Where to use Zinc Aluminized pipes in 2022? 

May 25, 2022

Zinc Aluminized
Zinc Aluminized
 Steel and steel products have long been an essential material of the construction industry. In which, galvanized steel pipe is the most widely uses material because of its outstanding advantages and high applicability in many projects.

So what galvanizes steel pipe? What are the outstanding advantages of this steel pipe? What is the classification and application of each type of steel pipe? Sinorise Steel will help you answer these questions through the article below.

1. What is galvanized steel pipe?

Zinc Aluminized Steel pipe is a type of steel with hollow structure, thin wall but capable of withstanding great pressure and harsh effects of weather. Especially when it galvanizes with an extra layer of zinc outside the surface, the bearing capacity and durability, anti-corrosion of the steel pipe enhance.

Galvanized steel pipe has high bearing capacity and durability, anti-corrosion

2. Zinc Aluminized Classifications

Round shape: often used to make water pipes, light poles, stair railings or ultrasonic piles...

Square/rectangular: This type of zinc aluminized steel pipe is widely uses in construction and civil works depending on the steel pipe thickness. Some common applications can mention such as: making roof frames, making scaffolding. In addition, this steel pipe is also uses in interior manufacturing and motor vehicle spare parts...

Oval/special shape: this type of steel pipe is widely uses in the field of furniture, making frames for cars, motorcycles, bicycles...

3. The outstanding advantages of galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipes carry the full range of outstanding features of galvanized steel.

Hardened zinc aluminized steel pipe, resistant to external forces, very good weather resistance, so it has a long service life, long service life.

Zinc Aluminized 2022

Light steel pipe weight due to steel properties and thin-walled hollow steel pipe characteristics the outer zinc coating increases resistance to physical and chemical agents.

The high anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability of the zinc aluminized steel pipe helps prevent the formation of a rust layer on the surface of the steel pipe, ensuring aesthetics during use. The product is already finished, so it saves installation time, no need to paint and process the product.

4. Standards for quality assessment

  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) – standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials
  • AS/NZ (Australian/New Zealand Standard) – Australian and New Zealand Standard
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) – Japanese industrial standards
  • BS (British Standards) – British standards

1. The role of galvanized steel pipes use to make traffic signs

Traffic signs are tools that indicate the way as well as warn in advance of the attention that drivers need to know to control vehicles on the road safely. Or instruct the driver to stay in the correct lane for his or her vehicle.

As well as, the other types of safety instructions when participating in traffic, traffic signs place directly outdoors, so they are subject to the ravages of environmental factors such as sun, wind, rain, and storms. Therefore, materials such as new zinc aluminized steel pipes help traffic signs with high durability and less maintenance.

2. Galvanized steel pipe use to make traffic poles

Galvanized steel pipe

Traffic piles mobilize in special schools such as road construction or construction of electricity and water works on roads. It is also sometimes use to quickly separate lanes. Like traffic signs, pepper posts are subject to the direct effects of the environment, so it needs a material that is durable and not easily damaged by the effects of the weather.

3. Steel pipes used to build railway stations and airports

Once upon a time, the iron industry was associated with the production output of zinc aluminized steel. The role of railway freight today is no longer as important as before, due to the development of freight services by water and air.

However, for the construction of important traffic works, there is no substitute for steel. The role of zinc aluminized steel pipe is to use in the construction of railway stations and airports, as a center for receiving and transporting people and goods.

Steel pipes used to build railway stations and airports

4. Used to make highway railings

It is in elevated highway areas, to protect vehicle safety when traveling on the road. Road railings are also installed to prevent the vehicle from derailing and falling into a ditch or a cliff.

Vehicles traveling on the road often have high speed, plus a large vehicle load, so they need very solid railings to help the driver to handle promptly when bad situations occur.

5. Steel pipes to reinforce tunnels, build bridges, and build ferries

In addition, small traffic works such as signs or railings, traffic works such as tunnels, bridges, and ferry lagoons are large construction works and involve a large number of zinc aluminized steel pipes, zinc and other structural steel products.

Construction works with the role of galvanized steel pipes both to reduce the manpower load and increase the solidity of construction works, and only steel can help us do these things.

6. Steel pipes Zinc Aluminized for the construction of highways in the air

One solution that we've been trying to implement in recent years, to help ease traffic jams in big cities, is the aerial highway. On busy roads during rush hour, underpasses or overhead routes will help to reduce traffic jams.

The construction of such traffic works is not an easy problem. They require high technical standards as well as a small amount of investment to build roads. And certainly we both need zinc aluminized steel for such important traffic works.

Steel pipes for the construction of an aerial highway

7. Used to manufacture vehicles, boats, airplanes

In the past, we still relied on animals such as horses, elephants, buffaloes, cows or sled dogs. But with the human-invented traffic engine, it not only brings us convenience and comfort, but also helps protect and preserve the cleanliness of the street.

Through the production stages such as fabrication, lamination, plating and winding; Sinorise zinc aluminized steel pipe has bright plated surface and high corrosion resistance. In addition, the surface of the steel pipe has a good weather-resistant protective coating.

Sinorise Zinc Aluminized steel pipes uses

Sinorise steel pipes are widely common in civil construction (for making ultrasonic columns, scaffolding, temporary floor support systems for prefabricated houses, civil houses...), interior decoration (such as making iron doors, goods).

Zinc aluminized steel pipe, with outstanding advantages and wide applicability in construction and manufacturing industries, is always the first choice of contractors. Recognizing and choosing quality galvanized steel pipes like Sinorise steel pipes will contribute to the construction of good works, helping to raise the global brand.

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