Main Types of Cold Rolled Tubes: Which is best to buy?

July 24, 2021

Widely common in industrial and construction projects, cold rolled tubes are indispensable products in the infrastructure of various environments in our society.
Hot rolled steel tube and pipe

How to choose between a Carbon steel or aluminum tube?

Both the carbon steel tube and the aluminum tube are popular cold rolled tubes in the market. However, understanding the characteristics and differences between them is what guarantees a good decision at the time of purchase. Each one of them is better suited to a certain type of situation.

What is the difference between Carbon steel tube or aluminum tube?

 Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tubes are manufactured from a noble metal with high resistance to oxidation. Although this characteristic is natural to the material common in its composition. This resistance can become even higher when the aluminum tubes are coated with a layer of aluminum oxide, which provides a more aesthetic and sophisticated finish.

Known for being a cold rolled tubes, easy to handle and extremely versatile. The aluminum that makes up several models of tubes for application in projects is a good choice for use in applications. Those require a faster assembly. Aluminum pipes adapt to the conditions of various locations without showing wear, oxidation. And it comes without loss of ability to safely insulate pipes and infrastructure from the environment.

 Cold Rolled Tubes

Carbon steel tubes have properties very similar to aluminum tubes. But they differ due to the characteristics of carbon steel as a material with greater mechanical resistance. It does not have high natural resistance against oxidation. Moreover, it is possible to obtain these properties from a coating process with its own materials. Similarly, it results in the creation of models of Galvanized Carbon Steel Tube.


The cold rolled tubes can be applied in many projects, providing high performance, durability, safety and an excellent long-term cost-benefit value, considering that it can last for years without presenting any problems in piping systems and infrastructures in which it is located.

Which one considered as better option?

Both products are recommended for use in projects, the choice between them will depend on the demand presented. Aluminum tubes are best suited for applications that do not require as much strength, while Galvanized Carbon Steel Tube models are better suited to extreme conditions that require greater protection.

Steel tube is one of the main products on the market. Widely common in industry, the item offers a wide variety of applications due to the characteristics of its raw material. Steel is a strong and highly malleable material. The cold rolled tubes have become an indispensable in the manufacture of industrial machinery, being also common in infrastructure projects for the civil construction area.

Main types of steel tubes on the market

Main types of steel tubes are discussed here in detail.

 Industrial Tubes

Another example of cold rolled tubes is industrial steel pipe. They are famous in the market for their high resistance to high frequency electricity. Industrial models of carbon steel tubes tend to have a round shape and are common in:

  • the infrastructure of civil construction projects
  • in the area of ​​architecture
  • in the metallic structure during the manufacture of items.

 Conduction Cold rolled tubes

Rounding out the list we have the conduction steel tubes. They are also famous for their round geometric shape and for being another type of Galvanized Carbon Steel Tube popular in the market. Extremely versatile in its application, the conduction tube is a flexible and malleable hot-dip galvanized tube model. Moreover, it can be common in residential, industrial or commercial piping installations.

Cold rolled tubes are one of the most common products in industry and in the civil construction area. Present in infrastructure, piping and equipment, the material I easy to apply in different types of projects for an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Carbon steel metal alloys for industrial, commercial and civil use are manufactured from the fusion between iron and carbon.

Why carbon steel tube is important?

Every Manufacturer of Steel Tube, carbon fittings and other products that make use of the material in their manufacture has a priority of guaranteeing the quality of carbon steel in the final result of their products.
Hot rolled steel tube and pipe 2021

Before you buy cold rolled tubes manufacturer or any other product based on carbon steel, check the safety and verification recommendations that we have separated below and can guarantee you the ideal choice at the time of purchase.


Metal alloys and carbon steel connections are widely common in projects for industry, market and civil construction. Many products have the material as the basis of their composition. And it is extremely important to guarantee the quality of this material so as not to compromise the safety of a carbon steel application project. Carbon steel is common to strengthen the infrastructure of civil construction projects.

Cold rolled tubes offers durability, insulation and corrosion resistance that ensure the smooth operation of sewage treatment systems, corrosive material routing and products that can be common in industrial manufacturing processes. Metal alloy or carbon steel tube does not meet quality standards. Project safety is compromised and serious accidents can result.

 Application of Cold rolled tubes

As stated above, carbon steel is a material widely common in a number of projects. This factor also makes all the difference to guarantee the quality standard in the manufacture, sale and purchase of carbon steel products. Carbon steel has greater resistance to corrosion and rust. It includes in several projects in industry and civil construction due to its versatility of application.

Therefore, it is expected that the cold rolled tubes offers the desired benefits. Make sure you buy good products to avoid headaches and results below expectations. It can compromise the safety and the final result of your project.

 Cost-effectiveness of Cold rolled tubes

Among the main applications of carbon steel, we can highlight its industrial and commercial use. We can describe its application in civil construction and in the manufacture of structures, piping, equipment and gears.

Both the aforementioned applications and the other possibilities for applying carbon steel are due to the excellent cost-benefit ratio of the product, since the cost of the material is affordable.

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