How to install Steel fire sprinkler pipe? Beginner Guide

October 20, 2021

Introduction of Steel fire sprinkler pipe

Steel fire sprinkler pipe are present in several sectors of the industry, mainly in mechanical construction, as they have very beneficial characteristics for projects. They are very resistant and durable tubes, which do not suffer from the dreaded corrosion. Check out more details about mechanical tubes.
Steel fire sprinkler pipe

Fire sprinkler pipe and related fittings are generally made of carbon steel or ductile iron material and common to carry water or other liquid to connect firefighting equipment. It is also called fire protection pipe and fittings. steel pipe is suitable for all fire protection systems. It's easily formed, bent, and fabricated.

What is Steel fire sprinkler pipe?

Mechanical tubes are machining and weldability properties, produced with stainless steel that provides a high strength value and greater durability. They are tubes suitable for Steel fire sprinkler pipe construction, mainly in the formulation of parts. They also play a very important role in industries that make parts.

This type of product is widely common in the manufacture of bushings, shafts, bearings, hydraulic cylinder liners, among many others. For this reason, the automobile industry and parts manufacturing companies frequently use mechanical tubes in their production lines.

General-purpose applications

The mechanical tubes are manufactured following the standards and can be made with seams and without seams. The first option is most sought after by companies, as it is cheaper and easier to find. The seamless steel fire sprinkler pipe is of medium-grade carbon alloy.

which are widely common in many general-purpose applications that require high tensile strength and high yield strength. The addition of chromium and molybdenum as alloying elements in this type of pipe, in combination with heat treatment, provides the combined advantage of hardness, ductility, and strength.

Why do you need quality steel fire sprinkler pipe?

Generally, companies that sell mechanical tubes work with certified materials that guarantee the quality of the commercialized parts, this is something important to observe before closing the purchase. Unfortunately, some companies sell poor-quality materials, thus causing great losses to customers.

Therefore, be careful when purchasing your products. Our tip is for you to research the pipe supplier's history and integrity so you can make a safe and reliable purchase. Laminated mechanical tubes are famous for being lighter than other tubular structures.

Main types of Mechanical Tubes on the market

There are several types of Steel fire sprinkler pipe on the market, each one having specific characteristics for the type of use, environment, and need. Check out some models below:

See below some features and advantages of the ST 52 mechanical tubes:

  • Optimizing usability lowers the overall cost of production;
  • Optimizing usability reduces spending on cutting tools;
  • The use of mechanical tubes reduces material loss;
  • Dimensions of Steel fire sprinkler pipeclose to the finished measurements of the parts;
  • Reduced diameter runouts;
  • Mechanical property and defined usability characteristics;
  • Uniform wall thickness tolerances.
  • Laminated Mechanical Tubes

Characteristics of laminated mechanical tubes

Laminated mechanical tubes are known for being lighter concerning other tubular structures, for having high-quality mechanical properties, for providing the fluid flow of good practicality, and for being quite resistant. Due to all the positive characteristics of laminated mechanical tubes, they are common.
Steel fire sprinkler pipe 2021

On various occasions and are highly sought after by different industries. They are even widely common in the formation of foundations for machines and the structuring of platforms or overhead cranes. Laminated Steel fire sprinkler pipe also have an excellent machining property.

Applied during the manufacture of components

which is why the oil, mechanical or automobile industries are often looking for them. They are tubes that are easy to weld because their weldability is unlimited. These tubes are also applied during the manufacture of components such as tanks or cylinders, in different industrial sectors.

As it is an item applicable on several occasions, the ideal is to acquire quality tubes, and be responsible and reliable companies. These tubes also applies during the manufacture of components such as tanks or cylinders.

Drawn Mechanical Steel fire sprinkler pipe

The drawn mechanical tubes, whether with or without seams, undergo a cold drawing process. In this case, the tube stretches through a die, called “spinner”, utilizing a traction force, deforming the dimensions of the original tube. It is a process that allows for special dimensions and profiles.

It is possible to purchase long-drawn tubes. Understand the basic cold drawing process in the image below, In the image above an example of the drawing process simulates, but there may be other methods.


Several heat treatment steps

It is also possible to carry out several heat treatment steps to change the tube's supply state. After drawing, the tubes can receive other steps such as cutting, brushing, chamfering, drilling, and other machining operations.

There are also drawn Steel fire sprinkler pipe profiles, they are:

  • Round;
  • Square;
  • Furthermore, Rectangular;
  • Oblong;
  • Elliptic;
  • Also, Hexagonal;
  • Eighth;

Various dimensions and tolerances, such as:

  • External diameter: from 10.00 mm to 110.00 mm;
  • Thickness: from 1.00 mm to 8.00 mm;
  • Also, Length: up to 7,000 mm;
  • Blanks: from 10.00 mm;
  • Tolerances as specified by standards

There are other specifications about drawn mechanical tubes, but we won't go into this here. When purchasing Steel fire sprinkler pipe, it is very important to know which one to buy. Also, You don't know everything, there's no problem, just consult reliable companies and professionals, so they can help you.

Applications and benefits of using Mechanical Tubes in your project

Mechanical tubes are common in the manufacture of parts, as we have already mentioned, and are also present in several other segments, such as:

  • Sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Also, Graphic and textile industry;
  • Shipping industry;
  • Offshore industry;
  • Furthermore, Paper and cellulose industry;
  • Steel industry;

Agricultural machines and equipment;

  • Construction machinery and equipment;
  • Moreover, road machinery and equipment;
  • Automotive sector.

They have several benefits, which is why they are so common in these various sectors mentioned above. Among its main benefits are:

  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Also, Good cost-benefit;
  • Excellent weldability and bonding;

Easy confirmation;

  • Great durability;
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures;
  • Also, Mechanical resistance;
  • Withstands high impact forces;

Because of their properties, Steel fire sprinkler pipe are parts that deform and strain according to the type of use and material they are manufactured. They are capable of withstanding high-impact forces.


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