The Different Types of Oil Gas Steel Pipe

April 17, 2021

Understanding Different Types of Types of Oil, Gas, and Steel Pipes

When working in the pipe business, it is important to understand different types of oil gas steel pipe.  Although they have a great many differences, all are functional when it comes to the petrochemical industry. It is important to understand different types of oil gas steel pipe in order to understand their functionality.

The petroleum industry makes use of different types of oil gas steel pipe to facilitate different applications.  The major three types include seamless pipes, Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Pipes, and Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding (LSAW) pipes.

oil gas steel pipe

Seamless pipes come into existence by exposing steel sheets and passing lodgings through them with the help of a penetrating rod. Whereas, the welded pipes make use of manufacturing techniques like cutting, twisting, fusing coils, and steel plating.

A Guide to Oil Gas Steel Pipes

To understand oil gas steel pipe the following differences will help you. They each have their own abilities which play a major role in the petroleum industry. It is obvious that different applications require different kinds of pipes depending on the need. The following is an in-depth guide for different pipes.

Seamless Pipe

Seamless pipes come into existence after heating and puncturing steel sheets.  The heating is an important part, in order to achieve tube-shaped sections.  The name seamless suggests that these pipes will have no seams with a smooth transition.  Moreover, the use of seamless steel pipes is very vast due to its seamless quality.

oil gas steel pipe

Therefore, it is a major part of several upstream processes.  It also includes midstream procedures that involve the distribution of liquids, gases, oil, and other such materials whereas, in downstream processes, they help in refining by-products of oil and gas for further usage.  Moreover, they are a common part of many convenient plumbing services too. You can even spot them in common residential use.

The most communal type of seamless pipes used in the petrol chemical industry includes ASTM, A53, and A335. Their use depends on the functionality required like using carbon steel pipes for higher temperatures. In some cases, they can be chrome alloy pipes that can bear high-level pressure and temperatures.

Furthermore, there is a huge difference between steel pipes and seamless tubes.  Seamless pipe is in the shape of a tube that helps in transferring different kinds of liquids, gases, etc. whereas, tubes are sections cut in cylindrical shapes.

When compared, seamless pipes are much more expensive than the other options available in pipes. They can even exceed the regular prices of the pipes by 30%. This is due to the fact that there is a very little number of manufacturers that produce them. This is because it requires a lot of precision with special kinds of equipment.

The usual sizes of seamless pipes are ASME B36.10 and ASME B36.19.  The manufacturing of these pipes takes place on the principle of plug mill processing. You can purchase them in stores and online from SinoRise.

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Pipes

The electric resistance welding pipes manufacture by using steel coils. In this process, the coil is unwound and flattened out.  Then it cuts to form the shape of the pipe and co-joined by the ends of each straightened coil with the help of electrical processing.

There are different sizes available for electric resistance welding pipes including a range of half to 20 inches.  Commonly, the carbon steel pipes have A53 specifications whereas the stainless steel pipes have specifications of A312.  When we are talking about dimensions there are different specifications available and the user can opt for the right kind of dimension to process their work.

Additionally, there are dimensional charts available for ERW pipes in minute sizes with certified wall thickness. Their weight is also available in the chart by kilograms.

Over the years, ERW pipes have taken the place of seamless pipes due to their efficient qualities. Unlike seamless pipes, ERW has high-level performance at nominal prices.

Many manufacturers are incorporating modern techniques in manufacturing it hence it is becoming a better alternative. Though they cannot compare to the strength mechanically induced in the seamless pipes, they still have a powerful structure to support major petrochemical industrial needs.

Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding (LSAW) Pipes

We can make longitudinal submerged arc welding pipes with the help of steel plates.  They come into existence by manufacturing these plates which further cut into desired shapes by bending.  In comparison with ERW pipes, LSAW pipes have a wider range of size that starts from 16 and ends at 24 inches. The maximum size of 24 inches helps in a lot of commercial use.

The word longitudinal in the pipe’s name suggests that it is straight in shape.  Their structure includes seems that are welded on the internal and external side of the pipe. Although, they have a single seam on the external side, they are much different than the seamless pipe.

Their most common application involves transferring hydrocarbons with efficiency.  They are most applicable when you need to transfer materials over very long distances. Moreover, they help in transmitting and even distributing non-commercial materials like water. You can even opt for different colors and lengths. They have very vast functional time facilitating a great many uses.

oil gas steel pipe


The use of oil gas steel pipes is as old as time.  Over the years, manufacturers have come up with different types of pipe qualities and materials for different kinds of applications.  It is not recommendable to use the same kind of pipe for all applications due to their different pros and cons.

As discussed in the article, seamless pipes are great for commercial use but they can get a bit expensive.  Plus, there are a very less number of manufacturers who work in this line. On the other hand, ERW pipes are becoming the new seamless pipes.  This is because of their similarities with seamless piping. Hence, it is intelligent to make the switch and use ERW pipes instead, while saving money with effective results.

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