Why round-oval tube is more sustainable than carbon steel?

September 16, 2021

round-oval tube
The round-Oval tube is more sustainable, find out why

The sustainability of a round-oval tube is no longer just an abstract concept or a distant ideal. It is increasingly present in people's minds, purchase decisions, and behavior. It is in this context that the sustainability of round-oval tubes is increasingly relevant.

Advantages of sustainable metals and round-oval tube

Round-oval tubes are possible to reuse. It is a chemically safe raw material, which certainly does not pollute seas and rivers. It is aligned with the concept of sustainable development. That meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations

It is an ecologically correct input compared to other types of materials; It has 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. These round-oval tubes cannot misshape because of their strength.

Round-oval tubes are chemically save

In addition, the sustainability of the round-oval tube is further strengthened by its reuse and its chemically safe material. Materials made with stainless steel do not use paints or polluting chemical compounds, such as wood varnish.

This way, if it is disposed of incorrectly, it will not have so much impact on the environment.
Iron, the main component of stainless steel, is one of the most abundant elements on the planet. The resulting homogeneous material does not emit harmful substances

Preservation and Durability

Stainless Steel and the round-oval tube is preserved indefinitely, that is, their great durability. Many people make a living from recycling this material. It is not easily discarded in the wild, a source of unlimited resources and high durability.

Its durability is so prevalent that many materials that were plastic or cardboard stainless-steel is replacing it such as straws or straws, common to drink soda or other drinks, in addition to being sanitized, it is easy to use and its durability has no expiry date.

The round-oval tube is 100% recyclable

As we have seen, the round-oval tube is 100% recyclable. It can go through countless recycling processes without losing its quality and properties. In addition, recycling tends to be simplified and many people work directly and indirectly in recycling this material.

Round-oval tube and steel are not only benefiting not only the environment but also generating income for many families. Stainless Steel is certainly the best for your sustainable and high durability projects with efficiency and quality.

Durability and resistance without rust

The stainless steel sheet and round-oval tube emerged and revolutionized this segment. This market brings an amazing material with the power of non - rusting. It can be common in all kinds of environments and climates, preserving its quality without risk of rust or corrode.

Stainless steel and the round-oval tube was the result of the search for a metallic alloy that would resist wear, so many researches and tests brought to light the power of stainless steel shielded to wear and rust. Whether cacommon by time or by external agents.

Scientific background of this material

In Sheffield, England in the year 1913, a metallurgist in his laboratory looking for new materials tested the resistance of alloys with chemical materials. So many tests have brought to light the effective strength of a combination of chromium and nickel with an iron base.

round-oval tube 2021

And shortly thereafter, two German researchers managed to prove the resistance of chromium to corrosion. This explains and prevents rust on the stainless steel sheet, with a minimum of 10.5% of chromium present in the alloy, which guarantees its resistance.

Examples of round-oval tube and steel sheets

As already said, the main factor that determines the non-rusting of steel sheets is the components present in their structure. Here we will discuss the examples of round-oval tubes and steel sheets.

For example, common steels react to oxygen more easily, generating rust through the abrasive surface. Chromium, on the other hand, reacts to this corrosion and forms a passive layer, which guarantees more resistance against corrosive agents.


Levels of resistance and specificities

However, there are different levels of resistance and specificities of round-oval tubes and steel sheets. This varies with stainless steel and being divided by steel families. To make it clearer, let's explain how this division works:

This work has four divisions based on resistance and specificities. These divisions are Austenitic, ferritic steel, martensitic, and a wide variety of materials. Below we will discuss all of them in detail.

Austenitic round-oval tube

Austenitic – this type is the most common in the market because of its ease of forming and resistance to breakage and cracking, even at low temperatures. They are alloys with low carbon content.

So they resist well in extreme temperatures. On the market, they are known as the 300 families. The round oval tube that contains austenitic has a high percentage of nickel and chromium and has the great ability to weld.

Best round-oval tube

Popular steels are low cost and have limited hardness and corrosion resistance due to their chemical composition. As the name implies, the composition of this material is more similar to iron. In industry, they are classified under the 400 series.

Round-oval tube has a high quantity of chromium and less quantity of carbon. It is hard at cold rolling and heat can make the round-oval tube non-durable.

Martensitic steel

Martensitic – Martensitic are the toughest and hardest stainless steel, much like carbon steel. Because of their composition with high carbon contents, they can have more resistance when heated.

The best-known types are the AISI 498 and AISI 420, common for the production of pumps, shafts, roller tracks, and hospital instruments. You need to choose the best round-oval tube manufacturer in Brazil, to have every guarantee of the qualities presented above.

Wide variety of material

Round-oval tubes are one of the most versatile materials in the market and can be common in different segments efficiently. There are many plate models, such as expanded, perforated, and repressed plates.

The manufacturing process of these plates follows specific characteristics to allow the wide use of steel. Expanded sheets, expanded sheets are a highlight due to their profitability. For those looking for a great product at an affordable cost, they are the best choices.

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