What are major applications of Gl steel coil?

April 18, 2022

Know the main types of steel coils

Do you know what types of gl steel coil are and how important they are in the industry? In this article, you will learn more about this material and where it uses.

Gl steel coil

In the industrial process, there are different materials and tools that allow the creation of products that we use frequently. Among the materials use in the industry, metal coils are one of the most important for small and large-scale production.

This is because metal sheets are very resistant and use in various industries and with very different purposes. Therefore, they are fundamental for the good performance and final result of the production.

Therefore, in this article you will learn about the types of steel coils, in addition to understanding where they use. Don't miss out!

Understand where steel coils use

Gl steel coil are rolls of metal sheets use in the manufacture of various products in the industry. They are a very important material for various industries, from pharmaceuticals to civil construction, including the production of reactors, tubes, among others, mainly due to their strength and durability.

For large productions, several coils of different materials use, always according to the specifics of each industry — whether small or large.

As an example, in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, steel coils use in the manufacture of medication containers, among other products. In the field of civil construction, from furniture to coatings are produced from them.

Now that you know that metal coils are a fundamental part of several industries and, therefore, use in different productions, understand what types of steel coils are.

Know the types of steel coils

  • carbon steel coils
  • stainless steel coils
  • Galvanized steel coils

Carbon steel coils can be hot and cold rolled

Hot rolled gl steel coil is wound from thin plates up to 20mm, and can be found in the market in sheet or coil form. The hot roll coil is further process in the industry according to your production needs. Among its uses are the application in cars, agricultural machinery, civil construction and wind industry, in addition to several other sectors.

Cold rolled coil is a little different and produce from hot rolled coil. When the process is done cold, the thickness of the material is even smaller, usually up to 5 mm. When finished, this coil can paint and welded.

Thus, it can use in different manufacturing processes, such as molding, pressing and bending. Its applications include the automotive sector, electrical components, and lighting, among others.

Stainless gl steel coil

Stainless gl steel coil can also be hot and cold rolled, like the previous ones, and reach a thickness of up to 8mm.Stainless steel is known to be a very resistant material, especially to high temperatures and corrosion.

Therefore, stainless steel sheets widely use in the construction of containers, kitchen sinks, elevators, the automotive industry, refrigerators, among others.

Galvanized steel coil

The last type of gl steel coil galvanizes a more economical but very durable solution for industrial applications. Like the previous ones, it is extremely resistant to corrosion, in addition to being very strong, due to the zinc coating resulting from the galvanizing process.

Galvanized Steel Coils arrive ready to use, therefore, they are very practical for the industry. This uses them in civil construction, for the production of ventilation systems, panels, among others.

In this article, you can check out the types of carbon, stainless and galvanized steel coils. We present the main uses and the differences between them, bringing an overview of the importance of this material in the industry.

Galvanized steel coated with zinc

Galvanized gl steel coil and galvanized steel are mainly carbon steel sheets coated with zinc on both sides by electroplating. The zinc coating acts as a barrier the coated precious metal and prevents rust by sacrificing in its place.

Hot fastening and electroplating are the two most widely use processes use to produce galvanize steel and galvanized coil.


On most processes the hot dip process requires the passage of the gl steel coil to galvanize through a bath of molten zinc. The electro-galvanizing process involves the process of zinc by electrolysis.

The resulting metal has a tight zinc layer which is a layer of zinc trapped to the precious metal through an iron and zinc bonding layer. Similarly, galvanized steel coils obtained by passing steel coils need to galvanize through a molten zinc solution providing high resistance to corrosion.

Galvanized steel box

A gl steel coil coating made of zinc is one of the most durable and economical paints available. This is also one of the largest methods of preserving precious metals ever due to the corrosive influence of the environment. The zinc coating will sacrifice itself to save precious metal.
Gl steel coil 2022

The sacrifice of zinc's protective barrier begins when two different metals expose to water, oxygen, and atmospheric carbon. Zinc corrodes iron quite favorably. Galvanizing minimizes the spread of corrosion once it is cut from its edges or drilled or broken in metal. It must remember that without zinc, most metal structures in the world would corrode at an unbelievable rate and fall without a moment's notice.

Galvanized steel coil characteristics

No other coating is suitable for combining zinc with steel and offers many advantages. Thanks to galvanizing gl steel coil offers the longest protection at the lowest price and lowest initial cost. Because, galvanizing is beneficial to the production of galvanize steel use globally very easily and efficiently.

An essential advantage of the process is that a standard intermediate coating thickness applies each time. It makes the metal harder, stronger providing tough appearance and resistance. Galvanized steel coatings can test for themselves.

This is because the reaction between the steel and the molten zinc in the galvanized bath does not occur until the surface of the steel is completely clean of any impurities. So a galvanized coating that appears safe and ready is certainly safe and ready to use.

Application of hot-rolled corrugated iron

The application of hot rolled steel sheet in coil form often uses to serve the roofing industry. In addition, it also uses in the car industry, H, I-shaped steel beams, rails, shipbuilding, moving floors, stairs,

gl steel coil use in a variety of ways to create welded and cast steel pipes. At the same time, it is also a raw material for the production of coils, steel plates.

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