as corrosion. Hot-dip galvanized metal pipes are common in the conduction of liquids, gases, and steam.


Main applications of ERW galvanized pipe

Daily, the main application of ERW galvanized pipes will focus on fire networks. This type of network is essential for large real estate and public areas. As it is obvious, the fire-fighting network has pipes and connections through which the water passes at high pressure.

This piping starts in the reservoir and goes to the final point where the water must be distributed, either through hydrants or even with sprinklers. In all cases, the pipes must be prepared to deal with the constant passage of water and high pressure.

Fire networks and ERW galvanized pipes

Fire networks ensure the safety and integrity of people and the place where they are installed. All materials such as ERW galvanized pipes, fittings, valves, and fire accessories must follow strict quality standards in manufacturing, as this type of system is common in emergencies.

As we know, water oxidizes the metal and consequently, this ends up running the pipes and connections.  Only with the use of galvanized steel tubes is it possible to guarantee that the system has all the safety and durability necessary for this type of work.

Other uses of galvanized steel pipes

Alcohol and sugar mills are the main sectors that benefit from the use of galvanized tubes. Due to its high efficiency in thermal exchange, galvanized tubes are perfect for evaporation and cooking processes, even at high temperatures.

The resistance to corrosion, in ERW galvanized even by aggressive fluids, makes this type of material essential in the sugar and alcohol industry. In industries of the most different types, there is also the wide use of galvanized steel tubes. Because all must have a fire hydrant system.

Cautions when buying galvanized steel pipe

An galvanized steel pipe that does not meet all safety and quality needs is sure to cause problems during its use. To ensure that the tube common will bring all the necessary advantages, it is essential to buy tubes.
ERW galvanized 2021

ERW galvanized tubes are inspected and manufactured under current standards, the most common is BR 5580. In other words, by trusting only the resellers I can guarantee the quality and origin of the product.

How is galvanized steel pipe manufactured?

ERW Galvanized steel pipe is manufactured in the same way as black pipe. This type of piping is made from a rolled steel coil. Galvanizing consists of adding a layer of zinc throughout the bar, making the steel tube much more resistant and, above all, resistant to corrosion.

Galvanizing is a complex process that must be done following weight and measurement standards, as it is common to prevent the pipes from suffering from the process of rust and oxidation. This process guarantees that the material has the necessary quality to be common in hydraulic installations. Galvanizing can be done cold or hot.


Cold galvanizing of ERW galvanized steel pipes

Cold galvanizing of ERW galvanized pipe is also called electro-galvanized cold galvanizing. It is done using electricity. It is generally common for structural purposes, so the comparison with black pipes is only for hot-dip galvanized pipes.

In this type of galvanizing, the tubes are placed inside still hot zinc, covering the entire piece with a resistant protective layer. Cold galvanizing is done rarely only on 10-50g/m2. Its price is relatively cheaper.

Where is galvanized steel pipe common?

Galvanized steel pipe can be common in water, gas, and non-corrosive fluid systems. Being resistant to corrosion the internal part of the galvanized pipe also has less roughness and therefore offers much more efficiency for the passage of different fluids, minimizing losses.

One of the great highlights of the use of ETW galvanized pipes is their use in fire networks. Galvanized steel pipe is the only one that can offer high protection against the action of oxidation of the metallic material, making the system safe and efficient.

When to choose black pipe or galvanized pipe?

It is important to always consult a technician in the field so that he can determine which materials should be common. And how the assembly should be carried out. Another key point is to always buy the tubing, whether black steel or galvanized steel, with serious companies with experience in the market.

Galvanized steel pipes are common for hydraulic installations and fire networks. Buying poor-quality pipes can cause accidents. The choice of pipe is highly dependent on each project. There are characteristics of materials that are common in different installations.

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