How to check the quality of black tubes? Major types

September 14, 2021

How to get a galvanized black tube?

Galvanized black tubes are a principal factor for various kinds of the cylinder and water-powered frameworks. Do you know what to consider when buying galvanized pipes? We need to explore well while purchasing the electrified pipes.

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We comprehend the extraordinary meaning of electrified pipes for the entry of water and different liquids that make up the pressure-driven framework. We have practical experience in offering lines for various establishments, particularly fire network pipes.

Composition and quality of black tubes

The galvanized black tubes are bathed in zinc because of zinc protection, the material is protected from corrosion, and the durability of the material increases. And it is most common for residential purposes for the supply of gas.

At quality Tubes you will find a wide variety of pipes for fire networks. These pipes have a low initial cost, longer life, and rust resistance. We have certified products from several manufacturers that make up a complete line of solutions for the most different works



What to consider when buying galvanized Black Tube?

For fire frameworks galvanized steel black tubes are fundamental tubes. When we think of firefighting systems, we need to think about two different things: First, what is a fire network installation for, and second, what standards the pipes must meet.

Imagine what will happen to a pipe that handles high-pressure water if it corrodes? The most dominant factor is the safety of everyone. Therefore, while buying tubes, one must consider its advantages and the responsibility to ensure the safety of the entire piping.

Selling Price of Galvanized Black Tube

always be aware of the technical specifications of the material while searching for black tubes by price, such as if there is a test on the seam, the nbr standard 5580 guarantees the compliance of the bar. it avoids leaks and analyzes the thickness of the wall.

for fire sprinkler frameworks, the tube is likewise utilized since it is more heatproof than the electrified pipe. in a nutshell, stirring lines are more costly because of zinc covering. The stirred line is more strong

What standards to keep an eye on?

For different sectors galvanized black tubes are extremely useful, so they must come under the specifications. the most important is whether the tubes have the correct thickness, whether the material is with or without seam if it has galvanizing or not.

When choosing the ideal place to make the purchase, it is necessary to think about it. One of the ways that the market guarantees the quality of different products is through the norms that determine the quality of the material.

Galvanized Steel Black Tubes

There are different types of standards regarding the strength and durability of galvanized steel pipes. It is no different with galvanized black tubes. To make sure your supplier follows all standards and to ensure system safety, make sure it follows the standards:

Firstly 5580/BS 1387 of ABNT

Secondly 7690: 2015

Also, 3497

Finally, v5698

These standards directly link to the manufacture of pipes. They guarantee that the parts will be of the necessary quality for their installation. Serious companies that have experience in the market are so trusting a reputable brand is always a good option.

Measurements and thicknesses of black tubes

According to their corresponding standard, the black tubes have specific walls (thickness) therefore, always pay attention to the material, from the budget to the receipt of the goods. hot-dip galvanized pipes engrave across the bar to the compiled standard.
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to ensure the success of your project and your work, count on a serious company that has transparency. when it comes to selling the requested materials and with experienced professionals.

Where to get galvanized black tubes from?

At Quality tubes you can find everything in one place, ensuring the practicality and agility of your work. We have standardized tubes from 1/2” to 6” with thicknesses corresponding to the NBR 5580 standard.

The basic worth of quality tubes is maintaining incentives for our clients, representatives, investors, providers, and society as a rule. And whereby it characterizes itself as an organization that is socially dedicated to common freedoms, morals, and trustworthiness.

Two main types of black tubes

Did you know that there are two different types of galvanized black tubes? Those that are cold-galvanized and those that are hot-dip galvanized.

1)Hot dip galvanized black tube

The first and foremost method for galvanization is hot-dip galvanizing. The temperature required for this type of galvanizing is 860°F (460 °C). Black tube here fills with Zinc that is in liquid state.

Once you take out zinc from tube water it will then react with the oxygen. This will happen when zinc gets interacted with atmosphere. As, a result it will form zinc oxide. It further combines with carbon dioxide and makes zinc carbonate. This layer is of black tubes.

2)Cold galvanizing black tube

Cold arousing is additionally called Electrolytic Galvanizing and brings out through electrical charges (electrostatic shock). Moreover, cold excited lines have oxidation security outwardly and in this way are not reasonable for water-powered establishments.

This type of tube is utilized in outside and indoor applications because of its enemy of rusting parts. The zinc covering eases back the course of consumption and can make the line keep going for quite a long time (in the right climate)


Black tubes pipe role in our daily life

We use different types of black tubes pipes. from the water pipes, which are very common in all environments, to the most robust ones, which we don't realize are in many environments we frequent.

to ensure even more convenience and peace of mind, you need to have a company that performs fast delivery of tubes for your city. You may not even realize it, but this type of black tube piping plays a very important role in your safety and the safety of different properties.


To buy reliable steel structures for industrial purposes, you should visit our company to get best price in the market.

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