What are Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 and its characteristics?

August 18, 2021

Installation of any pipeline, including in a private house, begins with the choice of pipes. Next - work with fittings, gluing or welding and gasket. We recommend choosing Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 that will be easier to handle on your own. Then you can do the wiring with your own hands, install and connect the taps.

Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387

Copper pipes

Copper pipes have long won the title of elite. In the worst case, a copper pipe service will last 70 years, while the copper pipe will not age, deteriorate and will not change its working qualities in any way.

In addition, copper has bactericidal properties, and clean drinking water will flow in such pipes. The installation of copper pipes is very simple, because they are easy to bend, saw and solder.

What is the drawback of Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387?

After Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387, it is one of the most common connection methods is high temperature brazing. The solder common is silver-bronze; it is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pipe. It is most convenient to mount those using fittings. Perhaps, almost the only, but their main drawback is their high cost.

Steel pipes

Metal pipes have long been common in civil engineering and beyond. Features of the installation of metal pipes and their properties depend on the properties of the metal itself. Steel water pipes are a cheap, durable and reliable option. In urban apartments, all risers come of steel pipes. Heating radiators, heated towel rails are also mounted on them.

But there is a catch - susceptibility to corrosion. To avoid damage, zinc coating applies on the outside and inside. Steel lines have a high thermal conductivity, so very often cold water pipes "sweat".

Drawback of this type

Scale builds up on their uneven inner surface over time. Steel is a heavy material, so these pipes are difficult to install. Their service life is 30-40 years. There are three ways to connect steel pipes: socket, welded like Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 and press fittings. For galvanized pipes, only a sleeve and press connection is suitable, since welding can destroy the anti-corrosion layer.


  Welded Steel Pipes

Unlike steel, they are able to resist corrosion, but cast iron is a very heavy material, and this is its main drawback. Such pipes have thick walls with a rough inner surface. Cast iron pipes are suitable for use in sewage and water supply systems; they will not rust, and will not fail for a long time.

The service life, for example, of a cast-iron sewage system is from 80 to 100 years. Cast iron pipes are connected using gaskets and sockets.

Depending on the weight of the products, there are 3 types of cast iron pipes:

  • very heavy
  • heavy
  • medium

Steel pipes

Resistance to changing weather conditions, non-susceptibility to corrosion, durability in operation, ease of installation, installation and commissioning, low price - these qualities make steel pipes indispensable as Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387, when equipping a house with plumbing. They almost do not lose heat when delivering hot water; do not overgrow with deposits from the inside.

Drawbacks of this type

Disadvantages of such pipes are:

  • Loss of elasticity when heated,
  • higher coefficient of thermal expansion
  • rapid aging under the influence of sunlight

Varieties in steel pipes

Steel pipes have several varieties: pipes come of

  • poly butylene
  • polyethylene
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • , polypropylene and others

Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387

These come of elastic and heat-conducting material, which is suitable for transporting water with temperatures up to +90 ° C. Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 are connected by welding. Their disadvantages include a slight susceptibility to fire, as well as intolerance to benzene. Do not paint poly butylene pipes.

Polyethylene pipes

These pipes come of an elastic and durable material, ideal for carrying out water supply in your own home. Due to its elasticity, it easily tolerates low temperatures even with frozen water inside. Polyethylene pipes have a smooth surface inside, the water passing through them does not leave oxide and impurity deposits on the walls.

Their disadvantage is that polyethylene is applicable only for cold water supply. At the boiling point of water and those close to it, the pipes begin to melt. In addition, like Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 this material is highly sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

Today, there is such a variety of pipes on the construction market that polyethylene pipes alone easy to find in several varieties.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

These pipes are the toughest steel pipes on the market. Such pipes practically do not burn, weigh little, are resistant to sunlight, and are connected to each other by gluing. The disadvantage is the use of chlorine in the production of polyvinyl chloride, which does not add environmental friendliness to the material.
Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 china


These pipes are common for cold and hot water supply, sewerage, heating. In terms of their thermal performance, they are similar to XLPE pipes, but cheaper and easier to install. They are connected to each other by welding or soldering, for which a soldering iron is common such as Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387.

Reinforced-steel pipes

These have combined the positive properties of metal and steel. They are suitable for water supply and heating systems. Such pipes consist of three layers, between two layers of polymer there is a thin layer of metal. They do not need to be soldered or welded; they are elastic, lightweight, durable and aesthetic. Aluminum is most often common as the metal inside the pipe.

Therefore, its contact with other metals at the joints is unacceptable. They are able to withstand temperature loads up to +95 ° С, for a short time - up to +110 ° С.

Flexible Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387

It's just a metal-wrapped hose. Such a water supply system is able to withstand a sufficiently high operating pressure, but at the same time it is completely unstable to external damage. Welded Steel Pipes BS 1387 is common to connect the sink, washing machine, dishwasher and heater with a central pipe, riser.

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