Everything to Know About ERW Pipe

May 26, 2021

ERW makes a seam welding process rather than seamless welding

An ERW pipe material generally comprises a different mechanism than that of ordinary steel or metallic pipes. It is because the process involves a different step in the composition of the ERW material pipes. First, it requires a rolling metal to develop the pipes.

Eventually, it needs heating of the two edges. The heating process, unlike the traditional heating mechanism, doesn’t include a burner. However, it requires electricity to heat the edges.

ERW pipe

This thereby creates a weld-down situation along its length. Therefore, after performing this process, we have a steam pipe. The seam pipes consequently are very much different from that seamless pipes.

Advantages of Using Seam ERW Pipes:

There are a few advantages that are critical and noteworthy when it comes to using ERW pipe. It includes:

  • The manufacturing process of ERW pipes is different and unusual. It is because this process remains absent from involving fusion metals whilst manufacturing. This thereby allows the pipe to stay robust, strong, and reliable.
  • The finishing process is another advantage that makes it stand outside in comparison to that of the other. It is because it carries a smooth welding seam. However, this seam is so smooth and clean that welding is not even visible or feelable. This is way different than that of the double arc submerged arc welding process. In the latter process, the marks and beads are obvious and feelable easily.
  • The high-frequency electric current brings safety and security. It is because, for welding using high electric frequency the chances of mishaps are extremely rare, far easier, and much safer.

Raw Material for Manufacturing ERW Pipe

The seamless steel pipes hold the manufacturing process which is not very ideal but traditional. It involves around solid steel billet. This billet gets heated and pushed using pressure by pulling over a form making a hollow tube.

Usually, these billets come from different countries both national and international sellers. However, the most famous supplier of these billets is major countries as Europe, China. Fast East and Canada.

Difference between Seamless and Seam ERW Pipes

ERW pipe is commonly referred to as Electric Resistance Welding Pipe. Manufacturing involves a bit of technical capability and more technology.

It, therefore, requires a rolling metal that we weld longitudinally across the length of the pipe. However, in order to manufacture the ERW pipe, it is a recommendation to extrude the as per the requirement of the length.

For this reason, hence we witness the welded joint in the cross-section of the ERW pipes. Nevertheless, we have seamless pipes which are free from any welding on its cross-sectional area. Through the entire length.

ERW pipe

Furthermore, in seamless pipes, we also witness no possible joints or welding marks. These pipes come from billet material. Therefore, the finishing dimension and thickness of seamless pipes are in size between 1/8 inches to 26 inches maximum. These pipes, therefore, are very famous in high-tech industries such as hydrocarbon and refineries. It also makes the most of the Oil Drilling, Extraction, Boilers, and Automobile sector.

Nonetheless, the ERW pipes are available in longitudinal welding patterns. The manufacturing process involves Strips and Coils instead of using billets. For this reason, hence, we can produce 24 inches in size.

The whole pipe thereby gets converted into a hollow tube and in the end, gets an electric charge. The pipe thus is useful for low-pressure applications such as transferring water and oil. To get the best quality ERW steel pipe, visit and get your quotation here

Technologies In Use for Manufacturing ERW Pipes

CPE technology is famous for the production of Seamless and stainless ERW pipe. This technology is very much feasible for the production of pipes up to 7 inches. It, therefore, gets a label of world-renowned technology. Another technology that comes for the production of ERW pipe is Plug Mill technology.

The working capacity of this technology is far greater than that of the previous one. It is because this technology helps to produce pipe of large diameter from 7 inches to 14 inches. Consequently, making it the best and most reliable technology. Segment technology uses a high-frequency induction welding process. this eventually helps in the production of a much large diameter up to 21 inches.

How to identify the best quality ERW Stainless Steel Pipe?

The shortest and the easiest way to identify a seamless ERW pipe is to read the writing on the pipe. If there is S written on the pipe as ASTM A53, then S means seamless. E means electric welded and F means furnace but welded.

However, there is also something that is not right. It eventually is the public narrative. The ERW pipes get marketing with an outdated myth which states that welding in ERW doesn’t have any flaw. However, things are different as welding comes with inherent flaws. This, therefore, keeps it easy for designers and customers with less knowledge. Therefore, every single product carries different flaws and potential defects.

Uses of ERW Pipes

The ERW pipes are in wide use in various applications which are countless in numbers. This includes:

Flattening and Uncoiling

The flatteners rolls are something that we get from incoming coils. We use to peel and unwrap incoming coil to get flattener rolls. The flattening hence removes the coils to help to produce a flat steel strip.

Joining Coils

To produce a continuous strip, we tend to join the coils by using a butt-welding process.

Trimming the Edges

To trims, the strips, the slitter blades, and edge milling are helpful tools in trimming. The trimming, therefore, provides a precise width that is feasible either for forming and ERW welding processes.

Forming Process

Here when you need to turn the flat steel strip into a round tube, this process begins at the Breakdown pass.

Welding Process

At the welding roll stand when the contact tips come close to each other, they get a connection. It happens because of the presence of a high-frequency electrical current. This current produces enough amount of heat which is sufficient for creating a lasting bond that remains clean, clear, and equally robust.

ERW pipe

Quality Control

When you are done with the production of the ERW pipe, the finished product gets an inspection by the Quality Control department. However, even if you are required, it is a recommendation to use Ultrasonic testing to detect any flaws in the welding process.

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