Top 6 Advantages of Installing Collared Steel Pipes

September 14, 2021

Manufacturing of collared steel pipes

Recognized for their high mechanical strength and anti-corrosive properties. The collared steel pipes are manufactured with carbon steel raw material. They are developed in different types of profiles, the most common models being square and rectangular tubes.

Collared pipes are manufactured in hundreds of diameters, sizes, and thicknesses. They weld with a metal plate to join their ends. It is done, using special techniques to make the seam imperceptible.

 Collared steel pipes and boilers

This steel is commonly manufactured under A 178 standard. Therefore, collared steel pipes can be common in boilers, steam generators, heaters, preheaters, evaporators, condensers. And even it is easy to apply as gas conductors.

This is possible because the carbon steel tubular part has anti-corrosive mechanical properties to withstand high temperatures without suffering deformations in its original shape. In addition, the parts are easy to apply in cold operations, such as bending, tapering, and flanging.

Where to apply collared steel pipes for boilers?

The main functionality is to conduct gases, fluids, liquids, or vapors. The steel pipes for boilers can be common in various projects to conduct water and gas. Also, collared steel pipes are also common in buildings, fire networks, air conditioning, and compressed air

The boilers come up of steel or (alloy steel). They are often common in super heater sections that will not expose to water. Also, it is common in the production of steam for sterilizers and disinfectors.

Quality and safety of collared steel pipes

To ensure the quality and efficiency of welded boiler steel pipes, several safety tests carry out. The inspections verify the supply conditions of the parts. It is essential to carry out hydrostatic and electromagnetic pressure tests

With the modern facilities, we have a diverse stock of durable collared steel pipes. To ensure efficiency and quality for your business, our steel tubes are manufactured under national and international standards. We are maintaining all safety and qualification parameters.

 6 advantages of collared Steel Pipes for Sustainable Development

Steelmakers are increasingly looking for alternatives to implement operations with ecological principles, optimizing natural resources to preserve the environment. It is possible to design projects with ecologically correct guidelines.

The collared steel pipes tubes have in their composition iron ore, recognized worldwide for its abundance in nature. It is maintaining responsible planning to avoid damage to buildings, especially land. Follow our article and discover the advantages of steel tubes for sustainable development.

1-Savings in construction costs

The application of collared pipes allows for a very significant reduction in project costs. This is possible because the implementation of tubular parts are easy to carry out in a very simple way. And due to their reduced weight, it guarantees less expense in this process

Therefore, the use of parts of collared steel pipes ensures more efficiency compared to other types of products. You are making the project competitive for your business and much more sustainable for the production chain.

2-Reduction in waste generation under collared steel pipes

The application of collared steel pipes in civil construction structures is a very advantageous option for the project, as in addition to ensuring more resistance and durability for the works. It is also possible to reduce the generation of debris and residues at the construction sites.

3-Ecological aspects of collared steel pipes

With the use of tubular parts, the projects reduce the emission of pollutants, noise and help to reduce energy and water consumption during construction. The implementation of collared steel pipe models is important one of the best options for engineers

It is important to remember that steel is one of the recyclable materials that contribute most to the reduction in the creation of pollutants. As carbon steel tubes are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, they are easy to use in other types of projects.

4-Deadline optimization

The application of collared pipes is that it allows a sustainable project execution in much less time than usual. Due to the characteristics of the parts (mechanical resistance, quality, durability, versatility), it is possible to carry out a project without requiring a long time.

With this, your business maintains competitive advantages compared to competitors. However, ensuring that your project runs smoothly requires trustworthy partnerships to implement carbon collared steel pipe in the timeframe you need.

Collared Steel Pipes

5-Collared Steel pipes are allies of the environment

The works with applications of metallic structures in collared steel pipes enable several advantages related to sustainability. The steel pipe, for example, steels come from 100% recyclable materials, which ensure a sustainable process in the entire production chain.

It is important to highlight that steel structures generally consume around 6% of the life cycle of electricity applied to a home, for example. Certainly, the advantages of applying collared steel pipe in highly complex projects are even greater, following the scale of the work.

6-Sustainable and cost-effective processes of Collared steel pipes

In the manufacturing of collared steel pipes, renewal resources are common. Several initiatives carry out for some years now for the implementation of sustainable processes, such as the use of natural gas, charcoal, and an increase in a scrap as an efficient raw material.

Characteristics such as mechanical resistance, application versatility, high durability, acoustic performance, among others, are important excellent competitive advantages, as they make steel tubes much more efficient compared to other structural models.

Main models of galvanized collared steel pipe connections

Galvanized connections are common on steel pipes. These pipes have many similarities with the hydraulic system we find at home and in other properties. In other words, the connections we see in PVC pipes are very similar to galvanized connections.
Among the main connections are:

  • You
  • Elbow (Knee)
  • Glove
  • Reducer
  • transposition curve
  • crosses
  • Y connections

Collared steel pipe connections have different measures and depend on each project, but they all follow the different standards established for the world market and for the sector, ensuring complete security for all situations.

The important thing when choosing the best models and sizes of galvanized connections is to have an engineer responsible for the project. It will ensure you choose the best equipment and the best solutions so that you have exactly what you are looking for.

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