What is the difference between saturated and seamless Circular Hollow Section?

August 17, 2021

Sutured and seamless pipe: the difference in use

For those new to the choice between seam and seamless pipe, it can be challenging. There is a great risk to buy a pipe that does not correspond to the desired loads, or to overpay.  Furthermore, there are varieties of hollow sections.

In this article, we will tell you the main differences between Circular Hollow Sections and seamless pipes and how they can be common.

Circular Hollow Section

Circular Hollow Sections and use of seamless pipes

Seamless, or all-metal, pipe is made from a steel billet, in which a hole is made using a special machine. According to the production technology, all-metal pipes are cold-deformed, seamless-drawn and hot-deformed.

Similarly, the complex manufacturing process is reflected in the cost of the product. However, seamless pipes have unique qualities:

  • High durability
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive environments
  • Long service life

Circular Hollow Sections are one of the main uses for seamless pipes

According to these indicators, all-metal pipes have no analogues. Therefore, Circular Hollow Sections are common in areas associated with high loads:

  • shipbuilding, car building, aircraft building;
  • steam transportation;
  • Moreover, chemical industry;
  • oil and gas industry;
  • Similarly, construction of industrial and civil facilities;
  • In addition, production with complex technology

With the help of seamless pipes, you can additionally be reinsured against pipeline rupture. Due to their high strength, they will not fail even in harsh conditions.

Features and Applications of Suture Pipes

Seam, or electrically welded, pipes are made from an all-metal sheet. We give it a certain shape, then the edges connect by welding. Circular Hollow Sections can be straight or run around the pipe. The second option is considered more durable.  Electro welded products can even have a rectangular or square shape, be of any diameter and length. Therefore, they are common in many areas, including for:

  • Laying of pipelines in multi-stores buildings
  • Installations of communications in cottages, private houses, summer cottages
  • Manufacturing of supporting structures in construction
  • Similarly, creation of frames for industrial structures
  • Manufacturing of floors in buildings
  • Plumbing and gas pipelines for shopping centers, public buildings and other public facilities

Circular Hollow Sections are widely common in industries where there are no high loads

Circular Hollow Sections are common wherever resistance to high pressure and aggressive media is not necessary. This is due to the relatively low cost of this type of product. In addition, welded pipes are easy to bend. This allows you to change their shape in accordance with the peculiarities of the location and current tasks.

Which option to choose?

The main difference between welded and seamless pipes is the maximum allowable pressure. According to state standard 10705, sutures can withstand up to 160 atm. The GOST for seamless pipes contains a maximum value of 200 atm. At the same time, the norm for communications of a multi-story building is 16 atmospheres.

This explains the main difference between the use of welded and Circular Hollow Sections. In most cases, there is simply no point in spending money on more expensive all-metal products.

How to choose a hollow sections for floors?

When constructing buildings, any building structure must give serious attention. Overlaps are no exception. These structures take the load from equipment, people, and furniture, floors themselves and transfer them to columns or walls. Overlapping can be attic, interflow, basement and basement. For their device, metal hollow sections are often common.

How to choose a Circular Hollow Sections for overlap?

For the overlap device, you cannot simply buy steel Circular Hollow Sections of the required length. The required parameters of rolled metal are selected by calculation.

Circular Hollow Section 2021

We can give an algorithm for such calculations:

  • First, determine the total load that will act on the hollow sections
  • Similarly, then the obtained result comes by the load safety factor and the hollow sections pitch
  • Moreover, the load safety factor allows to take into account the possible increase in load
  • In addition, after that, the maximum bending moment in the hollow sections hollow sections we calculate.
  • Furthermore, it depends on the full load, taking into account the safety factor and the pitch of the hollow
  • Then the moment of resistance of the Circular Hollow Sectionssection determines

This indicator indicates the ability of rolled products to withstand the expected loads. Similarly, for the calculation, you need the values ​​of the yield strength for different thicknesses of rolled products made from different grades of steel.

  • The highest indicators
  • At the final stage, a hollow section comes with a moment of resistance not lower than the calculated one.
  • To make sure that the calculations are correct, they additionally check the hollow sections

Advantages of a Circular Hollow Sections

Circular Hollow Sections is a type of metal product comes with a zinc layer to prevent corrosion. Rolled metal comes by coating special grades of sheet steel with branded zinc. Thanks to this method of production and processing, the products have the following technical features:

  • High resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Low weight.
  • Moreover, Profitability.
  • Similarly, Corrosion resistant

Advantage of steel structures

Steel structures are easy to transport and install due to their low weight, which is why they have preferences in many areas, for example, when installing communications and lighting. Moreover, Zinc coating eliminates the only significant drawback of steel - susceptibility to corrosion.

Galvanized sheet has an extended service life. Protective coatings apply to metal blanks and structures by electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing and other methods.

Metal Circular Hollow Sections sheet

It looks like a galvanized hollow sections sheet

Features of the manufacture of galvanized steel Circular Hollow Sections

The steel sheet covers with a protective layer on both sides. Depending on the scope of application of the metal blank, humidity and other operating conditions, the thickness of the coating may be different.

Conclusion Circular Hollow Sections

The reliability and safety of buildings directly depends on the correct selection of the required parameters of rolled metal for the installation of floors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact specialists to solve such problems.

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