Galvanized Steel Coil: 7Things You Probably Didn't Know About

February 25, 2022

The galvanized steel coil, manufactured under strict safety standards regulated by regulatory bodies. It is synonymous with efficiency and high quality. Common in several sectors and with multiple applications. It offers versatility and great cost/benefit.

Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel goes through the galvanizing process

the act of coating the steel with a very thin layer of zinc, in order to enhance its anti-corrosion resistance. Currently, there are different sizes of galvanized tubes. In addition to particularities in relation to the galvanizing process.

The hot galvanized steel tube consists of the total galvanization of the material. On the side, its manufacturing process is through electrostatic shock. The zinc only fixes on its external part.

Main applications of galvanized steel coil

The business and civil construction structures of the 21st century mark by the need for durability and, mainly, rigidity to give rise to effective engineering projects. Fluids and also for construction contractors and for the installation of public poles or construction companies in general. See some applications below:

ERW tubes, especially galvanized ones, have gained great prominence in the housing and construction industry. That's because they are versatile materials, easy to apply in various types of infrastructure. It can also common in finishing the work or in decoration projects.

The benefits of galvanized steel coil

Galvanized materials undergo an extra process of covering with a layer of metallic zinc and therefore end up being very chosen for use in external areas, such as windows, railings, gates and other equipment that are outdoors.

In addition to versatility, ERW also ends up differentiating itself because it allows easy cleaning and can go through painting processes. In summary, the benefits of this type of material include:

  • best value for money
  • Durability
  • Lightness
  • Ease of handling
  • Different formats available
  • easy maintenance
  • Safety

Sugar and alcohol plants

The sugar-alcohol segment benefits from the installation of galvanized steel coil in liquid and granule transfer systems. This is because such structures have the characteristic of high corrosion resistance even with the passage of aggressive fluids.

Ease of cleaning and efficiency in heat exchange other positive points provide by galvanized steel tubes in sugar and alcohol plants. Which add an advantage to their cooking and evaporation systems?

Chemical and petrochemical industries

This is another industry where galvanized pipe are widely common. Once again, its anti-corrosion properties guarantee the safety of the fluids that pass through it. Furthermore, the low roughness of the structure prevents the formation of incrustations.

According to the technical and regulatory guidelines for the manufacture of galvanized steel coil, such equipment is designed for processing, transporting and handling chemical substances without reducing their useful life. It is important, however, to certify that the manufacturer makes the production of steel tubes within the set of standards that standardize the quality.

What is galvanized ERW?

ERW is the designation given to a common carbon steel tube, with seam, and square or rectangular shape. All general rules and regulations valid for square and rectangular tubes apply to the product. It can be common in light structures such as gates or in the chemical industry. When the structure has zinc coating, it is a galvanized steel coil.

A high-resistance material and quite popular in civil construction or for the development of industrial infrastructure, steel coil is one of the most common materials for those looking for a high-quality product. in your projects.

Its production process, through casting, allows well-defined formats, which gives good rigidity and finish to the material. In addition, it is a material that resists moisture and weather deterioration well. Lightweight and highly durable, galvanized ERW is antioxidant, anti-corrosion and easy to clean.

Galvanized Steel Coil 2022

What is the difference between carbon steel and galvanized steel coil?

There are several types of steel on the market and each of them has different characteristics and can be common for different purposes. Carbon steel is a metallic alloy, composed of iron and carbon and quite susceptible to corrosion (rust). This type of steel forms by alloying iron with carbon, in which the carbon content is less than 2.11%.

Galvanized steel is composed of a robust mixture of liquid steel with a solution of at least 10% chromium, offering high corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel coil is widely common in industry and other segments; however, galvanized steel provides greater durability due to its anti-corrosion properties. The zinc layer helps to save natural resources such as iron ore and also energy, prolonging the longevity of the product.

Does galvanized steel rust?

No, because the steel that passes through the zinc coating has an insulating and anti-corrosive barrier, preventing the appearance of rust, products of chemical or electrochemical reactions subjected to various climatic factors.

However, it is worth mentioning that the structure is not important for coastal regions, since they do not resist the sea air and end up rusting in fact.

Galvanized steel coil: advantages

The galvanized steel tube subject to several tests such as steam blowing, which guarantees the adhesion of zinc to the material. In addition to Eddy Current and hydrostatic pressure tests.

The recognized resistance to corrosive and abrasive materials, the galvanized tube has an excellent cost-benefit ratio and is adaptable to each stage of industrial production. In this way, companies can use it in large operating systems, even if there are different fluid sectors.

Is it possible to galvanize steel pipes?

The products purchase with a quality certificate, which guarantee durability and provide safety for the industry in which they will be common. Finally, galvanized steel coil is easy to recycle, along with other scrap steel, without harming the environment.

The galvanized steel tube supplies in bars with 6 meters in length and depending on the purpose, needs and specifications of the customers, they may or may not contain threads at the ends.

The high applicability and durability of galvanized steel tubes are some of its biggest differentials. One of the best-selling materials throughout Brazil, steel has numerous types and geometries.

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