What is Aluminium zinc coated steel? Best Applications

May 25, 2022

There are many types of aluminium zinc coated steel on the market today. One of the products that have attracted the overwhelming support of consumers as well as units is galvanized steel. So why galvanizes steel so commonly use?

What is Aluminium zinc coated steel

What is Galvanized Steel?


Galvanized steel is steel that has undergone a galvanizing process. The galvanized surface helps limit the formation of rust, and at the same time prevents oxidation and corrosion of steel against the effects of climate and environment.

After undergoing galvanizing, the steel aluminium zinc coated steel harder and harder to scratch and corrode. This makes galvanized steel ideal for outdoor use.

Galvanized steel Classifications

Galvanized steel classifies mainly bases on the method of galvanizing, or the shape of galvanized steel suitable for each use.

If classifying galvanized steel by galvanizing method, there are 03 types of galvanized steel: Cold galvanized steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and electro-galvanized steel. Among them, hot-dip galvanized steel is the most common.

If aluminium zinc coated steel classifies by shape, there are different types suitable for each use. These can include galvanized steel pipes, galvanized steel boxes, and galvanized steel coils.


Galvanized steel widely uses in the construction industry, automobile manufacturing, architecture...

  1. The special advantages of aluminium zinc coated steel

High durability with the long life of the zinc coating and the excellent anti-rust ability, the galvanized steel structure is highly durable during use, ensuring complete stability in each project.

Cost saving Low initial cost

The cost of galvanizing in galvanized steel is much lower than that of protective coatings for other steel structures. The long-term costs are also the cheapest: Even if the initial costs push up, in the long run galvanizing is always the most optimal cost (because it has a longer life and requires less maintenance).


A lot of maintenance will generate a lot of accompanying costs, especially for structures in remote and isolated areas or in locations where maintenance is difficult, waste a lot of time.

Aluminium zinc coated steel has Long life with climate and weather conditions in plains, rural or urban areas, and the life of galvanized coatings for steel structures can be up to 50 years on average. When in marine conditions or in close contact with the sea, the life of the structure can still maintain from 20-25 years or even higher.

High durability and Good bearing capacity

  • With good anti-rust features and long life of the coating, of course, galvanized steel structure will have a much higher durability during use, ensuring firmness and safety in each project.
  • Aluminium zinc coated steela unique metallic structural galvanized coating gives the structure high resistance to mechanical shocks during transportation, installation and use.

 Automatic protection mechanism

The zinc coating that automatically protects the damaged area through a bonding mechanism is different from organic enrichment methods.

Comprehensive protection

All sides and edges of steel protect when galvanizing, even the most difficult to reach areas compared to using conventional manual methods.

Easy to check and Quick installation

Aluminium zinc coated steel coatings are easily inspected and evaluated with the naked eye or using coating thickness testing methods without destroying its structure.

It doesn't take much time for surface preparation, painting and inspection. Once you receive the steel, you can immediately use it for the next stage.

Short crafting time

A full protective coating can create in a few minutes and is independent of weather and climate conditions, so the fabrication and finishing process of section steel – galvanized steel takes place very quickly.

4 reasons to choose the best aluminium zinc coated steel

Buildings that want to last for a long time without rust often use materials with high durability. Galvanized steel pipe is a material that coat with a zinc coating to protect against corrosion. We will give 4 reasons to choose the best galvanized steel pipe.

If left unprotected, the iron in the steel will react with the water and oxygen in the air. This causes rust, corrosion and eventually disintegration. Galvanized steel adds a layer of zinc on top of the steel. This layer acts as a barrier.

Will make it take longer for the corrosive elements to reach the steel. This layer is also resistant to corrosion and scratches. And many believe it makes steel look better.

Quality zinc layer

This aluminium zinc coated steel zinc layer also helps to protect against rust by using it as a “sacrifice layer”. If galvanized steel begins to rust, the zinc will rust before the steel.
What is Aluminium zinc coated steel 2022

This is true even if the surface is worn or scratched. Even if galvanized pipe shows some rust, most of the zinc will have to corrode first before the integrity of the pipe steel compromises.

Good price

Many people think that galvanized pipe is more expensive, but if you consider its longevity, it can really reduce the cost in the long run.

From materials to labor, replacing pipes can be expensive. But since aluminium zinc coated steel has a long service life like yours, you only have to bear the cost of installing the galvanized pipe once.

Galvanized steel pipe Application

You can find galvanized steel everywhere: in buildings, cars, boats, and other marine structures that need protection from the elements.

Besides its durability and anti-corrosion properties, galvanized steel is very popular because it can recycle and reuse. This will not only benefit your bottom line, aluminium zinc coated steel also good for the environment.

Do I need carbon steel?

It depends on your application. You may need steel, but you may need plastic, or even concrete or ceramic pipes may meet your needs. Carbon steel pipes have a wide range of different applications. For example, use for low pressure piping of gas, water, oil, steam or other liquid. They use in machinery, buildings, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems and wells, etc.

  • spiral welded steel pipe for water
  • Aluminium zinc coated steel
  • spiral welded steel pipe
  • stainless steel pipe

Is it difficult to work with carbon steel?

As with any material, carbon steel pipes also present their own difficulties when working with them. The joining method affects by the thickness of the pipe, which in turn dictates by size and usage. Various types of carbon steel pipe fittings can use.

In addition to pipe splicing, cutting carbon steel pipes presents its own difficulties. The method uses to cut steel pipe determines by the thickness and hardness of the pipe. Cutting carbon steel pipes can be done by a number of methods, from hand band saws to torch cutting.

Above are 4 reasons to choose Aluminium zinc coated steel pipe. It is not only corrosion resistant and cost effective, but also reusable.

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