Galvanized Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Fitting: Material Selection

May 26, 2021

Galvanized fire sprinkle pipe, stays at the static position, must be good in quality

Galvanized fire sprinkler pipe and fitting are usually of pure carbon material. These fittings and pipes are used widely in various applications. Also, these pipes sometimes comprise ductile iron material for their preparation. The wide applications make it suitable for many projects.

galvanized fire sprinkler pipe

One of the major uses of these fittings and pipe is to eventually carry out water or any other liquid for connecting firefighting equipment. For this reason, hence, we call these pipes and fittings as the Fire protection pipes and fittings.

Nevertheless, there are some rules and regulations that one must keep in mind before going any further. The rules say that these fire pipeline must contain red paint for recognition.

Similarly, we also sometimes paint these pipelines with red epoxy anti-corrosion coating. The purpose of this method is also the same as to differentiate these pipelines from other fittings. For more information click here

Types Of Galvanized Fire Sprinkle Pipe

There are many materials that are in wide use for manufacturing fire sprinkle pipes and fittings. These contain:

  • Carbon Steel Material
  • Iron Ductile Material
  • Alloy Steel
  • Galvanized Pipe Material
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Composite/Plastic Material
  • Epoxy Anti Corrosion Coatings
  • Zinc Coating

However, one pipe which is galvanized-pipe material is suitable both for dry as well as wet fire pipe conditions.

What are the technical parameters of Galvanized Fire Sprinkle Pipes?

The technical parameters of galvanized fire sprinkle pipe contain:

  • A coating which is adjustable heavy epoxy coating.
  • The general surface color of the pipe and fitting is RED.
  • The thickness of the coating lies between 250um to 550um.
  • Range of the size of the pipes and fitting is DN15 to DN1200
  • Temperature at which it works well lies between -30 degree Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • The types of the connections vary from fitting to fittings. However, most of them are either threaded, grooved or flanged.
  • Applications for which they are suitable are gas, firefighting water or bubble transmission.

What Are the Features of Epoxy Coated Galvanized Fire Sprinkle Pipe?

The epoxy-carrying galvanized fire sprinkle pipe contains epoxy coating both inside and outside. This epoxy coating is using a heavy-grade epoxy powder. This powder eventually is feasible because it contains a property of good chemical corrosive resistance.

This property hence will help the material to get rid of the rust, corrosion, internal scaling, etc. Furthermore, it helps to prevent the blockage of fluid such as water or any other liquid. It also increases the durability and lifetime of the pipeline material.

Similarly, the flame proof material is also added to the fire sprinkle pipes and fittings. These characteristics consequently make the material contain heat resistance properties. The property of heat resistance is thereby different from that of ordinary water pipes. This implies that if by any way the temperature of the pipe rises, this eventually will not affect the performance of the pipe.

Determination Of Right Connection for Galvanized Fire Sprinkler Pipe

As we have already discussed that there are four types of connections that include: Grooved, Flanged, Threaded and Butt-Welded Connection.

Let us discuss when to use the right material amongst these fittings:

Butt-Welded Connections

Butt-Welding connections are most common and suitable for the connection when the fire sprinkle pipe doesn’t carry the anti-corrosive epoxy coating. However, the welding of the connection must follow the internationalized standards and working conditions.

However, when there is a firefighting pipe that carries a hot-dip galvanized-material, then Butt-Welding connections are not feasible.

Groove, Flanged, and Threaded Connections

If we have a galvanized material pipe fitting available and its diameter is more than 100mm, then we must choose connections that are grooved or flanged. Furthermore, for pipes that contain a diameter of more than 100mm, we equally cannot make use of threaded connections. Hence, it is clear that for pipes that carry a diameter of more than 100mm, the grooved or flanged connections are feasible and must be in use.

Types Of Fittings for Galvanized Fire Sprinkle Pipe

The fire sprinkle pipe fittings appear to be very much similar to that of general pipelines. Keeping in mind these points the essential fittings are:

  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Cross
  • Unions
  • Caps
  • Reducing Tees
  • Clamps

Regarding the types of material like epoxy, galvanized and zinc, there are grooves, flanged threaded, Socket welded or Butt-welded.

The most common of these fittings is groove fitting.

Groove Fittings (Contains Elbows, Cross, Caps, Reducers and Tees)

Groove fittings hence are the best choice for fitting the standpipe connections with galvanized fire sprinkle pipe of different sizes and directions. There are reasons for using these groove connections and fitting. The foremost reason is reducing and saving time and energy. It is because it allows the faster installation process and well makes the installation of the pipes a much easier practice.

Here you can find a list of approved groove fittings. The approved list hence contains

  • Reducer carrying a threaded fitting
  • Cap that contains concentric holes
  • Elbow usually carries 90, 45, 22.5 degrees
  • Tees contain a number of shapes as qual, unequal (with and without threaded), reducer etc.
  • The tires are Y connects and equal cross.

Coupling of Groove

In ductile iron, there are three parts that are essential in grooved coupling. These are housings, gaskets, and track head nuts and bolts. These parts are in wide use in various applications such as galvanized fire sprinkle pipe. We essentially can engage the groove the standpipe ends by housings.

After that, it encompasses the gasket. At the end we form a sealed chamber by joining the bolts and nuts to tighten it hard. These parts eventually help to prevents any leakage and allows perfect flow. Therefore, the joint is also famous as a self-restrained pipe joint.

galvanized fire sprinkler pipe

Quality Of a galvanized fire sprinkler pipe

With the increase in the global development of industries and economic sectors, these galvanized fire sprinkle pipes are in wide use in major industries. The wide use promises the never-ending benefits of these pipes and fittings in our daily lives. Therefore, choosing the best quality material is essential to keep its benefits going.

Therefore, for more information and guidance about sprinkles, pipes and fittings which are FM and UL standards, we request you to please visit here.

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