GI Square Steel Tube: Bending Services

April 24, 2021

Introduction to GI Square Steel Tube Bending Services

Steel tubing plays an essential role in several industrial applications. Steel tubes like a GI square steel tube can be strictly functional, decorative, or beautiful. These tubes can be small or large, long or short, thin or thick, and you can bend them into almost any shape.

There is a misconception that steel tubes can only be circular. However, you can also find square, D-shaped, oval, rectangular, and more options. Generally, steel tube or pipe bending services are an integral part of several different applications.

GI square steel tube

Our today’s discussion is about steel tubing and the importance of bending services. We will show you why steel tubing services are essential in different industries by listing their benefits. So, let’s begin with why steel tubing owns a great value.

Importance of GI Square Steel Tube Bending Services

A GI square steel tube has better strength than its counterparts, like plastic tubes. An additional advantage of a steel tube is that it is weather-resistant. Steel tubes are resistant to extreme temperatures, giving them extra strength to last longer. Moreover, they are also resistant to acidic materials. It is possible to bend tubular steel with galvanized steel, stainless steel, mild steel, and carbon steel. People often mistake pipe bending and tube bending as the same thing, but they are not.

Steel is a multipurpose material, so steel tubes are used in an array of applications. Here are the different areas where steel tubing services have become an integral part of the industry.

1. Industrial Machinery and Applications

Steel tubing serves different purposes in industries on a large scale. The most common example of steel tubing is transporting liquid wastes, gases, and water throughout industrial sites. Fluid transportation is one of the most significant factors for production lines in industries.

Moreover, steel tubing also plays an essential part in many industrial machines. They are used in mills, conveyors, production equipment, hydraulic equipment, and several other machinery types. You can even find steel tubes in some of your in-house machines. So, these tubes are not only a part of industrial applications but also in domestic appliances.

2. Transport and Automobile

Different kinds of transportation use GI square steel tube and other forms of steel tubing. We can find steel tubes in transportation, such as trains, planes, cars, trucks, etc. In vehicles, the role of these tubes is to carry gases and liquids through the fuel lines and engines. In general, oil, smoke, steam, and gas travels through these tubes.

Steel tube fabrication services are essential in the automotive industry. It is necessary for creating muffler components and exhaust pipes. Certain substances, like exhaust, need steel tubing to ensure safe transportation. Manufacturers of extreme and off-road sport vehicles use high-strength steel tubing for strength.

3. Construction/Architecture

Steel tubes are also used in building high-quality commercial buildings and homes. Tubular steel has been an excellent choice for design purposes in buildings. Many designers prefer it on their construction sites to make the structure more attractive. Generally, they are used in railings and stairways. However, you can also find instances of tubular steel in decorative roofs and ceilings. Another advantage of steel tuning is that they minimize the risks of gas leaks.

4. Home Appliances

Look around, and you may find at least one home appliance using GI square steel tube for one of its components. Your refrigerator is the most common example of home appliances using tubular steel. Refrigerators use metal tubes like steel to create water lines. Apart from that, water dispensers, toilets, and sinks use either plastic or metal tubing. However, metal is more robust and has fewer chances of leaks.

Steel tubing is used for many garden and home tools. Your weed whacker, grill, and snow shovel are examples of that. Home heating units, water filtration units, and other such appliances may also need tubular steel for gas and liquid distribution.

5. Aerospace, Military, and Aircraft

Tubular steel fabricated with high weather resistance and tough alloys is necessary for military, aerospace, and aircraft industries. Space and satellite stations require tubular steel for several applications, mainly to transport fluid. The structural components in the space need substantially higher durability and strength than on earth.

Military and aircraft industries also need superior-quality tubular parts because of the enormously stressful situations in which they will operate. For instance, steel tubing is used in the landing gear, exhaust stacks, and motor shafts of aircraft. The military industry also uses steel tubing for weapon components (like assault rifles) and vehicles.

6. Medical Industry

GI square steel tube also has widespread use in the medical industry. These tubes are used in patient-assistance applications and medical equipment. However, the medical steel needs to be highly durable and of high quality to assist doctors in providing optimal care for the patients. You would find many stainless steel surgical tools. Several orthopedic implants require a tube shape for matching the human bone shape. Then, there are stethoscopes requiring special steel tubing to create the right balance between ease-of-use and sound transmission.

We can find the most common use of GI square steel tube and other shapes in:

  • IV stands
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Several patient-assistance devices

Therefore, steel tubing is also an integral part of the medical industry.

Apart from the industries mentioned above, steel tubing works in many other industries for several applications. Steel tubing also has its use in energy, retail, and luxury items.

GI square steel tube

Design Requirements

Regardless of the project nature, you should have the necessary design information at your disposal for the metal manufacturer. This information includes a material identifier, bend location, bend radii, bend length, bend angle, length of raw material.

You should also be clear about the end part dimensions along with proper tolerances. It is also essential to know about the non-mandrel or mandrel bent. Sharing appropriate information with the metal manufacturer will help you get the best tube bending services for your project.

We hope you now understand the importance of tube bending services and GI square steel tube, and other types in different industries. We will talk about the different kinds of steel tubes in our upcoming articles.

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