How to get maximum value from red painted pipes?

September 16, 2021

The field value of red-painted pipes

red painted pipes

Structures or installations that demand red-painted pipes are the best parts on the market. In the field of valves and connections, it could not be different. In this sense, one of the most important and necessary items for a piping system is the flanges.

Undeniably, flange connections are parts used to join pipes, changing their direction and configuration. Similarly, the parts contribute to the conduction of fluids. Its basic function is to seal the connection and not allow these to escape.

Norms and examples of red-painted pipes and flanges

All the flanges are purchased ready-made parts and have standardized dimensions, thus, there are several dimensional norms that must be understood so that they can “match” with the diameter of the pipe in which they will be installed.

Just as an example, the flanges are assembled in pairs and joined by screws. They therefore also allow the red-painted pipe systems to be dismantled. Flat face flange and carbon steel flange are the main examples of flanges.

The types of flanges available:

The type of flange to utilize in red-painted pipes is mostly determined by the flanged joint's needed strength. To make maintenance activities easier, flanges are used instead of welded connectors (a flanged joint can be dismantled quickly and conveniently).

There are seven types of flanges available on the market. The most common of them are blind flange, flange with neck, loose flange, flange orifice, threaded flange, overlap flange, and socket flange. The details of all of them are given below.

 Blind flange and red-painted pipes

The blind flange red-painted pipes are certainly the most popular. Used for line ends or nozzle closures, they can be used under various conditions of temperature and pressure, allowing line inspection and future continuation.

Blind flange red-painted pipes are solid flanges. These are used to seal off a portion of pipe or a nozzle on a vessel that isn't being used. Many ordinarily nozzles will be blanked off with the blind flange.

Flange with neck

Neck red-painted pipes are used in industrial piping for any pressure and temperature. Of the non-integral ones, they are the most resistant, allow better tightening, and give rise to lower residual stresses.

Weld neck spines are the most famous rib type with a neck augmentation with a weld incline toward the end. This kind of rib is intended to butt weld straightforwardly to the line to give a predominant and somewhat regular structure association.

Loose flange red painted pipe

They are applied to pipes that require frequent disassembly. In addition, they are used in the assembly of lines that make use of eyelashes, as they are made of carbon steel, they are not subject to corrosion by the fluid.

A Lap Joint Flange (Loose flange) is a device that consists of two pieces, it looks like a weld neck flange together, and it is butt welded with the pipes. Loose flange red painted pipe is also like a loose slip-on flange.

Flange Orifice

Flange orifice red-painted pipes are used to measure the flow of liquids and gases that pass through the pipeline. Thus, the advantage is the existence of additional screws to facilitate the separation of the flanges for inspection or maintenance of the plate.

Opening Flanges are utilized with hole meters to gauge. The streaming pace of either fluids or gases in the particular pipeline moves. This makes separate opening transporters or tappings in the line divider superfluous. Hole Flanges by and large accompany either Raised RTJ facings.

Threaded Flange

It is economical and easy to assemble. Not only suitable for medium pressures, but also at room temperature. Small allowable tightness, high stresses, the screw acts as an intensifier of strain and a permanent cause of leakage.
red painted pipes 2021

The threaded flange red-painted pipes alluded to as partner ribs/screw ribs contain a female NPT string in the middle for association with male NPT strung channeling. The male line end is joined to the rib without a weld association required however can be fixed with a weld if vital.

Overlapped flange

They slip on the pipe before internal and external welding. Since they are ideal for low pressure, they do not allow direct connection with a tubular connection, nor in-line radiography testing. Needs side soldering.

The overlapped red-painted pipes are an installment installed at the end of the tube and welded inside and outside. The overlapping flanges are easy to apply and are recommended for moderate pressure and stress. These accessories have an economic advantage on the site flange site.


Socket flange

Socket flange red-painted pipes can be operated in any condition of moderate temperature and pressure, however, in severe thermal gradients, its use is not recommended. A racket installed in the pipeline periodically blocks the fluids; therefore they are used in place of valves.


They are more resistant and have a complete fitting for the end of the tube, thus eliminating the need for internal welding. They are used in most small-diameter steel pipes. Because of internal discontinuity, they are not recommended for services subject to corrosion on contact.

Industrial connection models and what they are indicated for

Industrial connections act efficiently in directing and conducting oils, lubricants, gases, air, and liquids through the piping. Virtually all segments use them. This is a way to evacuate and direct these elements. They are also used in the structural part and worked on in industries.

For this reason, it is necessary that everything works in an agile way, in addition to aiming at the safety of the place and employees. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the quality, durability, and resistance of red-painted pipes.

Buying red-painted pipes

Above all, with the advancement of technology, there are current models of industrial connections on the market made with the most diverse materials. Therefore, always pay attention to the raw material, the origin of the materials, and, of course, the correct application.

Buying industrial fittings requires a lot of research and prior analysis. For this, it is recommended that the purchase of industrial connections be done under the guidance of an experienced and qualified professional.

Galvanized iron

Galvanizing is the process of dipping red-painted pipes in zinc, creating a protective layer that allows the production of fine, complex connections in different formats.


  • Firstly durability
  • Secondly prevents rust
  • Third resistant to pressure, oxidation, and temperature variation
  • Also cost-benefit
  • At the last little maintenance needed

 Black Galvanized Iron 

Its differential lies in the finishing of chemical and physical structures. Thus, it tends to be applied in different commercial, residential and industrial works.

  • Firstly locomotion
  • Secondly versatility
  • Also extended service life
  • Moreover resistant to external weathering

Forged steel red-painted pipes

Industrial connections are used in red painted pipes with small diameters where there are differences in purpose.


  • Such as, highly resistant
  • Additionally, artIdeal for low pressure.


Stainless steel thread and solder connections

These products seek durability when working with high or low pressures. Red-painted pipes are, these industrial connections have several applications.


  • Firstly, perfect for corrosive environments
  • Secondly, reliable performance
  • Also leakproof
  • Allows to be assembled and disassembled several times
  • Moreover, economy

 Flanges and red-painted pipes

Used to join components and connect red-painted pipes end by changing the direction and configuration of pipes, the parts contribute to the conduction of fluids.


  • At first cost
  • Secondly serves multiple segments
  • Moreover, Structure
  • Also, Less cleaning
  • Finally, Less corrosion and erosion at low pressure


Used in red painted pipes with flanged ends, they are found in the most diverse dimensions in installations where periodic disassembly is required.


  • Resistance to mechanical knocks and shocks
  • No special tube preparation required
  • Also, simple and easy assembly
  • Prevents the appearance of cracks
  • Moreover, cost
  • Finally, Efficiency


Red painted pipes are industrial, connecting modernly.


  • Firstly less load loss.
  • Lastly, Low thermal conductivity.

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