Galvanized Plate Types, Uses, and Importance

February 26, 2021

Everything to Know About Galvanized Plate

The galvanized plate is a widely used item for the construction of building materials as well as the primary component of transportation, mobile, and energy. The galvanized plate is a protected and coated metal like iron or steel or aluminum.

There however are many methods by which we obtain galvanized metals. Several galvanization processes are apparent in the market, however, the most effective and common method of them all is famous the hot-dip galvanization method.

galvanized plate The process of galvanizing the metal makes it more durable and effective and therefore is the most common type of steel available in the market. The formability, as well as the resistance against corrosion, is another characteristic that adds a plus point in favor of steel metal. To protect it against corrosion, the zinc-iron coating is popular.

The function of zinc here is to protect the metal surface by acting as a barrier between the metal and the corrosive element. This makes the corrosive metal sacrificial against the protection that results in long-life high-quality and durability of the metal steel.

Steps for Galvanizing the Steel Metal

The galvanized plate for steel metal after going through the process becomes more versatile and hence is the major component of projects and industries. The main sectors are the agricultural industry, construction business, industries, automobile units as well as solar business. Below is a detailed description of how in industries the manufacturers galvanized the steel plates. The steps for galvanization are below:

  • The first step is the cleaning of the steel metal plates in a decreasing solution.
  • After the process of cleaning, the steel plates get lower into a vat that contains a hot sulfuric acid solution for pickling.
  • In the third step, the metal plates get lower down into the aqueous solution of zinc-aluminum chloride.
  • After flux, the steel plates go for the galvanization process by immersing in the molten zinc solution.
  • The last step involves the checking consistency and quality of the coating.

Types of Galvanization Process

There are several methods of producing galvanized steel-plates which include:

Hot-Dip Galvanized Method:

Hot-Dip becomes the foremost method of producing the galvanized plate. As the name suggests the metal gets into hot molten zinc coating at 460 degrees centigrade. Due to high temperature, the molten bath acts as a metallurgic bond between the coating as well as the metal. After coming out in the air the zinc forms the zinc oxide bond. After reacting to the atmospheric carbon, it becomes a zinc carbonate. This thereby is the final protective layer. Hot-dip galvanized metal is also famous as spangle due to its crystal-like structure.

Galvannealing Method

When a coated galvanized steel goes through another process where it comes in combination with annealing. This process adds an extra layer of protection. The extra layer adds a grey matte finish to the metal. This makes gal annealed steel as conducive against welding and paint.

Pre-Galvanization Method

Pre-galvanization is similar to the hot-dip method, however, is applicable at the initial stage of production. The rolling metal sheet goes through a cleaning agent for galvanizing. After passing through zinc liquid, the metal quickly recoils into the shape. This step makes a more uniform coating all across the metal than the hot-dip method.

Electro-Galvanizing Method

Instead of typical dipping the metal into the molten zinc, here we use the electric current into the electrolytic solution. The electrolytic solution reduces positive charge zin ions that deposit itself on the positive steel metal. This process however remains applicable in the initial process of production just like the pre-galvanization method.

Advantages of Galvanizing the Metal Plates

galvanized plate

Because of the wide range of benefits that the metal steel galvanized plate offer, many industries are utilizing galvanized steel. The primary advantages of the galvanized steel include:

Low in Initial Costs

The galvanized steel is low in its initial cost if in comparison to that of the most treated steels. Furthermore, the galvanized plate becomes ready to deliver and use material soon after it comes out of the production units.

By this, it means that thus there is no need for the extra or additional preparation of the surface. There moreover is no need for coating, polishing, and inspection of the product. These characteristics thereby save more time and cost for the manufacturers.

Longer Life Span

The average lifespan of the galvanized plate is normal environment lasts up to more than 50 years. However, in harsh environments, the product may last up to consecutive years in that environment.

This harsh or severe weather must constantly be in exposure to water. Otherwise, it may spend longer than that. In addition to that, there is no need to maintain the metal regularly. This thereby states that the long durability of the galvanized product hence increases the reliability of the product.

Rust Resistance

The galvanized plate offers resistance to rust and corrosion after getting treatment of zinc. The zinc coat enables the ability of the product to resist corrosive elements. This is especially the case when there are iron elements present in the steel material.

The iron elements are more prone to catching the rustic properties. However, the addition of zinc thereby considerably protects the metal by acting as a protective coating or a barrier. This barrier acts as a medium between steel metal and oxygen articles or possible moisture. This however after treatment becomes a galvanized steel and hence appears very protective.

Even from the corner, the strength of the metal remains the same that makes it resistant against any kind of damage. This property otherwise would not be possible if we use other materials to protect the steel.

The Sacrificial Nature of Anode

The zinc element will act as the sacrificing agent when it comes to exposing the metal steel in an open or harsh environment. By this, it means that the zin coating, even if the steel metal is exposing completely in the atmosphere, will corrode first.

After that, it will be the metal’s turn. The coating of zinc will preferably corrode first than that of steel. This thereby makes the zinc a sacrificial coating or protection to the damaged areas.

Uses of Galvanized Steel Plates

We sorround many galvanized steel or metals. The cars we drive or the bike we ride comprise many parts that are galvanized plates. The water pipes through which we drink water are galvanized. Also, we frequently galvanize the cold-rolled steel sheet.

Furthermore, all types of nuts, bolts as well as tools now come as galvanized material. This makes the metal cheaper as well as durable that makes its life span longer than usual.

The modern steel frame building comprises the steel frame which is the galvanized-metal. We have balconies, verandahs, stairways to homes, parking rails, etc. are all galvanized.

Automotive Industry

Nowadays, the use of galvanized steel metal is common in all types of vehicles in the automotive industry. This however was only present in luxury cars in the 1980s. The white body of the car that we see makes up almost 80% of the car. This 80% all uses a galvanized steel material.

Construction Industry

The reliability and durability of the galvanized steel plate make it the most favorite material in the construction industry. The shine and the crystal structure in galvanized-metal make it aesthetic and contemporary in looks.

Furthermore, the metal doesn’t comprise all the large size production however it comprises the small railing, gutters, as well as poles and fences.

galvanized plate

Telecommunication Sector

Maintaining the tall phone lines is not an easy job. The addition of galvanized material on the phone line and the electric equipment adds a protective layer that ultimately reduces the level of risk and the risk of maintenance.

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