Can we use hot dipped galvanized steel sheet in construction?

November 09, 2021

Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet can be common in different types of applications, mainly in industries. Overall, we can say that these pipes help to reduce maintenance cost while providing reliable and corrosion-free protection for piping projects.

hot dipped galvanized steel sheet

See, in today's text, how they work, their characteristics, manufacturing process, applications and reliable places where you can buy them.

What are Hot dipped Coated Pipes?

Hot dipped Coated Pipes are made of metal/steel in which they are coated with another material specific for the type of use. They are easy to coat with Polyethylene, Galvanized Iron and other materials depending on application needs and pipe grade.

The coating acts as a tough layer that does not allow gas inside the pipes, air and moisture outside to corrode them.

In some cases, hot dipped galvanized steel sheets come in black. This color is common to facilitate the cooling of the sheets. These black coated sheets can be common in heating and cooling operations, because the black color absorbs and releases heat much faster than other colors.

Why coated sheets are preferred?

Sheets can be electrically resistance welded, like ERW Coated Sheets.

There are different standards of coated pipes such as anticorrosive FBE, corrosion resistant 2PE / 3PE and 3rd coal tar.

Characteristics of the Coated Sheets manufacturing process

In the manufacturing process of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, they are first cleaned and heated. After this step, apply the first layer of the system, the epoxy powder (primer). Pipeline is the most consistent and successful solution to protect ERW / Seamless pipes against corrosion, moisture and other harmful chemicals.


Coated Pipes are the most viable and economical products common for transmission of oil, gas, water and other fluids. The coating provides the ducts with a constant protective layer that protects them from any harmful effects of corrosion. See below the 3 main types of coatings:

  • 3 LPE (3 layer external polyethylene);
  • Moreover, 3 LPP (3 outer layers of polypropylene);
  • FBE (external fusion bonded epoxy (single/double layer).

How does the 3LPE and 3LPP external coating work?

These coatings of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet guarantee anti-corrosive and/or mechanical protection to the pipes, depending on the application need. See below how the 3LPE and 3LPP external coatings work:

  • Coating system applied to the tube surface, using thermoplastic polyolefin
  • Its main purpose is to provide anticorrosive and mechanical protection to the product.
  • Such a system is suitable for underground gas and oil pipelines as well as subsea installations

What are the types of coating?

There are also other types of coatings in case of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, such as:

  • Internal coating
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene field joint coating
  • Spray Gun
  • Similarly, heat-shrinkable blankets
  • External anticorrosive coating with powdered epoxy
  • Furthermore, coating with extruded polyethylene in triple layer (3C PE)
  • Polypropylene coating

Applications of Coated Sheets

There are several applications for Hot dipped Coated Pipes. They are mainly present in the domestic and industrial sectors. Can also be common in:

  • Chemicals factory;
  • Similarly, heating lines;
  • Moreover, water pipes;
  • Chemical pipelines;
  • Pipes of power plants.

Use of the hot dipped galvanized steel sheet

Hot dipped galvanized steel sheets are common in buried or submerged pipes using different types of coatings. Hot dipped Coated Pipes are very resistant to corrosion and have several other benefits, such as:

  • Good cost-benefit;
  • Clean delivery of products;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • Flexibility;
  • Greater flow capacity;
  • Less energy consumption;
  • They don't have holes;

What is the process of coating in hot dipped galvanized steel sheet?

These sheets generate good savings for those who purchase them; after all, the coating increases the durability of the sheets, requiring little maintenance, regardless of whether adversities. When going through the coating process, the steel sheets gain a smoother surface, improving the flow of gas and liquid that passes through it.

Energy consumption is lower, due to the internal lining that requires little energy to pump and compress products through pipelines. Valves, fittings and carbon hot dipped galvanized steel sheet are important routine items in many industries, plants and constructions. They can have different diameters, models and applications. Paying attention to the piping is extremely important, even if it isn't always on display.

Manufacturing process of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet

Some are even questioning the relevance of investing in carbon steel sheets. After all, uninitiated people may overestimate the capacity of pipes made with other types of raw materials, such as plastic or less resistant metals.

To clarify the specifics and advantages of carbon steel sheets, we have prepared a special post on the subject. Here you will learn a little more about these sheets, benefits and manufacturing process. Come on?

Carbon steel sheets with and without seam

Carbon steel sheets are cylindrical parts produced from a non-corrosive and highly resistant metallic alloy.

Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet guarantee all the necessary safety for the structures in which they are common and their durability is far superior to other types of piping.
hot dipped galvanized steel sheet 2021

Another essential differentiation in carbon steel sheets is the sewn and seamless modalities. Each one has different applications, especially with regard to resistance. See what each type of tube has to offer in the following two items:

1. Carbon steel sheets with seam

As the name implies, a weld is easy to see along the piece. Furthermore, main characteristics and indications of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet are as follows:

  • Generally, it comes from welded sheet metal;
  • It is commonly common in machinery, automotive sectors and agricultural equipment;
  • Similarly, it has a more affordable price;
  • It has different lengths, thicknesses and diameters;
  • Moreover, it is easy to maintain.

2. Seamless carbon steel sheets

In this case, the piece is uniform and seamless along its entire length. Moreover, its main characteristics and indications are as follows:

  • It comes from a solid mold pierced by a rod
  • Furthermore, it doesn't have any kind of solder
  • They are stronger and more reliable for high pressure projects such as oil or steam pipelines
  • In addition, it has different lengths, thicknesses and diameters
  • Hence, it is easy to maintain

Inhibitors common for protection products can also minimize by using hot dipped galvanized steel sheet for product delivery. Many of these Coated Pipes are highly capable of withstanding any environment with temperatures ranging from +110°C to -45°C.

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