Galvanized Steel Pipe: A look into the Process

April 09, 2021

Galvanized steel pipe: The Making Up close

Manufacturers and Engineers usually choose a Galvanized Steel Pipe during construction due to its strength and durability. Construction revolves around resilience, both in material and architecture. Steel has the reputation of being the most reliable metal when it comes to building, steel pipes and sheets are used in all kinds of machinery

Although steel has undeniable strength on its own, it is prone to rust. Rusting is a menace in an industry, corrosion can cause huge products to fail.

Galvanized steel pipe

Thus, the galvanization process comes to the rescue in sticky situations. The methodology of galvanization dates back to the earlier ages. It has refined over the recent years. Before installing steel pipes, you may want to invest in their galvanization. Apart from steel, you can also see the benefits of galvanization in other sheets such as copper and iron

Learning the Basics of Preparing a Galvanized Steel Pipe

The transformation from a simple pipe to a galvanized steel pipe includes many steps. Essentially, the effects of galvanization show up many years after their placement. The surface shows minimal changes since this process works as a coating.

You do not need to worry about compromising the strength or agility of your material. Galvanization protects the pipes without stripping them of their function

Look at this procedure as a necessary measure to ensure future security. Galvanized pipes have lower chances of rusting or breaking down. Both iron and steel have immense potential for galvanization.

Therefore, the protective zinc coating provides an even surface. The zinc coating does not fade away or stop working, it continues to safeguard the pipes for a longer time.

This protection shows more value underwater. Since many steel pipes are placed underground for sewage and waste management, the toxins can penetrate the outer surface.

Zinc surface coating prevents the steel pipe from suffering a great ordeal, the replacement costs have huge magnitude. Even one art of the steel pipe is hard to replace once it is underground thus the galvanization saves you from impending costs as well.

Galvanized steel pipe

Chemical reactions always occur above and below the ground even if we do not see them. The chemical equations for these reactions determine whether the pipes will stay strong.

Some pipes support volatile material such as toxic waste however others may compose gas. The pressure or constituency within the pipes does not matter while Galvanization.

You can alter the galvanization procedure according to personal requirements such as the intensity, coating layers, and distance. Hot-dipped galvanization is the appropriate selection for larger structures whereas smaller objects like nails can have a zinc coating without getting hot-dipped.

Going Step by Step in the Process

A Galvanized Steel Pipe begins its journey from the manufacturing stages to eventual installment. The process is divided into four clean steps. Before diving into the direct coating procedure, you must prepare the steel surface.

Zinc can not directly react with the steel surface without proper surfacing. The surface of the steel pipe has already gone through many quality checks before coming in contact with the zinc. The steel surface must undergo a cleansing ritual, this caustic cleanse will remove all impurities and dirt from the outer surface.

The strong caustic solution strips the thinnest outer layer of the steel pipe. Most long steel pipes have a great amount of girth settled at the top. After cleaning the surface, the pickling process begins. Pickling the steel pipe is takes relatively less time than the previous purge since smaller areas become a target.


Furthermore, the base is not cleared for zinc-dipping unless the surface gets properly pickled and fluxed. The major part of the process begins as soon as the steel pipe is submerged in a molten zinc bath. Although the variants are very volatile and large, this procedure requires immense accuracy and a delicate touch.

The submerging itself occurs at a restarted temperature. The temperature of the molten bath begins to rise after you properly cover the steel pipe. The molten zinc bath temperature rises to a solid 449 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the zinc molten tub transforms into the basic chemical equation and like a lab experiment, the molten zinc reacts with the steel surface.

Zinc prevents water and oxygen from penetrating the layers of steel. Although cold-dipped galvanization exists as far back as hot-dipped galvanization, the latter receives a demand for long-lasting effects. The last stage is all about patience since the steel pipe must cool down. A special area holds the pipe that reserves all the heat, any reaction with the atmosphere may compromise the coating.

All the Types of Galvanized Steel Pipe

A steel pipe can come in all shapes and sizes for any specialized purposes. The piping industry does not restrict itself to merely construction, it involves petrochemicals and marine structures as well.

The 50mm Marking Pre Galvanized Steel Greenhouse Pipe looks specially made to suit those who want an eco-friendly approach. The coal mine and chemical industry widely uses this pipe. The width and ratio of the pipe are adjustable if you wish to place a custom order.

Pre-galvanized steel pipes hold greater value than those that do not have zinc coating. You can uproot your older pipes to get the galvanization treatment however their replacement with the pre-galvanized version would seem more cost-efficient. Hot dipped galvanization definitely clears all inhibitions about the strength and durability of a pipe.

Take Away

The decision to purchase a galvanized steel pipe is a long-term investment. Currently, the hot-dipped procedure is the most efficient method to gain lasting results. Large steel pipes cannot shift from one place to another once you fix them and they provide sustenance to the nearby areas.

Take a look at the diverse ranges in pre-galvanized steel pipes that have diverse ratios and strengths. You can order a stack of pipes at the same time, large orders are welcome. The advanced machinery and flawless management system will ensure that each steel pipe has a definitive zinc cover for the next decade.

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Galvanized steel pipe

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