Do you know what rectangular tubing is? Best Guide

November 10, 2021

The Rectangular Tubing is excellent choice for various industries systems, construction sites, factories, among many other sectors. Engineering and architectural professionals are including the galvanized steel tube as a wildcard in many of their projects.

And it's not just a case; this tube is very resistant, durable, rigid, and safe and has a series of essential features to guarantee a final result according to your expectations.

rectangular tubing 2021

In this scenario, it is interesting to know the main particularities of this item. Galvanized pipes can be the solution you need to put your plans into practice. Want to see it? Come on!

Do you know what Rectangular Tubing is?

Rectangular Tubing is a very resistant product, it goes through the galvanizing process, a process in which the steel covers with zinc, making the pipe gain more strength and corrosion resistance. Another way is the metal electrode position in which, through electrolysis, the electroplating process is common.

One of the most common is the galvanized carbon steel tube. The carbon galvanized steel is alloy of iron and carbon, providing some amount of silicon, manganese, copper, sulfur and phosphorus.

This type of steel is characterized by the amount of carbon that can have more or less in its composition. So, galvanized steel pipe are easy to classify in three ways:

  1. composition with low
  2. medium
  3. Similarly, high carbon content.

What are the peculiarities of the Rectangular Tubing?

The galvanizing method is not restricted to carbon steel pipes only. Therefore, knowing some of the peculiarities of the Rectangular Tubing proves to be something relevant. Check out:

Carbon steel tube - is a metallic alloy that carries carbon iron and may be susceptible to corrosion, depending on the context in which it is common. The carbon content can be higher or lower, but is typically less than 2.12%;

Galvanized steel tube - is a more robust metal alloy, as it consists of liquid steel and receives about 10% zinc. This allows for high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Both types of steel tube are common in industry and in different segments. However, it is noteworthy that galvanized steel is more durable and environmentally friendly, in addition to being much stronger, more resistant and safer.

Do You Know What Rectangular Tubing?

Benefits of using galvanized steel pipe in your project

In addition to having a recognized resistance to abrasives and corrosives, the Rectangular Tubing also has other benefits that are worth mentioning. Among them we can mention:

  • It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio;
  • It can be common in operating systems that need to carry different fluids;
  • Moreover, withstands moisture and/or aggressive chemicals;
  • It has a quality certificate, which guarantees its safety and durability;
  • Similarly, we can recycle it easily
  • It has short lead times in manufacturing and assembly;
  • Furthermore, avoids material waste;

What is the process of galvanizing?

The galvanizing process gives the galvanized steel tube the issue of aesthetic gain, making it more beautiful. This advantage allows the use of galvanized steel piping indoors or outdoors not to interfere with the visual presentation of the business or industrial environment.

Doubts where to use Rectangular Tubing?

Rectangular Tubing is very present in industries and constructions in general, playing an excellent role in conducting various fluids. We can give as an example:

Alcohol and sugar plants – the entire sugar and alcohol sector can take advantage of the installation of steel tubes that have undergone galvanization. After all, they are excellent for carrying granules and liquids, even if they are extremely hot or aggressive. The hygiene of the pieces is simple and adds even more practicality to the processes of evaporation, cooking and distillation.

Chemical and petrochemical industries – Anti-corrosive properties make galvanized pipe widely common in petrochemical and chemical industries. Above all, we can also consider the absence of roughness in the pieces, ideal to avoid encrustations;

Why the carbon alloy is preferred?

One of the most recurrent examples is the application of Rectangular Tubing in civil light pole structures. When we talk about the galvanized steel tube with a medium carbon alloy, it has greater strength and hardness, common in gears, machine parts and railways.

steel mechanical tubing 2021

When this tube has a high carbon alloy, it offers even more resistance and hardness, it has the property of keeping the cutting edge, common in chisels, hammers, saws and knives.

Finally, the steel tubes, which has its cost reduced because it does not contain nickel in its composition, widely common in household appliances, coins and cutlery. And those were just a few examples. Nowadays, we already see galvanized tubes in furniture, equipment, machines, among others.

Why the certified companies are important?

However, it is extremely important to check if the company that supplies the tubes is certified and standardizes the quality of the parts. If the use is for handling chemical substances, the useful life of the part may be reduced or require maintenance, something that the company is also responsible for informing.

How Rectangular Tubing is produced?

It is very important that we understand the process of rectangular Tubing. That way, we can understand what's special about it.

The part is developed from a welded plate to form a steel cylinder. The shapes can vary, such as square, rectangular and round which is the most popular.

Once the piece is molded, it will go through the galvanizing process itself. It consists in the application of thin layers of zinc that enhance the anti-corrosive resistance of the pipes.

What should be the structure of the rectangular tubes?

It is essential that the metrics, thicknesses and diameters are strictly in accordance with the demands of each project. Thus, we can reconcile practicality with safety, whether for structural works or for conducting liquid, gaseous, pasty or solid materials.

Summary rectangular tubing

Rectangular Tubing is in high demand, but not every piece is alike. Depending on the particularities of the galvanizing that applies and the method common, the quality of the tubes may vary.

There are, for example, hot-dip galvanized tubes.  In order for the galvanized steel pipe to pass, it undergoes tests. This is a requirement aimed at verifying that there are no holes or flaws in the material.

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