What is Galvalume Steel Sheet? 7 Best Applications

January 14, 2022

Choosing Plain Steel Sheet!

Widely common by several segments, galvalume steel sheet has great variation in terms of characteristics and applications. This is due to different manufacturing processes, which gives the sheets great versatility in their applications. But, a more elementary question that may arise is: where is it more advisable to use a smooth or checkered steel sheet?

Therefore, for you to get to know the characteristics of each one better, we have prepared this content so that you do not have any doubts when purchasing the most suitable steel plate for your project.

What is Galvalume Steel Sheet

Galvalume Steel Sheet Lamination Process

Did you know that steel sheets are manufactured using different processes? The main thing here is to understand the last phase of these processes, which is lamination. Steel sheets can be cold-rolled or hot-rolled, depending on the type being manufactured. Let's see:

Flat Steel Sheet – Discover The Main Ones

When talking about smooth steel sheet, it is best to group them according to their manufacturing characteristics. Below are the main specifics of each of the four main types of galvalume steel sheet, as well as examples of where they can be common.

Cold thin smooth steel sheet: Very malleable and with a differentiated finish, it is widely common in the transformation sector for the manufacture of household appliances, frames and even automobiles, for example.

Hot thin smooth steel sheet: With greater rigidity and resistance to weight and pressure, they are sold in thicknesses below 5mm to then be common in floors, metallic tubes, stringers, stamping.

Smooth galvanized steel sheet: The galvanizing process provides an anti-corrosion effect to this sheet which is resistant and malleable to the point of bending. In other words, it is suitable for the manufacture of steel sheets, facades, gutters and flashings, as well as in the automotive and air conditioning industry.

The safety and accessibility of galvalume steel sheet

It is not by chance that it is also well known as “floor plate”. Manufactured from hot rolling, the galvanized checkered steel sheet has an ideal non-slip surface to prevent slipping, that is, less risk for people or loads to fall.

This is because the horizontal and vertical embossed marks form a checkerboard pattern, which helps to increase surface friction. That is why it is so common to find this type of plate on buses, stairs, trucks, industrial floors, among other spaces, which require greater security.

Calculation of the theoretical weight of Steel Sheets

When purchasing the most suitable for use, be sure to pay attention to the calculation of the theoretical weight of the sheets. This technical information must include in the project, and is calculated from the following factors:

  • thickness;
  • width;
  • length;
  • specific weight of steel.

What is Galvalume Steel Sheet 2022

The Quality of the Product Must Be Certified

We also remind you that structural projects must always be followed to the letter to avoid unforeseen or safety problems. The quality of the galvalume steel sheet must also be certified according to the technical standards required for cold or hot manufacturing.

In a construction, having a quality roof is essential to ensure a safe, comfortable and beautiful coverage for the constructive project. In this way, the choice of the ideal tile must be carried out according to the objectives of the project, as this is one of the essential steps for the success of any construction.

As there are several types of metal steel sheets with different characteristics, Sinorise lists 4 examples here for you to work with more versatility.

Did you know, for example, that galvalume steel sheet is about twice as durable as galvanized steel sheets? So be sure to read the article to the end and check everything out. You can choose the ideal one for your projects!

The popularity of metal steel sheets

Metal steel sheets are very popular. They are, for example, very resistant. Similarly, they have a long lifespan and are light, generating less weight in the structure of the work.

In addition, there are several types of coatings for galvalume steel sheet, especially steel ones, increasing the diversity of choice. You need to cut pieces very precisely. They provide a reduction in waste and practicality in installation.

In general, for a good choice of which tile to use, it is necessary to take into account. The degree of slope of the roof will offer for your project and the quality and safety of the product.

So, check out our four examples below and analyze which one is ideal for your project to come out with the expected quality.

Corrugated Galvalume Steel Sheet

Many people confuse galvalume with galvanized steel sheets. What differentiates the two types of steel sheets is the manufacturing process. Galvalume comes with the following compound:

  • 55% aluminum;
  • 5% zinc;
  • 5% silicon.

This has a direct impact on the tile's durability – about twice as long as galvanized steel sheets.

Trapezoidal Galvalume Steel Tile

In addition to being corrugated, galvalume steel sheet can also be found in a trapezoidal shape. Another option for a practical and cost-effective solution for roofs, facades and side enclosures.

White Pre-Painted Trapezoidal Tile

Thus, they gain superior durability, excellent finish, in addition to high aesthetic quality.

In addition to roofs and facades, both wavy and trapezoidal, galvalume and especially pre-painted, can compose in a different way real estate decoration projects, and have been gaining more and more space with the trend of industrial decoration style.

Thus, the result will be a more modern look for the place, without making the project more expensive.

Galvalume Trapezoidal Ridge

When it comes to roofing, we could not fail to introduce you to Cumeeira Galvalume. Moreover, it indicates as a complementary element for finishing and metallic closing.

It is a tile with a special shape, specific to cover the junction of gaps in the roof where there will be the flow of water. It is responsible for protecting certain types of roofs, preventing the existence of holes in the structure. In other words, the ridge is the solution to avoid infiltrations!

BONUS METAL STEEL SHEETS: Aluminum Trapezoidal Tile!

Did you like the trapezoidal tile format presented above? Well, know that you can also find this tile format made of aluminum. In addition to having good mechanical resistance, galvalume steel sheet are lighter – up to 8 times lighter than other types of steel sheets – and are also resistant to external agents such as rain, sun, humidity.

This makes them a great choice for use in maritime and industrial areas.

Versatile, they can be common to cover everything from homes to industries and sheds. With a great advantage: its maintenance is very rare!

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