Which is best steel mechanical tubing for civil construction?

November 09, 2021

Inch Tubes, famous steel mechanical tubing, is ideal for use in industries and civil construction. They are highly resistant, durable and safe.

steel mechanical tubing

On the market we find a variety of tubes, in different dimensions, diameters and applications. In general, as they are made of a non-corrosive metallic alloy, they are excellent for marine projects and where different fluids are involved.

Understand better, in this post today, what Inch Tubes are, what they are for, specific characteristics of each model and where to buy the best ones.

What do you know about steel mechanical tubing?

In some cases, carbon steel tubes are famous as Inch Tubes, because we measure them by the real inch, while the inch tube is nominal. Steel mechanical tubing can have different and different outside and inside diameters that are expressed in inches, measurements, and thicknesses.

These tubes are hot or cold laminated, common to manufacture structural parts, such as: tables, chairs, car exhausts, among many others. What will define when choosing the model is the purpose for which it is important. The steel tube can be common in different ways, with or without a thread at the end. The bar can be up to 6 meters long.

How many types of steel mechanical tubing are there?

There are two types of these tubes, those with seams and those without seams. Both are extremely resistant, ensuring safety for projects and great durability. Steel mechanical tubing comes on a solid design on a rod and the ends weld together. Its main features and indications are as follows:

  • It comes from welded sheet metal
  • It is commonly common in machinery, automotive sectors and agricultural equipment
  • Similarly, it has a more affordable price
  • It has different lengths, thicknesses and diameters
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Moreover, it comes from a solid mold pierced by a rod
  • It doesn't have any kind of solder

What is steel mechanical tubing for?

They can be applied in different areas and sectors. Steel mechanical tubing is mainly present in different types of constructions and:

  • Different types of sheds
  • commercial and business buildings
  • Machine factories
  • Foundations
  • Industries
  • Moreover, mining
  • Similarly, firefighting networks

How to use steel mechanical tubing?

Generally, there are some rules for using these tubes. Furthermore, they must come in accordance with hydraulic conduction regulations, as this will confirm all safety information. If the carbon steel tube does not comply with these standards, it is difficult to sell, as it will not have the security seal.


Tube bar thickness should be different, such as: light, medium and heavy grade. Per Inch Tubes table, the thickness pattern should be the same as the gauge. The carbon steel mechanical tubing does not have any type of galvanization. It is resistant, due to the carbon concentrated in its structure.

As specified by the standard, pipe diameters up to 1.1/2″ inches have a smooth end finish. For pipe diameters greater than or equal to 2″ inches, the end finish must be beveled.

What is steel mechanical tubing for?

The ends of the tubes can also be flat faces, threaded and/or receive sleeves, regardless of the tube diameter, as required.

The driving tubes are very important items in industries, making the process of taking fluids from one place to the other and being very practical and safe.

Steel mechanical tubing is mainly present in the food, chemical, oil and civil construction industries. They transport water, oil, gas, compressed air and steam in an agile way.

What are Conduction Tubes for?

Conduction Tubes serve, as the name suggests, conducting non-corrosive fluids such as: water, gas, compressed air, oil and steam, to a recipient. Conduit Tubes can be common in conduit lines with rigid or flexible cold connections. They are very present in areas such as:

  • Boiler works
  • Moreover, construction
  • Metallic structures
  • Similarly, natural gas industry
  • Maintenance industry
  • Oil industry
  • Furthermore, shipping industry

Discover the advantages that Conduction Tubes bring to your project

There are many advantages when choosing Conduction Tubes for your project, among them the agility, ease and versatility in the installation and maintenance of such items stand out. Steel mechanical tubing is also strong and at the same time light.

They also have the ability to optimize the systems where they are common. However, to obtain all the advantages provided by Conduction Tubes, it is necessary that they appear according to the standards and norms.

The standards and normalization of the tubes guarantee quality and safety to life and property through universal certification. Only then will the customer obtain efficient tubes for the element conduction process.
steel mechanical tubing 2021

How we can avoid accidents in steel mechanical tubing?

To avoid accidents in the work environment and make everything safer, it is important that the Conduit steel mechanical tubing easily identifies. One way to do this is to paint the pipes in accordance with the standards that regulate the application of colors, in order to identify the pipes for channeling fluids, gases or electrical conductors.

Tubes can be painted in colors: blue, yellow, green, red and black. Each color represents how the tube should be common, see below:

  • Blue:intended for compressed air networks
  • Yellow:applied to gas networks
  • Green:intended for drinking water conduction networks
  • Red:common in fire nets
  • Black:Carbon steel Conduction Tubes in their natural state, without any treatment

How to buy steel mechanical tubing?

When buying Conduit Tubes, it is very important that you observe the following parameters:

  • See if the tubes have standard identification stamped on their body
  • The marking is done at the top in low relief, determined by the standard itself
  • A quality steel mechanical tubinghas to have a longitudinal weld, do not accept anything that is different from this
  • If the product actually appeared within the current universal standards
  • Compliance secures the purchase and protects both seller and buyer

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