Everything That You Need to Know ABout GI Tube

December 21, 2020

Introduction and Usage of GI Tube

The Galvanized Iron pipes are normally recognized as GI Tubes/pipes. Different industries use GI Tube use this pipes type in generous applications.

Galvanization is a process of applying a zinc layer on steel or iron in order to avoid corrosion and/or rusting. Zero carbon is found in pure irons so it is extremely ductile. A coating of zinc metal lasts very long and enhances the overall life of steel or zinc. Mild steel sheets are used to make G.I tubes and their joints (length-wise) are welded seams.

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They are prepared 12mm – 150mm in diameter and the maximum length of this pipe is approximately 6 meters. So, we have enough introduction of this pipe type and now let’s go through its usage and benefits.

GI tube

Usage of GI Tube

These pipes are used for different purposes, such as to supply water, gas, and other liquids within a building. In most rural water supply projects, the galvanized pipes are commonly used for treated water distribution and raw water conveying where water requirement is less. Generally, the galvanized pipes of medium quality are used.

Here are the most common uses of G.I Tube:

  • Sewage and water pipes
  • Structural purposes
  • Electric poles
  • Gas and oil transmissions
  • Automotive purposes
  • Engineering purposes

These pipes are also used for firefighting equipment, chemical transportation, air ducts, and compressed air line purposes. The G.I Tubes are lightweight, cheap, and also easy to transport and handle. They also require less effort to join.

Benefits of Galvanized Tube

There are diverse benefits of using G.I tube instead of other available types.

  1. Best for Larger Constructions

There is no other alternative that is better than the GI tube when we talk about the larger construction projects. They are best suited for projects that involve the construction of huge:

  • Buildings
  • Manufacturing units
  • Irrigation systems

The reason why galvanized pipes are best suited for such large projects is that they are highly durable and have a very tough composition. Because of this, these pipes become resistant to rust and abrasion.

These plated pipes have a large diameter and because of this, they become a great choice for tight and compact places.

  1. Budget-Friendly Piping Solution

The galvanization process is a highly affordable process for protecting iron or steel. The tubes that are made using this process costs much lesser. Another reason why it is much affordable is that the other methods to protect steel are very labor-intensive that actually increases the processing cost. On the other hand, the process of galvanizing is hassle-free and needs a minimal operation that doesn’t add to the overall piping cost.

  1. Less Maintenance Cost

GI pipes are rugged and tough pipes so they stay functional in the long run. They prove extremely savvy in the long run because they don’t rust and provide comprehensive impact and leakage resistance. Because the G.I pipes are zinc coated, so they uphold their properties for a long time.

Due to low maintenance, the overall machine expenses stay very low during the machine’s life cycle. Due to this factor, the galvanized pipes become a really great option for applications in remote areas. These pipes also become a superior option for the areas where it is difficult to get furnish repairs. Therefore, they require low maintenance and prove cost-efficient in the long run.

  1. Highest Quality Standards

Once they go through the galvanization process, the GI pipes meet the highest quality standards, making them a highly reliable piping option. Every single manufacturer is bound to meet certain parameters of quality in pipe fabrication process. They are also required to provide the correct quality standards. Because of this, predicting the actual lifespan and functional value of the pipes becomes straightforward. The functional value and lifespan of the product is important to every customer and in that case, they will find GI pipes to be the best option for their project.

Some Other Benefits

The galvanization process is very easy to inspect. The tube can easily be examined. You can easily test the pipe thickness using non-destructive and simple methods.

The coating of zinc offers rigidness to the pipe and makes sure that they stay rust-free. The coating consists of a metallurgical composition that offers ruggedness to the pipe making them last longer.

The corners of these pipes cannot get damaged more which is another satisfying benefit of using them in your projects. With zinc coating, the tube gets really compact so it stays safe in the toughest conditions.

Basically, galvanization is a process in which you coat the metal with zinc. This zinc coating makes the pipe compact and highly durable. Because of this modification, these pipes provide a number of benefits over many other methods used for strengthening iron or steel. They are affordable, lightweight, and best suited for larger construction projects.

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