Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe -Understanding Pipe Fitting

May 26, 2021

Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe Fittings

When it comes to Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe, understanding its fitting is imperative. What bind the pipes are pipe fittings. Whether pipes are threaded or galvanized, fittings bind them together.

Understanding pipe fittings and their various types would help you select the right one and make the right connections. Nuts, bolts, caps, and elbows, are just a few examples of the several pipe joints that are available and become a hassle to choose from.

Pipes are of various types and for multiple functions. From plastic to metallic, pipes are of several types and several operations. Some are used commercially to connect the pipelines for water.

In contrast, others may carry other heavy fluids such as petroleum, etc. Pipes are also used to connect handrails and other architectural elements. They also ensure your pipe is leak-proof. Pipe fittings may be welded or threaded, mechanically joined, or chemically adhered.

Pipe Fitting and Tubing Fitting

Tube and Pipe fitting go hand in hand. They are overlapping terms with coherent meanings and would be used alternatively in this write-up. Pipe fittings may be joined by soldering or compression fittings.  In this article, we would go through the various types of pipe fittings, how they are essential, and how they fit.

Pipe fittings vary for threaded and galvanized types. They can be the malleable iron type, hubless type, bell and spigot styles, or in the form of flanges. And all of them fit and seals differently.

Malleable iron-type fittings are mainly used for steel and galvanized pipe found in residential and commercial plumbing systems. In contrast, hubless or bell and spigot styles are used more when connecting two lines of different materials such as iron and copper.

Socket weld fittings are another type of pipe fittings used to fit pumps and compressors. Stainless steel pipe fittings are another type mainly used when deploying sanitary applications such as food or dairy products.

These can be non-ferrous, made up of concrete or plastic, glass, or vitrified clay.

What is a threaded pipe?

Threaded pipes are those that have spirals running within them. In addition, threaded pipes are mainly used in plumbing installations for the passage of gases or liquids under pressure. They are more conical in shape and tapered off at the ends.

The seal created in such pipes is known as the labyrinth seal, and it’s made when the seal is tightened by torque. More often than usual, seal tape or liquid paste might also be needed to seal the threaded pipes as a sealant.

Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe: What is a galvanized pipe?

Galvanization is the process of coating regular pipes with zinc or copper. This technique is done to prevent the pipes from corrosion and usually used for outside purposes such as fencing, handrails or interior plumbing works.

Not only does galvanization protects the pipes from corrosion and rust, but it also improves their life and functionality.

Pipe fittings shapes and styles:

Since the pipes are of several types, so are the fittings. The most common pie fitting shapes are listed below and are usually self-explanatory by name.

  • caps
  • plugs
  • nipples
  • elbows
  • tees
  • wyes
  • crosses
  • unions
  • bushings
  • reducers
  • adapters

Application of pipe fittings in industry and elsewhere:

The necessity of proper pipe installation, end-to-end fitting, and perfect sealing is hugely essential for households and commercial industries to work. Also, it is very crucial to look out for a few things when searching for the correct pipe fittings.

Look out for the exact diameter of the pipe inward and outward to get a rough idea of what fitting would suit your connections the best. For the process of fabrication of tools, pipeline sections called spools are used, which prepare the pipes for use.

What does Sinorise have to offer?

Sinorise has been in the industry of metal works for years. Curating every piece of fitting with perfection, Sinorise has made its way into the market by offering some of the top-notch pieces of pipe fittings that hold on to your cables and seal them perfectly.

Suitable pipe fittings applications:

Stainless steel pipe fitting:

These are held together via flanges, and these clamping systems are available as weld-on entities, wyes, tees, etc. they are primarily used in sanitary applications such as food or dairy processing in food or milk refining factories.

Metal pipe sections can also be joined to and built up using couplings and other threaded pipe fittings such as caps or elbows to form one continuous pipeline.


As the threaded type, aluminum fittings are available as caps or nipples, but usually, aluminum fittings are cast and available in all other forms and shapes. Aluminum fittings are available for butt weld connection and socket weld connection. Their fitting requires a MIG or TIG process.

These fittings are commonly used in handrails or to fit structural weld-able and slip-on variety applications. In addition, red brass fittings such as brass pipe nipples are also available according to the various pipe diameters and are assembled by soldering or brazing.

1.    Concrete:

Concrete pipe fittings are more robust and hence, have more substantial applications. They are usually used for large civil projects such as storm-water control. They are not usually used for regular piping work.

2.    Plastics:

Plastic fittings are available in both socket weld and threaded styles; however, the socket weld is more common as they are designed to be welded in place chemically, so the installation process is quick and straightforward. Plastic pipes are usually dry fitted as the solvent used to connect them is incredibly fast-acting.

Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe

Take Away on Threaded End Galvanized Steel Pipe

Pipe fittings are a technical wonder to understand. They are several, and each piece should be chosen wisely as it affects the pipe you are fitting together, altering and involving all the connections that are built as a result.

Also, there are several pipe connections out there that come in threaded or galvanized types and in various shapes such as elbow, cap, etc. Ensure to measure the diameter of your pipes when thinking of buying pipe fittings.

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