What is galvanized round tubing (hollow section)? Advantages

June 28, 2021

Galvanized round tubing
For projects in environments with unevenness and for areas that need to be closed to ensure more tranquility for the movement of people, the guardrail is an important element to generate more safety.

And the stainless-steel galvanized round tubing (hollow section) is one of the most demanding on the market, for harmoniously composing the architecture of buildings and for the various additional benefits added by this metal.

In this article, learn more about the importance of the railing and understand why stainless steel is a smart choice for the most diverse types of projects.

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What is galvanized round tubing (hollow section) and its importance?

The guardrail is half-height protective equipment that is installed next to spaces such as stairs, balconies, mezzanines, ramps, walkways, among others, in order to bring more security to its visitors. Furthermore, it helps to highlight different levels and prevent people or even pets from having accidents and falling from these places.

The galvanized round tubing (hollow section) is especially important in places with the movement of young children and the elderly, providing extra security for such audiences in these environments.

The function of this equipment is so important that its use is even regulating. In this standard, there are several actions aimed at keeping the security level of the guardrails as high as possible.

Why architects can choose other types of protective barriers?

However, it is noteworthy that its use is mandatory only in cases of ramps with an inclination greater than or equal to 30 degrees. Furthermore, even if their total height exceeds one meter, and when the unevenness in the building exceeds one meter.

Below that, the architect can choose other types of protective barriers, depending on the project's needs and the client's preferences.

You can find options on the market in materials while purchasing a galvanized round tubing (hollow section) such as;

  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • concrete,
  • iron and wood.

However, the stainless-steel railing has gained more and more space due to its many benefits.

What are the main advantages of galvanized round tubing (hollow section)?

Know the main ones below!

1. Stainless Steel Railing Is Very Resistant

Steel is one of the materials that offer the highest level of resistance to the most diverse factors, such as wind pressure, corrosive environments, the force exerted by people, contact with water, humidity, among others. Similarly, this material has high mechanical strength, protection against oxidation and weathering, and withstands large weight loads.

2. Stainless Steel Railing Has Great Durability

The galvanized round tubing (hollow section) made of stainless steel will have the extra benefit of having great durability.


As we have seen, this metal is quite resistant and, with some basic care, it will last a long time and preserve its beautiful aesthetic appearance.

5. Extra Security Level with Stainless Steel Railing

This type of metal is not magnetic. With this, a stainless steel railing will be even safer, for example, in times of rain with lightning or other natural events involving electricity.

As we have seen, the stainless steel railing plays an important safety role in the projects, and also adds more style and personality to them.

Why Use Cold Cutting and Bending?

Cold cutting and bending processes aim to separate and deform the stainless-steel part. This is done with the use of a cutting guillotine and a bending machine, equipment that allows the part to be tailored according to the needs of your project.

Cold cutting and bending, in stainless steel, galvanized round tubing (hollow section), needs to be carried out in accordance with technical specifications and customer demand. Several factors can be significant for these services. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  • Sheet steel quality.
  • Length and width of the piece.
  • Type of stainless steel used.
  • Ideal sheet thickness.
  • Quality standard required.

Stainless Steel Sheet Bending

The steel sheet bending process deforms the material along an axis. You can also bend galvanized round tubing (hollow section) as it is made of stainless steel sheets.
Galvanized round tubing 2021

This deformation modifies the geometry in the part while maintaining the original volume of the material. The characteristics of the product in its original format are unchanging, with the exception of some cases where the thickness may change slightly.

Generally, both stress and compression inside the part are a result of the bending process. This process ensures greater rigidity to the plate, allowing for greater resistance, in addition to changing its inertia.

What is the important feature of bending?

The aesthetic effect is also an important feature of this process. Moreover, it means that the stainless-steel sheet does not have any sharp edges.

Cold bending is done in this way to ensure that the high temperature of the machinery is not an impediment to the cooling of the part. Generally, the cold process makes the material shaping to carry out more agile.

Stainless Steel Sheet Cutting

Cold cutting, also known as guillotine cutting, is a process whose technology performs an automated cutting of steel sheets. Moreover, it extremely helps in cutting the galvanized round tubing (hollow section).

It is a high-precision technique, which is easy to perform cold. Cold cutting reduces the likelihood of hazards such as sparks and resulting gas contamination. The cut carries out according to the knife and the specifications given by the customer.

Final Considerations

Cold cutting and bending are processes that demand quality, requiring state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment that guarantee the greatest precision and repeatability for your project.

To fulfill the demand of your project, bet on modern cutting and bending equipment. We have dedicated machines for cutting and bending cold stainless steel.

They really help in perfectly cutting galvanized round tubing (hollow section).


In other words, products such as folded sheet angles cut flat bars, and "Z", "U" and "L" profile sheets manufacture without wear and tear on the equipment, allowing quality work without compromising its delivery agility.

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