3 Best Ways to Save Money when Purchasing Drawn Steel Sections

July 24, 2021

Drawn Steel Sections
What is aluminum tube?

Aluminum tubes are manufactured from a noble metal with high resistance to oxidation. Although this characteristic is natural to the drawn steel sections common in its composition. This resistance can become even higher when the aluminum tubes coat with a layer of aluminum oxide. It provides a more aesthetic and sophisticated finish.

 Which drawn steel sections to choose?

Both products are recommended for use in projects, the choice between them will depend on the demand presented. Aluminum tubes are best for applications that do not require as much strength. Drawn steel sections are better for extreme conditions that require greater protection.

3 ways to save money when purchasing a carbon steel tube

Carbon steel is a metallic alloy common as the basis for manufacturing a series of market items, such as

  • steel tubes
  • connections
  • iron wheels and equipment
  • gears for machine parts
  • metal structures
  • hydrants, hospital equipment, and construction infrastructure architectural, among many others.

Just contact a Steel Pipe Manufacturer or Carbon Steel Distributor that sells the material for use in industry.

Manufacturing processes to find out how popular these drawn steel sections are, as well as delve deeper It is to discover the properties and advantages come in use of carbon steel as a raw material. The properties of carbon steel in the manufacture of equipment, structures and products give these items a high degree of resistance. It is to extreme temperatures and different pressure levels.

What is the use of carbon steel?

Thus, items made from carbon steel can be common in different ways. They come for infrastructure, fluid conduction systems and electrical connections of residential, commercial and industrial projects, see a drawn steel sections Manufacturer , as well as mark presence in the manufacture of common items of our day to day after leaving a carbon steel distributor.


And speaking of carbon steel tube, the item is indispensable in infrastructure applications and formation of connections and conduction systems due to its strength, versatility and cost-effectiveness when implemented in a project. How about figuring out how to save money when purchasing carbon steel tubes for use in a range of projects? Check out our 3 recommendations below:

  • Conduct market research with different companies

Carbon steel tubes are sold in specialized stores and industries that manufacture this type of material. However, it is important to carry out market research to compare prices and expand the range of purchase options. Before closing your purchase with a company, search the internet or visit other stores and note the prices of drawn steel sections.

 Contact suppliers directly

It is much better to give preference to distributors and suppliers specializing in carbon steel products than to shop at a regular store. While doing your market research, highlight companies that act as Carbon Steel Distributor and Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturer and analyze if they offer lower prices compared to conventional stores.

 Check the origin of the products sold

Never stop researching the background of a company that sells carbon steel products and trust those who provide information about their product catalog, contact addresses and commercial history in the market. If you find complaints about the quality of drawn steel sections sold by the company in the survey, come across little information about the company or receive poor service.

Applications of a hot-dip galvanized pipe

Galvanized steel tubes are very popular components in the industry. With a presence in a number of projects, they are resistant, versatile and offer quality, durability and security for infrastructure in a variety of environments. In addition to the industry, it is also possible to come across galvanized steel pipes in various places common to our daily lives.

Houses, apartments, buildings, commercial establishments, companies and public works are some of the most common examples, even if we are not careful to notice if the pipes are there. It is due to this wide range of applications involving the drawn steel sections that the item continues to rise in the market, being included in more and more projects, especially in the industry due to its characteristics.

Drawn Steel Sections 2021

What is Hot Galvanized Pipe and what applications it offers?

Discover with us the five main ways to include the item in industrial and construction projects:

 Compressed Air Networks

As mentioned above, drawn steel sections withstand extreme temperatures and different pressure levels. Because of this, it is the best choice for a compressed air network project. The hot-dip galvanized pipe is efficient in conducting and distributing compressed air in industrial networks in an adequate manner, ensuring safety and an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the site.

Today, the trend of using metal shaped pipes in the construction industry is growing more and more. They reinforce metal-plastic windows, erect supporting structures, decorate or decorate rooms with them. Rectangular and square steel pipes have a number of advantages, some of which are below:

  • reduce the metal consumption of objects;
  • increase the speed of construction of buildings;
  • Moreover, increase the ease of installation;
  • increase the corrosion resistance of metal structures;
  • comply with sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • comply with fire safety standards;
  • provide fire protection;
  • easy to handle with special tools;
  • there is a possibility of their application with a variety of design and architectural solutions;
  • cold-formed electric-welded pipes effectively replace beams, channels or angles.


The choice of the dimensions of the drawn steel sections also depends on the purpose of the rolled metal. For example, square shaped tubes are common in the automotive industry. Their sides are from 25 to 100 mm, and the wall thickness is 3-8 mm. Rectangular shaped tubes are also widely common in this area.

If they are designed for operation at elevated pressure, then their wall thickness greatly increases. It allows their use in the collectors of steam boilers, as well as in heat exchangers.

 Conduction of Gases and Fluids

The list of applications for drawn steel sections is extensive and goes far beyond the five examples mentioned, but it is worth ending our list with one of the most common, which is the use of hot-dip galvanized pipe in the conduction of gases and fluids.

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