5 Incredible Benefits of Prepainted Steel Sheet

January 14, 2022

5 Indications for Use for Sheet Metal

The prepainted steel sheet occupies virtually all spaces, being widely common in industry, in the manufacture of equipment and structures, as well as in projects of construction, architecture and decoration.

In the industrial environment, metal sheets are successful for their strength and durability. Outside of it, in architecture and decoration projects, for example, metal sheets provide beauty combined with the propagation of air, sound and lighting.

And there are many projects that make use of this material. Next, check out 5 indications for use for metal sheets.

Prepainted Steel Sheet

Why Use Prepainted Steel Sheet?

The perforated sheets, the expanded sheet and repressed plates are perhaps the most common types of sheet metal. This is because they have characteristics that are fundamental for small, medium and large projects in the most varied sectors:

  • construction;
  • automotive industry;
  • architecture and decoration;
  • agricultural equipment;
  • electronics production.

In general, sheet metal is incorporated into designs for their physical and mechanical properties. But, in addition, many architecture and decoration projects also opt for these structures considering the aesthetic value they carry.

Prepainted Steel Sheet: Know Where to Use the Parts

There are countless possibilities of use for sheet metal. However, it is possible to say that perforated, expanded and repressed sheets are usually more common in platforms, guardrails, industrial floors, building facades and coatings.

Platforms Connecting Environments

Platforms connecting environments, or vehicle platforms, are structures that support the weight or the constant passage of people, machinery and industrial parts, demanding high resistance.

The use of sheet metal is important in these cases precisely because materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum are famous to be resistant to mechanical, physical and chemical shocks.

Guardrail: A Protective Structure with prepainted steel sheet

The guardrail is a protective structure common to prevent falls come by the difference in height between one environment and another. Therefore, the presence of a guardrail is essential on stairs, balconies, balconies, among others.

In the fabrication of the structure, the use of prepainted steel sheet is extremely important to give the project resistance against mechanical shock and against corrosive processes comes by the action of time and external agents, as well as beauty and sophistication.

Industrial Floors with Non-Slip Properties

In large industries, the passage of parts and machinery that are usually heavier and bulkier is constant. Likewise, the traffic of people is intense, making it necessary to adopt safety measures to avoid accidents.

In this sense, the industrial floor should design to reduce the chances of slips and falls. And with expanded sheets it is possible to create a safety floor with non-slip properties, high strength and durability.

Prepainted Steel Sheet 2022

Building facades: Complete Protection

The facades of buildings are striking elements that draw the attention of those who pass through the construction. In addition, they serve to protect the internal area against mechanical shocks, temperature variations, corrosion and oxidation processes.

At the same time, they must allow the passage of air and sound, as well as the flow of liquids. For this reason, prepainted steel sheet, whose hole pattern is easy to make to measure, is an excellent option.

Internal coating

It is not just the external facades that can benefit from the use of sheet metal. The internal coatings found in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and leisure areas are easy to make with the material.

The metallic safety floor is a set of bars intended for the traffic of people and vehicles. Due to its resistance and versatility, it is widely common in industrial facilities, such as:

  • steel mills
  • naval
  • hydro and thermoelectric
  • Petrochemical
  • Distilleries
  • Mining
  • Papermaking
  • food, chemical industries, among others.

In general, the material common in the confection of this type of structure is wider plate, a type of metallic plate with characteristics. This gives several advantages to the projects. Next, check out the main models.

Prepainted Steel Sheet for Safety Metallic Flooring

The metallic safety floor is applied in projects of ramps, stairs, mezzanines, walkways, among others. That's because carbon steel, stainless steel or stainless steel and aluminum provide resistance to time, weather and corrosion and non-slip properties.

In this way, it is possible to avoid accidents in places with large circulation of people, whether in public or private environments, such as companies and industries, for example. For this to be possible, the manufacture of the expanded sheet takes place in a specific way.

Prepainted steel sheet go through a process in which extrusion machines perforate and expand the sheet in order to make it larger than its original size. Basically, there are two models of expanded plates: the EXP and the GME.

Steel plates are parts come of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Resistant, versatile and easy to handle, they are widely common in large industries, in civil construction, architecture and decoration projects, among others.

For this reason, the choice of supplier of steel sheets is a process that demands some care. After all, to guarantee the quality of the parts, it is essential that manufacturers use the best raw materials available on the market.

Steel sheet supplier: what products are sold?

Prepainted steel sheet are common in the manufacture of parts and structures in the most varied segments. This is because they have physical resistance, high durability, lightness, easy handling and maintenance, corrosion resistance, among other advantages.

Therefore, the steel sheet supplier provides an essential service. In general, it is possible to say that the main products sold by a sheet metal supplier are sheets, perforated sheets and pressed sheets.

The expanded plates come through the following process: a metal plate undergoes changes through extruders drilling and expand the blade, leaving a greater good than their original format.

Tips for choosing a steel sheet supplier

Today, there are several options for prepainted steel sheet suppliers. For this reason, it is essential to compare them. In this way, it is easier to select the company that offers a service compatible with your needs.

It is necessary to assess the supplier's reputation and the quality of the raw materials common. In addition, it is essential to evaluate the price charged and if the company offers personalized products that come to measure.

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